Alex Hern’s Dedication to Focus

It is essential to have tools and strategies in place when you are looking to accomplish something. Reaching goals take a lot of work and discipline. The procedures that people put into place to help them on their journey to achieving their goals vary from person to person. On the road to success, it is essential that you focus on what you are doing. Alex Hern is an entrepreneur who has been able to acquire a significant amount of success because he has made sure to concentrate throughout his journey. Many people aren’t able to achieve their goals because they won’t focus on the task that they have at hand.

Alex Hern is currently the co-founder of Tsunami. He got the idea to start this company after he noticed that the new technology that was being developed required a different type of support from what had previously been used. New technology like tablets for example needed spatial computing. He has made numerous advancements in his company to make sure that they are able to service their customers in the best way possible. Hern uses very simple strategies to make sure that he is getting his work done in an efficient manner.

Many people believe that they get a lot of work one when they multitask. Alex Herm is not a fan of multitasking. Hern believes that in order to get work done one must take that time to make sure that they are focused on the task at hand. When taking the time to complete one task at a time one is able to ensure that they make very few mistakes rather than do too many things at once and make many mistakes. He believes in giving one thing attention then working from there. Throughout Alex Hern’s workday, he eliminates outlets that will distract him from getting work done. Social media has its uses, but when trying to get work done, it can be somewhat distracting. Hern makes sure that his environment and habits allow for him to be productive in the task that are set before him.

Betsy DeVos Continues To Give Her Political Opponents A Run For Their Money

Betsy DeVos is a woman who has been working to serve the educational needs of American families for many years. She is now the Secretary of Education for the United States and is continuing to work towards the best interests of children of the nation. She has been working in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan for quite some time, and the people who call the city their home have been having a hard time understanding the way that the media has portrayed the woman they know so well. During her confirmation hearings, her interviewers were very hard on her and tried to make her appear unprepared and ignorant of the details that need to be focused on in order to improve the educational system in the U.S.A.


Betsy DeVos was raised in Holland, Michigan where she attended the Christian Reformed Church and studied at a private Christian high school. She continued her education at Calvin College and became very interested in the politics on campus at that time. Her interest in educational choice motivated to work hard to change legislation in the state of Michigan after she graduated from the college where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics. Her hard work payed off for the state of Michigan, which now has laws on the books that allow public funds to pay for the tuition of children who attend private and charter schools.


Her initial foray into the world of Washington D.C. politics saw her being forced into the spotlight as president Trump rescinded the federal policy that allowed transgender students to choose which bathroom they used. While she was unsure about the president’s decision, she didn’t show it publicly, and this made some people question if she would stand as her own woman or go along with everything the administration desired. This will not be the case as many people in Michigan already know.


Betsy DeVos has always been very civil in public, and she has shown respect to her political opponents. On the other hand, she has also never backed down from them and continues to stand up for what she believes in. Mike Cox, a former state attorney general and a Republican, commented that she has given a lot of politicians and opponents a run for their money as she has proved to be a woman who sticks to her guns in the face of pressure. Even Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, who doesn’t agree with Betsy DeVos’s politics, revealed that she is a dangerous opponent. Betsy DeVos has already helped to make Detroit the home of the greatest concentration of charter schools in any given area and has helped to make Florida a place where educational choice is a top priority. As soon as DeVos became the Secretary of Education for the U.S.A., she got to work by visiting many different schools in Florida and even appeared with the rapper Pitbull during a visit to a charter school he started up.


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Herbalife Nutrition Teams Up With Design College FIDM For Fashion Fitness Contest

Let the fashion games begin!


Herbalife, the nutrition and weight management company, has gone to the head of the class for its unique collaboration with the famous Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). Participating students will develop a collection of innovative activewear for independent distributors of Herbalife Nutrition. The competition is focused on the fashion college’s students taking its Advanced Study Program, International Manufacturing & Product Development.


According to FIDM, located in downtown Los Angeles, the contest will feature both a team and individual competition. Creating a solo design will be key, but working as a unified group that can develop a cohesive line of activewear will hold significance in the fashion event. Another incredible facet of the course involves the students traveling to the world’s famous fashion cities like Paris and Milan, not only for design inspiration but to meet with global representatives from Herbalife’s team leaders.


Herbalife is excited to be in the fashion partnership with FIDM and introducing the next generation of innovative designers. The nutrition and weight management brand joins a prestigious line of globally-famous companies that have collaborated in the fashion college challenge in previous years. One of these iconic brands has included Nike whose image represents an active and healthy lifestyle.


Herbalife Nutrition is no stranger to the industry and well-known for its weight loss and protein shakes. The company’s famous Formula 1 is considered a soy-based meal-replacement shake and has been the brand’s top-selling product, pulling in about 30-percent of its entire sales. The longtime brand has also been the sponsor of close to 200 premiere athletes, teams and events worldwide. Some of these include soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy and a variety of Olympic teams. The nutrition company was established in 1980 and is currently headquartered in Los Angeles.

Wes Edens Expands His Sports Investments

In the world of sports, Wes Edens is already a relatively big name. He has co-owned the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team for several years now already. Recently, Wes Edens decided to make another investment in a sports team. This time, he and Nassef Sawiris purchased around 55% of the Aston Villa Soccer Club. The sale of the soccer team was just recently given the approval by the EFL. While the team may have experienced a bit of trouble in recent years, Wes Edens does not think it will take them that long to get back on track to success. One of the main goals of Aston Villa is to once again be part of the Premier League. As the biggest soccer organization in the UK, the team was disappointed, to say the least, when they had to drop out of it.

Things are looking good for the Aston Villa team and Wes Edens is willing to put in the time and effort to help them along the way. Earlier this year, the team was devastated after a loss in the playoffs led to them being unable to rejoin the Premier League at the time. Fortunately, Wes Edens, the co-founder and chairman of Fortress Investment Group, doesn’t think it is going to take the team long to achieve their goal with their continued dedication and hard work. Fortress Investment Group was founded around 2 decades ago. They continue to make innovations in the financial industry as they continue to grow. The company is known for its knowledge of different industries and its experience in many different, large business transactions.

The area that Fortress Investment Group is perhaps best known for is mergers and acquisitions. Instead of short-term investments, Fortress Investment Group focuses on providing their clients with revenue that will be there for them in the long-term. When it comes to assets, the team at Fortress are experts at pricing, financing, managing, and owning them. They have many different tools available to help them get the most out of each investment that is made. Today, Fortress Investment Group manages assets worth more than $43 billion that belongs to approximately 1,700 investors from different areas of finance. They were the first firm of their kind to go public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007, a notable accomplishment. With more than 900 employees, Fortress Investment Group is headquartered in New York.

The History of Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is not only the founder but also the CEO of Managed Benefit Services, previously known as Quick Links Marketing. Mr. Iyer is a graduate of San Diego University. As an online marketing partner, he has played a huge role in assisting the company to attain its goals and stay afloat in the highly competitive market space. To reach the level of success that the company has, Krishen Iyer has been at the core of it all. During the interview on Ideamensch, he expounds more about the business.


Interview Recap

Krishen Iyer has a reputation of possessing the rare expertise in crucial areas of specialization. Some of his strongholds include client interfacing, online marketing, and the technical development. Furthermore, his area of focus during the formation of the company was strengthening the relationship between companies seeking a specific kind of marketing solution with the companies that generate the answer.


Iyer has also appreciated the advancing in technology terming it as one of the significant things that have led to the success of his company and those that he looks upon like Amazon. Been an adviser on entrepreneurial matters, he has always advised the upcoming investors to be optimistic.


He has also said that the most significant decision an entrepreneur can make to facilitate the growth of his business is investing in employees by ensuring their working conditions are conducive. However, he has also gained so much knowledge from reading books that mainly talk about real achievements of entrepreneurs.

Iyer, while talking about what he considers as greatest goals to him is seeing his company excel and also, he is a family man who believes the achievements of his children are a success for him too. His hobbies which include traveling and reading have also been a key to his success.

Krishen Iyer – Partner at Quick Link Marketing online


John “OG” Perez – Record Breaking Birthday at Fifty

TheBroTalk aims to bring content relating to a variety of different categories that can be talked about at any time. Based on the topic options this is true even while on a night out. The reason for their success is rather than choosing one niche there are articles relating to various categories. Some of these categories include: sports, finances, culture, technology, and gaming to name a few categories. This has the benefit of attracting a wide audience from many different areas and interests. This coupled with the laid-back writing style on their website has successfully created a relaxed all-inclusive atmosphere for getting up to date articles on the internet.

One of the more recent articles highlighted a birthday party thrown for Juan “OG” Perez who is president at Roc Nation. The birthday mentioned in this article is Juan “OG” Perez’s 50th and the party itself is considered record breaking in many lights, mainly financially. The party was thrown by a close friend of Juan “OG” Perez who is well known in the music industry, JAY Z. Meeting JAY Z in 1996 Juan “OG” Perez and JAY Z created a friendship that has lasted for over two decades before this landmark birthday came around.

JAY Z himself has mentioned the Juan “OG” Perez is a close friend as well as a business partner. This is made apparent in the lengths he went to, to make this a memorable occasion for Perez. The party was held with close friends Perez and while the night started with everyone going their separate ways everyone joined once again as the evening progressed. This party included everything from fine champagne and lobster and steak adorning the dinner table; it’s no surprise that dinner and drinks alone cost over ninety-thousand. Gratuity to the wait staff alone cost in excess of six-thousand dollars which, makes this night memorable for not only the guests but the workers themselves. Learn More.

OSI Food Solutions – Making Great Strides

OSI Food Solutions is known as the largest, food processor. Since they are such a large company, they need quite a bit of workers to complete the business at hand. This company has a lot of employment options. Candidates for jobs should look online to fill out an application. They will find that their work will be rewarded, and they will have a career path that is respected.

Always On The Move – OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is always finding new ways to make themselves even more prominent in their field. They are a leader in the industry, and they have recently bought the Tyson Food Plant. With this addition, they are creating even more jobs for people that are seeking employment.

OSI Food Solutions One Of America’s Top 100 Food Companies

OSI Food Solutions is proud to be one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies. They make sure that they provide the customer service that people expect. Anytime a customer has a question or problem, they can expect to be handled in the correct manner. The customer service representatives are excellent at what they do. They make sure that they answer the customer in a clear and concise manner. Since they are experienced and knowledgeable about what they do, they know their products and services thoroughly. To know more about the company click here.

The company will continue to impress people with all that it does. The future looks great for them. They have a steady flow of customers to add to their current, customer base because they are so popular. Their company is impressive, and they are known and respected all over the world. People will be watching and waiting to see what the company does next. They know it will be impressive and a benefit to them as a customer of this exceptional company.

Ted Bauman and Wealth Protection

When people think of the stock market’s future, chills run down their spine, and when the fear cripples an investor’s mind, there are high chances of him making mistakes. Ted Bauman claims that the present pull market might or might not last. Ted has over 20 years of experience in the financial field. His take is that there is a 50% chance of the market rising as well as 50% of the stock market going to the lowest depths possible. An investor must develop a practical strategy during uncertainty moments. The approach must be able to function during both bear markets as well as bull markets.

Ted Bauman has been working with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. His logical mind concentrates on letting investors know ways in which they can protect their assets. Ted works as an editor of The Bauman Letter. The Bauman letter is a publication committed to offering practical tips to investors ranging from how to gain double returns as well as protecting their privacy before they retire.

Ted Bauman argues that selling based on rules can bring about an unexpected stock crash. Rules-based trading involves several approaches for selling stocks. These approaches include the opportunity-cost sale and valuation-level sell. The technique involved in valuation-level selling allows investors to sell their shares when the fundamental value is exceptionally high. On the other hand, the method involved in opportunity-cost sell enables investors to replace their stock with a different stock that seems to fare better in future. These strategies are based on software.

Ted Bauman has worked with the World Bank as an urban planner where he gained widespread experience as a strong leader. He recognizes the fact that the Wall Street stocks are overvalued. The software of price-to-earnings offer investors with information of stock valuation that displays the prices of stock may have to revert in the future to lower cost. It is likely to take a year before the shift can occur. Nonetheless, when the shift happens, investors will appreciate that investments can become too risky.

According to Ted Bauman, most investors are not investing in bonds. So many investors have no idea about dividends, bonds as well as the bond market. Bonds have been known to be very protective fortress portfolios of investment. Those who invest in bonds depend on monthly dividends rather than the losses and gains of the daily stock market. While investors can put their resources in stocks offering smart dividends, typically bonds are less risky.

Fortress Investment Group: A Missed Opportunity to Investors with Capacity

Fortress Investment Group has wealth whose expansion has been very rapid over the years. The organization, which is currently the largest regarding customer base and the wealth controlled is said to have accepted a takeover bid from a Japanese Investor by the name Soft Bank. Although financial pundits and other market analysts had not predicted this, it is the lost opportunity that other investor with the capacity to buy the entity that is raising eyebrows.

There is no investor out there with capacity who would have turned down the opportunity to own Fortress Investment Group due to various reasons. One of the reasons as to why Fortress Group would have been the best bet for investors is its significant asset base that spans from infrastructure assets real estate, and shares in various organizations in the United States and abroad.

The leadership of the company remains to be one of the best in the industry due to the decisions it has made over the long span when the firm has been in operation. Boosting of the best and most experienced strategists and financial analysis, Fortress Investment Group stands to be a world beater in matters concerning wealth management. Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randal Nardone are some of the technocrats that any organization would have wanted to have in their backroom staff. The three experts have been in the industry for a more extended period after working with other fund managers, and they understand what happens in the market.

Despite boasting of a large number of customers and asset base, Fortress Investment Group remains to be one of the most advanced organizations in the asset management industry after adopting technology in all its activities. The firm uses sophisticated methods to serve its customers and also to conduct financial forecasts that help the entity to remain afloat despite the uncertainty in the industry.

The one event that made Fortress Investment Group the world’s investment leader was the one that took place in 2007; going public. This was received with a lot of criticism by the investors and other industry players. They thought that the management of the organization, led by Peter Briger, had led the company into committing economic suicide. However, the manner in which the events turned out was astonishing. The company’s growth had doubled within the few months that followed, and hence the all the other investment management firms of its kind and magnitude had to copy the move.


Stephen M. Hicks Champions Philanthropy and Community

Today, Southridge Capital is one of the foremost authorities regarding financial solutions. Founded in 1996 by Chief Executive Officer and principal, Stephen M. Hicks, Southridge Capital has since assisted over 250 businesses around the world, and, to date, has invested more than $1.8 billion. They also assist business seeking growth, to navigate the intricate portals of becoming a publicly traded company. For more than 30 years, Stephen M. Hicks has been actively involved in the world of investment, and as an entrepreneur, continues to take Southridge into new territory.

According to prnewswire, Stephen M. Hicks graduated from King’s College, garnering a degree in Business Administration, and he would further his education by attending New York City’s, Fordham University, earning his MBA. While working for a small hedge fund in New York City, Mr. Hicks was informed that the principal would be returning to his home in Australia. This presented a unique opportunity for him, and, with the approval of the principal, he began his own fund while still working in his original capacity. As the head of Southridge Capital, it is essential that Mr. Hicks maximize his time, and he credits his ability to do so, as a key factor to his continued success. Always one to stay abreast of upcoming financial trends, he has become increasingly excited about the prospects surrounding cryptocurrency, as well as the budding market for marijuana. When asked about a business idea that he would be willing to give away, Mr. Hicks suggested a podcast that focuses on cryptocurrency, as it could produce a massive audience and client-base.

Stephen M. Hicks and the team at Southridge Capital, are also heavily involved in philanthropy, believing it to be a necessary duty to the community. Faith-based charities, as well as not-for-profit organizations, make up the vast majority of their philanthropic endeavors. Mr. Hicks and his wife, Mary, recently collaborated in launching the charity, Daystar Foundation. Daystar Foundation has worked in conjunction with Southridge Capital in providing financial assistance to a variety of reputable institutions, including the Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association, and the Walnut Community Hill Church. You can checkout their facebook page for more details.