Kisling, Nestico & Redick Show Their Support Of Low-Income Households

Akron, Ohio, is home to the headquarters of one of this state’s most prestigious law firms, Kisling, Nestico & Redick. This is a personal injury law firm that helps the victims of a car accident, medical malpractice, nursing home mishaps, slipping and falling at a business location, and other acts of negligence.

They have represented many accident victims. People have come to Kisling, Nestico & Redick who have lost a limb, have spinal cord injury, burns, brain damage, and other serious injuries. They have 11 locations with more than 30 attorneys ready to represent accident victims. Altogether this law practice has over 500 years of experience in the legal field.

One of the advantages that Kisling, Nestico & Redick has is that many of their attorneys once worked for an insurance firm. This means they know what tactics and tricks these companies will pull in order to pay out as little as possible on a claim. They are also familiar with the different jurisdictions in Ohio and each of their peculiarities and ways of doing things.

Regardless of the size of the lawsuit they provide compassionate and personalized attention to every person that hires them to handle their legal case. Kisling, Nestico & Redick is highly respected in the legal industry and has won many awards for being among the best lawyers in Ohio when it comes to personal injury cases. One organization they are a member of is Million Dollar Advocates Forum. This exclusive organization has strict qualifications for who they will accept and will only allow lawyers who have won multi-million dollar or million dollar settlement to join.

The attorneys and staff of Kisling, Nestico & Redick are very active in their communities. They support many causes that help children and low-income families. They have supported food banks in a number of ways, for instance, such as annually sending a team to the Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. Each year they support the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank by having employees jump in a very cold lake to raise money for this nonprofit. Cumulatively they have raised over $109,000 for this cause.

Beauty Craze with Glenn Schlossberg

Glenn Schlossberg, CEO of Jump Design Group, grew up in the fashion industry. His father was a dressmaker and as the years went on, Schlossberg realized a problem. The population was growing and there was a shift in families leading to higher demand and volume of clothing. Schlossberg knew that change was needed, so he created Jump Design Group.

Glenn Schlossberg was immersed in fashion even more when he went to New York and studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. With the combination of his home, his studies, and being in one of the world’s fashion capitals, it gave him he idea for Jump Design Group. What makes Jump different from others is that it takes the latest trends from the runways and aims to deliver them to shelves in a month or less. This allows larger name brands to quickly push out fashion trends to consumers and keep up with trends among fashion.

With the changing of times, more women are entering the workforce and demand for higher quality clothing increased. There has always been a focus on women’s fashion in the fashion industry, and Schlossberg was quick to see this trend and go with it. Working with the manufacturing companies, Schlossberg and his teams at Jump, showcased his work all over the world allowing them to find fashion trends that met their needs.

Fashion is currently still a high demand and high risk industry, reveals Glenn Schlossberg understand this and depends on the younger generations. The fashion world is seeing a change with the millennial generation. They not only want clothes that look great and fit their needs, but are also eco-friendly. Schlossberg and Jump Design group is looking for ways to meet that need.

One way is supporting other young entrepreneurs and in Schlossberg’s spare time, he can be found volunteering with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Schlossberg believes that with the right mentor and motivation, anyone can achieve their dreams of running their own business. Sharing his experience and knowledge is one way that Schlossberg hopes to help other entrepreneurs.

Glenn Schlossberg’s New Direction for Fashion

The Way to Assess the Success of your Technology Press Release

In the initial days, it is tough to determine the achievement of a press release service. Firms do not have critical precise performance indexes to comprehend whether their web content marketing is successful or otherwise.

Even though a press release distribution firm which you worked with offer you metrics to demonstrate just how your launches have done, it is much better if you have your monitoring reports. The real dimension of success is with the amount of media.

Take a look at the following metrics which can assist you Analyze the accomplishment of your write-ups:

Social media points out.

Social mentions happen when a new, keyword or hashtag is made use of on social networking. They’re classified according to involvement, point of view, and also social networking terminals.

One approach to comprehend how efficient your articles strategy is to evaluate your social networking mentions. Have you been pointed out on numerous social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?

Set up Twitter alarms to obtain notifications your new or your products were pointed out on Twitter. Social states are driving force to develop leads as well as improve brand recognition.

To ascertain your social discusses, track the quantity of gain, belief, and participation. Get to is the number of people that were exposed to a brand or product.

Sentiment represents the ratio of positive to unfavorable posts regarding your company. Involvement concern the number of sort, shares as well as comments your items gotten.

Amount of media policy.

It’s the earliest PR statistics which signifies the complete amount of promotion your write-ups obtained. It has the variety of placements your content created on the web, print or program.

What information as well as media books picked up your own story? Can you obtain press insurance coverage out of your intended electrical outlets as well as reporters? Develop your Google Informs to make certain you’ll be informed when your name is mentioned.


It’s really important to be familiar with which geographical place did your info accomplish. Have you got new leads from different places and nations?

Search traffic info.

You need to make sure you recognize just how much traffic is brought in by your supply network to your site or blog. Furthermore, it is essential to get an understanding of the whole traffic that’s delighted by your material.

Track the websites which connect to your site. You should understand the number of individuals arrived on your website during your initiative.

Should you use different supply options, you may check their performance from the Google Analytics control panel. It supplies you a concept that is compelling which provided you much more site visitors.

The number of conversion costs as well as landing web page stats.

Use analytics programs to track the number of activities created by your launches. It is the way you can see if it’s significant in bringing site visitors, based upon declarations.

Lookup positions.

Another procedure to learn whether your launches succeed would certainly be to keep track of the positions of your targeted key words. If you follow different strategies in boosting the seo value of your short articles, you will most likely find an increase in your online search engine rank shortly.

All these six pointers are useful to assess if your launches to your technology company are doing well or not. To have a prosperous web content advertising and marketing initiative, see to it that you concentrate on your company objectives.

Do not disregard to comply with the best practices for nurturing, creating and distributing your releases. If done well, you require to see a significant renovation in your project impacts.

OSI Food Solutions, a Global Nutritional Supplier

OSI Food Solutions has tremendously developed to becoming among the few huge suppliers of food globally. OSI Solutions currently has up to a hundred warehouses in several countries across the globe. OSI Solutions has created employment opportunities for many; at the moment it has a substantial number of employees in the different stations.

OSI Food Solutions is a prominent private establishment in the United States of America. OSI Solutions is assisting nutrition institutions by providing them with their properties. They also venture into business with such firms assuring them of success since OSI Solutions has a good portfolio and is universally recognized. Various business entities, restaurants and hotels are making good use of OSI Solutions to yield quality results for their food production.OSI Food Solutions has an added advantage since it has global access to nutritional products.

OSI Solutions can leverage this opportunity and use it to access quality and reliable food products at affordable prices which consumers can quickly get. OSI also get products according to their consumer’s needs and also help in ensuring that nutritional products are secure and safe for consumption. OSI Food Solutions goods are developed to cater for a wide range of customers; their products are created with the required standards for a large number of consumers.

OSI Solutions has partnered with various business entities since it launched. OSI Solutions has ventured into business with institutions like manufacturing plants, farmhouses and poultry companies. OSI Food Solutions is working towards becoming the leading universal supplier of nutritional products to firms across Europe and the rest of the world. Apart from its two main offices in North America and Europe the establishment also has offices in several other countries.

OSI Solutions has a joint partnership with a firm in the Philippines known as GenOSI. OSI’s has developed and grown the poultry company to other states. Currently, OSI Solutions as added up on its chicken products in the OSI firm located in Spain. OSI spent a considerable amount of capital in the expansion of the chicken produce; this will allow them to provide several other chicken related products. The development has enabled the Spain-based firm to increase its production of other food products.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden and How She Makes Women Look Great

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows how to make women look their best because she offers a full body makeover that reshapes a woman’s whole self. Dr. Walden is an expert in many new procedures, and she has built up a fantastic practice in Texas where she can serve women who need to get their confidence back. Each step in this process changes how a woman sees herself and feels when she leaves the house every day.

  1. The Consultation

The consultation that women get when they come to see Dr. Walden is something that they truly need if they are trying to learn what their options are. Women often have no idea how they can change their bodies. They want to have a brand new body, but they need to know what thatwill entail. The only way for them to learn that is to sit down and talk to Dr. Walden.

Dr. Walden can show women the computer readout of what they will look like when their procedure is done. She can show women how certain surgeries work, and she can consult on designer surgeries that are new to the market.

  1. Designer Surgeries

Dr. Walden is one of the best surgeons in the world for designer surgeries because she has trained on new procedures, teaches these procedures, and helps women get care they cannot get anywhere else. She has grown her reputation because she is a teacher just as much as she is a surgeon.

  1. Her Office

The office that Dr. Walden works from allows all women to remain comfortable. These ladies will sit back, relax, and feel as though they are in a safe place. The office is a good place to recover, and it is a soothing place for those who are nervous.

  1. Conclusion

Anyone who is trying to change their body needs to come talk to Dr. Walden. She is an expert in every surgery that women could need, and she will help women change their whole body in just one surgery. She does this to allow women to get back to their old selves quickly.

Article Title: Partners With Central Group To Launch Its First Ever Platform In Thailand

Article Text:, the biggest retailer and e-commerce company in China, is partnering with its counterpart in Thailand to bring a powerful shopping platform for Thai customers. Thailand’s biggest retail conglomerate, Central Group, partnered with to form the e-commerce platform “JD CENTRAL” in order to serve the big population of Thailand and bring up the retail potential of the country. With this partnership, JD’s footprint in South East Asia will be established even more.

The testing officially started last July when JD CENTRAL offered direct sales and marketplace models. The testing was a success and the sale has exceeded the previous expectations. After JD CENTRAL’s launch last September, the products that are its offering has also grown to fit the consumer demands. These products include electronics, digital products, fashion, books, music appliances, and FMCG or fast-moving consumer goods which includes toiletries, beverages, processed food and more.

According to the results, 80% of the shoppers are accessing the platform using their mobile phones. Mobile accessories and other related products are also one of the biggest sales recorded. Chinese products from China’s leading tech brands such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Lenovo, and Huawei has been popular in JD CENTRAL platform. Overall, the platform has been a success so far in the country.

In addition to its rollout success, and Central Group are already planning to level up the service of JD CENTRAL. Known for their blazing fast shipping and efficient logistics, can deliver your order in the same day it was ordered regardless of location. This is also planned to be implemented in JD CENTRAL for its Thai consumers. Bangkok is the first one to be benefited by JD’s bleeding edge logistics system. Same-day delivery will soon be implemented in the city and will bring more customer satisfaction for Thai platform users.

JD CENTRAL CEO Vincent Yang stated that the partnership between JD and Central Group will enable the best customer service when it comes to world-class e-commerce experience. This partnership also highlights and guarantee the 100% authenticity of the products that will be available for platform users. JD CENTRAL is expected to be working closely with a leading Chinese apparel online retailer, Vipshop.

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José Auriemo Neto – Kick-Started the Growth of JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto has taken the success of JHSF to new heights in recent times. Some of the business and marketing strategies that he implemented has helped the company grow into a global real estate brand. JHSF Inc started its operations in the year 1972 and since then has developed over six million square meters in commercial and residential projects. Jose Auriemo Neto has infused a fresh of breath air to the company’s work culture and business operations by integrating technology and expanding the company’s operations overseas. He has a cordial relationship with his employees and is always there to help them out in every way he can.

JHSF is active in developing not only residential projects, but also commercial projects, hotels and resorts, commercial airports, and more. In the last few years, Jose Auriemo Neto has been active with the management of some of the iconic shopping malls in the country developed by JHSF. He believes that it is necessary for the company to expand its horizon beyond its core business to continue to add new revenue streams to the company. Developing shopping malls has been highly useful for the company, as it helped increase its revenue and build a solid reputation in the market. Most of his shopping malls are the ones that have big brands from around the world. Most of the space gets booked during the planning stage, and it has been possible because of Jose Auriemo Neto.

Jose Auriemo Neto has also been investing in many developed and developing countries, which has helped the company to add new projects to its portfolio. He believes in taking risks, and it has allowed him to explore different areas of real estate that are profitable for the company. He realized early on that to set JHSF apart from other real estate company; it had to do something more. His long term vision allowed him to create goals and also achieve them one by one. He is very active in community events and personally donates to many different charities in Brazil.

Article Title: 4 Reasons Why Richard Liu Qiangdong Is The Father Of E-Commerce

Article Text:

The perfect definition of Richard Liu Qiangdong as an executive that is his commitment to transparency, sustainability and more importantly people centered business spaces. According to different business journals in Asia, Liu contributions to the business world are unmatched both collectively and through He is also one of the few business professionals that have successfully expanded the Chinese market from a brick and mortar model to virtual space. The following is a comprehensive analysis of his journey.

First, his commitment to growth is unmatched. Richard Liu Qiangdong understands the importance of having a clear vision and more importantly  a vision that accommodates changes. When the infamous epidemic affected the consumer market in China, Liu saw it as a chance to change the business model. He understood that it was the perfect time to change his view and approach to business. Due to his commitment to changes, he remains the ideal illustration of versatility in this economy.

Second, he understands the greatness of working with a team. Although was his idea, he has successfully brought people on board especially professionals in marketing. His company, for example, has one of the best business executives, who apart from making the business thrive in this economy have assisted Richard Liu Qiangdong to get into other markets. He believes that through a strong team, expanding to other markets is not farfetched.

Thirdly, different pundits have referred to him as the father of e-commerce. The tag father of e-commerce fits him perfectly because of the following reasons. Richard Liu Qiangdong is the first professional to invest in a market, which was unknown, three decades ago. He has also used his knowledge and expertise to mentor other business entities in China. Two years ago, Liu gave businesses a chance to use space to reach to more clients and more importantly for growth.

Finally, his story is incomplete without mentioning his negotiating skills. Just like major companies, needed funding. In order to get the right funding, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked with different investors. Instead of acquiring commercial loans, Liu gave the investors a chance to own the company’s shares. This approach has worked for the company especially in ensuring that the company does not get into bad debts.

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Donata Meirelles And Her Fashion Tips From Years Of Running Vogue Brazil

Vogue Brazil is one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world, and it is run by Donata Meirelles. She has fashion tips for people who love to dress well, and she has advice for people who love to travel. She wants women to look their best in all circumstances, and the only way to do that is to dress with a bit of flair. She teaches women how to dress, shows them what their best options are, and features these dress-up options in her magazine.

  1. Use Layers

Donata wants women to have new layers they can reveal because they would like to change up their style. This does not only apply to women who are wearing clothes for the cold winter. She deals with women who live in a tropical climate, and she recommends light coverups, shawls, camisoles, and jackets. Women who are dressing in layers can change up their look as they travel, or they can use layers to reveal a new style that is underneath. These layers also make it possible for women to wear many different pieces all at once.

  1. Be Vibrant

Donata Meirelles is a vibrant woman who pushes the envelope of fashion. She would prefer that women use their vibrancy to dress in bigger and brighter colors. She wants women to feel like they have options to show off their real personality, and she wants these women to use those colors to show off their mood. It is a very simple thing to handle, and it helps women look at ways they can change their outward perception.

  1. Change With The Seasons

Women should change with the seasons to be sure that they can look current. The seasons change, and the fashions change with them every year. Donata wants women to look into the seasonal fashions that she publishes in her magazine, and she wants these women to find something wonderful in every new outfit they have planned.

  1. Conclusion

The best part of Donata’s advice is that she shows women how they can change their lives with just a little bit of fashion. These women will start to feel like they can look their best every second, and they will even look good while they travel. Donata Meirelles is a fashion icon who knows precisely how to make a woman look great. Plus, she shows off all this information on Vogue Brazil. Read more:

Richard Liu Qiangdong Reveals Insights On Empire Building

There are many things that propel us to do or decide on something. Our present condition is the product of our decisions and the consequences that come with it. During the World Economic Forum, Richard Liu Qiangdong shared some insights on how he was able to build his empire. He also revealed his primary reason for venturing into the business world.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is currently the leader and the chief executive officer of The company is the largest growing e-commerce business in China. During the interview, Richard revealed that it was because he needs money to pay for his sick grandmother’s treatment and hospital bills that he decided to venture into business. Unfortunately, his restaurant business failed because he barely spent time managing it.

In 1998, he decided to sell computer components and rented commercial space in Beijing in China. The business went well and he named it Jiangdong. According to him, the term was coined from her x girlfriend’s last name and his first name. Selling only genuine and exclusive products, his store achieved unprecedented growth. He expanded his store and opened 12 more stores in other places in China.

But, the growth dramatically stopped and the company experienced losses when the country was struck by SARS. People were afraid to go out to avoid getting a lethal respiratory disease. as a result, he closed down 12 stores. When he learned about the potential of the online business, he shifted from selling on physical brick and mortar stores to digital retail stores. He also changed the name of the business to

According to Forbes, the net worth of Richard Liu Qiangdong alone is approximately $7.3 billion while the company is now worth more than $60 million. Richard also diversified the business and welcomed investors. Walmart, for instance, increased its shares to 12 percent. According to Richard; has also invested in its delivery system.97 percent of its customers received their order after 20 hours while 57 percent of its clients can receive their orders within six hours., according to Richard Liu Qiangdong will continue to learn and conduct more research to be able to stay on top of the list and continue its growth.

Liu Qiangdong: Twitter.