Securus Video Visitation Is Making Homework More Fun For Children

It’s astonishing to watch a father speak with his daughter while he is in jail. Instead of the the child doing her homework at home alone and thinking about her dad, she is able to do her home while talking to her dad face to face. It’s beautiful to watch an incarcerated dad help his daughter with her homework. This was only a fantasy at one point, but now it has become a reality.

What also brings amazement is observing a dad giving college advice to his daughter, telling her to go to college and not take the path he took. This is definitely a video that will bring happy tears to the eyes. This small picture is a true miracle, especially to see the smile on the face of both the daughter and father.

Securus is becoming the top agency when it comes to visitation. They have so many services that there is something for everyone. There services are low, and they are designed for inmates to contact loved ones all around the world.

Once connected to their service, Securus will provide people with all of the technology they need to speak with their loved one who is incarcerated. This technology comes at no extra cost. Signing up for the service is the only cost associated with this video visitation program. Some people can also choose to accept only video messages and not have video visitation. This will cut the cost in half. However, these individuals will have to rely on the traditional phone visitation, which does not always come with the best signal.

There are some free services associated with Securus, too.

The great thing about the customer service program offered by Securus is that everyone is assigned to a representative. The representative a person speaks with to set up their account will be the same one they speak with if they have any trouble. These representatives know exactly how the technology works, and they are prepared to fix any problem that comes up. Securus’ goal is to build healthy relationships with their clients. This goes for both those incarcerated and those not incarcerated. Securus will do all they can to help every person that is in need of their services.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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