Kim Dao and Eric Go Anime Shopping and Eating at The Maid Cafe

Kim Dao and her boyfriend Eric went shopping at a place called Don Quixote in Akihabara. There were all kind of things to see. There were stuffed animals the form of anime characters including Pikachu. The store was selling cellphone cases with anime designs. There were keyrings with anime characters dangling from them. Kim Dao wanted to get her boyfriend what looked like a rubber turkey. There was also an anime exhibit of pictures. There were plenty of different kinds of anime jigsaw puzzles with 1000 pieces. Eric bought an anime jigsaw puzzle and a kit kat bar. A Pikachu 3-D jigsaw puzzle caught Kim Dao’s eye.


Kim Dao discovered they had more than anime. She was thinking of buying a ceramic handled knife for her apartment because she didn’t have any. The store sold skin care products including face masks.


Inside a large barrel was play money wrapped in cellophane. They had costume wigs so people could have hair like their favorite anime character. There were also poo hats and a golden turd.


After shopping, Kim Dao and Eric went to an Italian restaurant called Pizzeria Mar Napoli, and she wanted to share a pizza with him. She liked prosciutto, pizza with shaved Italian ham. There was a buffet with sausage links and patties. There was a meatball dish called Arancini with parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top. Kim Dao noticed an asparagus, mushroom, and egg platter. They got their prosciutto pizza with ham slices, spinach leaves, and sliced cherry tomato.

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George Soros Resisting Trump

George Soros has a long history of supporting progressive causes. Soros fled Hungary in 1946 and ultimately ended up in the United States. Once stateside, Soros established himself as a successful hedge fund manager. This history as an immigrant and successful entrepreneur has led Soros to believe in a society that helps it’s most vulnerable to succeed in the face of adversity. This has led Soros to regularly support politicians that help those living in poverty. Soros’ activism and philanthropy reflect a belief that success accompanies responsibility. It is because of this outlook that Soros has a continued interest in government policies that lessen wealth inequality and its effects, reduce global violence, and protect the environment from destruction. Read this story at about George Soros.

Soros’ commitment to progressivism has led him to support major nominees from the Democratic Party, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He has allied himself with leaders of the Democratic Party and continues to use his influence and resources to push for the success of the party. Notably this has manifested in George Soros’ creation of the Democracy Alliance in 2004, a group that brings together donors and key liberal leaders. The Alliance has been a means through which Soros and other donors can channel funds into the Democratic Party. The DA has been a key factor in counteracting the large amount of money regularly raised by Republican politicians.

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Soros and the DA met recently to reaffirm its resistance to the Donald Trump’s presidency. Kenneth P. Vogel, writing for Politico, outlines some of the objectives of the DA following Trump’s victory in November. Under direction from the DA the Democratic Party focused on an increasingly diverse electorate. This was not enough to counteract the role of the white working class in November’s election. Soros’ meeting with the DA in November brought with it references to Soros’ own background dealing with communism and Nazism in Hungary, prior to his immigration to the United States and much of his focus on progressivism stems from these experiences.

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End Citizens United Is Completely Focused On Its Cause

End Citizens United, a political action committee, has managed to raise nearly $2 million so far. This has come mainly from the small donors. This indicates how focused this group is. They have plans for getting between $25 million and $30 million during this entire cycle.


End Citizens United is focused on getting a constitutional amendment passed. This will reverse the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Citizens United. It was passed in 2010. This had given rise to super PACs, and there was a tidal flow of dark money into politics.


Today End Citizens United has 325,000 signatures of people on its petition. It is demanding that Congress should pass this legislation. But End Citizens United is not resting at this number alone. They are focused and quite clear that they should boost this number.


They are trying a number of ways to achieve this. One of them is their partnering with the campaign, “Ready for Hillary.” On its front, End Citizens United is going to rent out its email list to them. It has over 4 million people. Now this list can be used for reaching out to the potential liberal supporters. Hence it will be working both ways for the involved parties.


End Citizens United is going to endorse 11 Democratic candidates. These will include two former Senates too. These are Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin along with Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado.


One thing to note here is that End Citizens United is one among many PAC that are campaigning finance reform. It is important to listen to their communications director, Carbo in order to understand why End Citizens United is different. They are also looking at the political aspect here.


End Citizens United is trying to help people to get elected. This way those people will come in power who would like to change the existing law. Thus the group is backing all those candidates who favor campaign finance reform. These persons would be able to stand up against the Citizens United.


End Citizens United is also supporting those candidates who are under attack by the billionaire conservatives like the Koch brothers besides other black-money groups like them.


This is not an easy issue. Any constitutional amendment is an uphill task. A fact needs to be remembered that no Constitutional amendment has been passed in America since 1992.


But groups like End Citizens United are doing a number of other good things too. They are keeping the public aware of all the decisions that are being taken by the Supreme Court. They keep political pressure on the Supreme Court so that things do not worsen any further. And such a huge amount of money will definitely impact the House race.

Omar Boraie –The Force Behind Brunswick Visionary Transformation

There are numerous developers working on investing and building real estate in prime locations around New York not worrying about the billions of dollars they spent. Then there is the other group of developers, usually fewer in number, whose passion is to not only develop real estate but to form communities. One such man is Omar Boraie who is a founder and vice president of Boraie development. He is also known as a passionate entrepreneur and real estate guru with philanthropic characteristics. This company is credited for transforming the Brunswick neighborhood into a modern community or an urban orchard as people like to call it.

According to, the arrival of Omar from Egypt with plans to erect modern buildings in Brunswick was a shocker for most residents. They could not understand why he would want to build posh apartments in this area of the country, most people were skeptical about his vision but Omar, as all great entrepreneurs had seen the future needs changing. He came in with his company team from Boraie Developments and set up plans. He initiated a number of real estate projects that transformed Brunswick into the modern town of today.

Some of the most notable projects attributed to his company include the Albany street plaza, aspire and rector street. Omar and his company have not only changed the city in terms of construction but also influenced the community as a whole. Boraie’s development has a number of other ongoing projects in Newark and Atlantic City.

According to an article on NJBiz,, apart from being a leading entrepreneur in real estate, Omar Boraie is also a renowned and respected philanthropist in Brunswick. HE is at forefront of several social services and serves in a board of trustees for the Brunswick theatre. His company also sponsors the institution by helping it host a number of summer events. He is also part of the support group for a program that offers food for the community’s hungry folks.

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The US Money Reserve Creates a Website for Customer Convenience

The US money reserve is among the large companies that are known for the distribution of silver, gold and platinum coins, which are issued by the government. In particular, they offer the coins that are given by the Us Mint and supported by the government.


For a long time, the company has enjoyed a good relationship with its customers. In this case, the company has made an effort to improve the services they offer to their customers. In the attempt to offer better services, the company has come up with a website that will be accessible to a majority of the people. It has come up with an enhanced online face that reveals the core values and the commitment by the company to offer excellent services. Besides, it has an impressive form of photography that appeals to the notable brand of the distinguished bullion coin leader.


A lot of people rely on the US Money Reserve for the diversification of assets through the use of the primary physical assets that are principally in the form of gold and silver from the government. The site offers a number of benefits. From it, the customers will get more information on the advantages of owning the bullions from the government. It will also provide them with a better experience while they purchase the coins.


The new development offers a lot of convenience for the customers and the company. As an interactive and communication tool, the site has been established in a fully responsive manner. It has quality content that now allows the customers to access the precious metals on the online platform. The design has been implemented in such a way that it contains additional features and applications that educate the customers on how to conduct their purchases. Customers can sign up to get free information on gold. They can also get updated information on the precious metals by visiting the knowledge center.


Through the years, the customers have learnt to build their trust in the company. This has been made possible by the ability to buy precious metals that are of the highest quality and the most appropriate for their portfolio. This will even be easier with the accessibility of the website and the ease with which the quality coins will be purchased. The site is expected to grow in the future to the point where it will remain a leader among the other competitors.

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How Bruce Levenson Wants To Change Higher Education

At the University of Maryland, there is a new initiative that is designed to encourage undergraduate students at the school to volunteer and to build up and educate the future leaders of nonprofits. The Do Good Institute, which was conceived, funded, and launched by Bruce Levenson, has been met with a tremendous response by students at the university.

When working with the leaders of many nonprofits over the years, Bruce Levenson said that many of them were fantastic people. However, most weren’t able to accomplish the missions of the nonprofits they led because they lacked the necessary business skills. The Do Good Institute goal is to change this so that the leaders of nonprofits in the future can more ably lead their nonprofit to success and thereby help communities around the country and the world.

The institute has already had success in the real world. A graduate of the university, Ben Simon, founded Imperfect Produce. This nonprofit gives people access to produce, at a deep discount, that is a bit less than picture perfect. Talking about this, Levenson said that the Do Good Institute is showing how people can use their time and ingenuity to change the world.

Bruce Levenson spent his career in the media, starting as a writer for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He also co-founded UCG which provides business specific news to other companies so that they can be increasingly competitive in their industries.

Levenson is also a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team. The ownership group that he led was able to successfully sell the team in April 2015 for a Forbes reported $730 million.

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Sam Tabar’s Journey as a Lawyer and a Hedge Fund Specialist

Sam Tabar is a prominent and licensed attorney based in New York State. In 2015, Tabar was also appointed as the FullCycle Energy Fund’s head of operations by the company’s board. Tabar was excited to join the company’s leadership team. He also acknowledged FullCycle’s mission to invest in power generation plants.

Academic and Career Background

As an alumnus of Oxford University, Tabar earned his BA and MA from the higher learning institution. He later enrolled in Columbia Law School to pursue his master’s degree in law.

Tabar’s law expertise has been useful in the growth of several companies. These include Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP and Merrill Lynch. Tabar earned experience as he worked for Merrill Lynch as the head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar joined the company in 2011 before shifting his interest to the hedge fund industry. Tabar also worked for a hedge fund known as PMA. Due to his diligence and commitment to work, he was promoted to the head of business development and managing director positions.

FullCycle Energy Fund

The company usually emphasizes on energy projects that minimize environmental degradation by reusing waste products. Sam Tabar’s appointment as chief operating officer will help the company in monitoring the projects that are currently being financed. Read more about Sam: Ex-Merrill’s Tabar Joins Schulte Roth to Advise Hedge Funds

Tabar believes that his executive expertise would assist the business in producing affordable and environmentally friendly fuels. During his tenure at Skadden, Tabar advised clients on the formation and structuring of hedge funds.

He also handled regulatory and compliance issues, investment management agreements, and side letters. As FullCycle’s COO, he seeks to incorporate these solutions in his service delivery efforts.


Sam Tabar is usually keen on emerging start-ups. He spent his cash in a private venture capital transaction involving a start-up known as Tribute. Tabar also invested in a start-up, focusing on improving feminine hygiene, known as SheThinx.

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Developing Real Estate With Omar Boraie

Many people today in real estate are making money. The market has been good to real estate investors over the past couple of years. Omar Boraie has a long term view of the economy and his goals. He is ready to see what he can do to add value to people in his area. He is already working on various projects to try and help his local area develop even more. When he is not working on real estate and related projects, he is trying to give back to his local community in any way that he can. This is a great example of the impact that one business leader can make in a community.

Early Life

In the beginning of his career, a lot of people thought that Omar Boraie would burn out form all of his hard work. He is really driven to succeed, and few people can keep up with him on a typical work day. However, he is always wanting to add value to the lives of other people in his community. Not only that, but he is trying his best to continue his education in real estate. Despite being at the top of his career, he is still spending a lot of time and money investing and helping others in their life as well. Over time, the work that he is doing will pay off in many ways.

Real Estate Projects

Over the past couple of years, Omar Boraie has worked on a variety of real estate projects to add value to his local community. There are a lot of people who look up to the hard work and success that he has had. Not only that, says Patch, but he is excited about what he is going to be able to do in the next ten years as well. With all of his experience and capital at his disposal, he is ready to see what kinds of changing that he can impact in the lives of others.

Giving Back

One thing that has always been important to Omar Boraie is giving back. He strongly believes that people who have been financially blessed should work to invest something back into the local community. He spends a lot of time helping other people get to the next level in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he is also excited about some of the things that are happening in his life and career. He wants to help as many people as possible in the local community in the next couple of years. See more:

Future Plans

In the coming years, a lot of people are going to start planning for the future in real estate. Omar Boraie has already been doing that. He has a five and ten year plan for his money, and he is going to carry out that plan as closely as he can. He is a great success in life and business and is a great person to look up to for anyone who is just starting out.

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