Lacey and Larkin Frontera Foundation

So, where can a person go, when they want to find the latest news and information regarding civil rights, and especially immigration rights, in the United States? The answer to that question is simple and yet at the same time layered with data. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Foundation is just one of many organizations that work in tandem.

They strive to draw attention to fact that the people have the power when it comes to matters of justice and the American way. The foundation website has a home page that folds together several different pages, links and references worthy of looking into.

Just to get an idea of makes this organization so necessary, and understand the backdrop on how they get started, there is the story “The Incident that Launched Frontera Fund” found on the about page. This is not just an editorial or some piece to stroke the egos of the founders themselves.

There is really useful and pertinent information regarding Mike Lacey, Jim Larkin and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The anchor text found within the article is really worth clicking on. Also, on that page is “Relevant Links”, which has a list of other stories that cover the events leading up to the establishment of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Foundation.

For those information buffs that just cannot get enough data to archive and reference, there is the “All Articles” page that has all the articles contained within the website. As a side note, not every article in the site originated there. Some of the articles come as far away as the New York Times.

These articles fall in to the categories of Arpaio Archives, Frontera Fund news, In the Media, Resources and Trump Watch. Some these stories are old while others are fresh from the media circuit. However, they are all completely relevant. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Now, the meat and potatoes of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Foundation Fund website is the Supported Organization page. There, anyone who want to take a look can see a list of 28 different organizations that range from the Aliento to the Si Se Puede organization.

In between these names they can find the American Immigration Council, Arizona Dream Act Coalition, The Florence Immigration and Refugee Rights Project, Justice that Works, PACH (Phoenix Allies for Community Health) and many more.

These organizations are not just a list of places to use during an investigation or resource material for presentations. They are groups of people committed to seeing the end of oppression as we know in the state of Arizona, the USA and beyond.

The resource page is kind of where everything comes together and the information gets to the nitty-gritty.

There website visitors can find stories with pertinent information regarding subjects like “Protection for Military Families: Parole in Place”, “Checkpoints USA”, “Ten Questions to Ask an Immigration Attorney” and “DACA Renewal: What you Need to Know”. Of course, there is more information on the resources page than just these stories. And, of course, there is a contact page where information becomes interactive and anyone can submit questions to staff.

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Napa Valley And The Traveling Vineyard

     Napa Valley is well-known for its wines. This is an area having lands that are the best suited for growing grapes. But Napa Valley has much more than just grapes only. Typically most of the tourists and newcomers visit its traveling vineyard only. But it is nice to move away from the normal road and explore the fascinating sights as well as sounds that the Napa Valley has to offer. There are a lot of things to do here besides drinking wine.

The Napa Art Walk is for all those who appreciate 3-D art. This is a highly popular event. All the creative minds from all across the country get together and bring out spectacular sculptures. These can be purchased too and taken home. A part of the revenue from this place is used for funding the future shows.

The Napa Valley Historical Society is for the history lovers. This is the place to know how the Napa Valley had looked a hundred years ago or the kind of people who had settled here during its early days. All these answers are available at the Napa Valley Historical Society. This place has several physical artifacts that depict Napa’s past. A number of tours and lectures are organized here by local historians. This is an enriching experience that is not easy to forget.

Napa Valley has fertile grounds that are good for traveling vineyards and much more. This is the place to grow the best olives in this region. There is the Round Pond Estate that is the producer of Mediterranean olives. It produces top-class olives by using the old and traditional methods. This place offers traditional olive oils. Besides, it also offers craft oils which contain spices, herbs, besides flowers, and fruits. A fine selection of vinegar is present here. There are guided tours at the olive mills to explain the complete process of producing these oils.

The Silverado Cooking School is known for its cooking classes. Here, Chef Malcolm de Sieyes train on basic preparation methods as well as advanced techniques. In the end, people can taste what they had prepared during the day.

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Acquisition: In The Hands Of Madison Street Capital

Describing who Madison Street Capital is first requires an understanding of what greatness is.


You have to first know the characteristics of the firm, and then you have to see it. The more you see what it means to be the best, to be the most sought after or to be the most efficient, then the more you understand Madison Street. The agency is an investment bank who doesn’t have a projection of slowing down or decreasing its size.


These results are because its clients and the money it generates are too great to be discredited. There’s a lot at play to create a successful track record like this. Madison Street Capital reputation was built over years of successful investing margins and by employing the best in the financial world.


It’s really that simple.


It’s the firm’s account managers who enable the agency to stand out and since its inception onto today. But you must know of the history. You must also see how this firm has behaved throughout the years. The perfect example of this business ethic, which MSC is known for, can be found in recent news. The firm’s brilliance is clear.


During a recent merger between The Spitfire Group and DCG Software, Madison Street Capital was able to achieve something many fail to when managing acquisitions. To put it plainly, mergers and acquisitions are often processed during states of strong opposition and bad sentiment. So here’s what Madison did.


It’s not what many expected, but the outcome benefited everyone involved.


The firm’s CEO made a brilliant move in their merging process and to keep the deal private. It somehow never got into the media until the agency was ready for it to get there. This isn’t a matter of power or influence though. It was a simple decision. This same option is rarely taken by other firms.


Those agency therefore fail in most cases.


The hype we hear about companies coming together is often the hype that also destroys or disrupts the merging process. There’s no other way around it. No matter how hard a group tries, getting two companies together to become one is a great challenge. Yet both groups, managed by MSC, were pleased by the outcome.


They were satisfied with the results and even more invigorated by the process. It’s this process that’s often most difficult, and MSC makes difficulty and opposition a non-issue.


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Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Compete with Amazon?

Competing with Amazon in any niche is a really tough road to travel. In the women’s apparel niche, Amazon commands over 20 percent of the sales and has been in the top spot for years. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics came on the scene only a short while ago, but in those few years the company has gone on to shatter records and rake in an incredible $250 million in sales of high-quality women’s workout apparel and active-wear. Considering the competition, these numbers are even more impressive.


Kate Hudson recently talked about how her athleisure brand has really exploded in popularity with women, due in part to the unique shopping experience her customers enjoy. Take a closer look at the Fabletics store in the mall, and you discover that there is no pressure by sales associates, women are trying on all the pieces of active-wear in the store, they are signing up for their free membership, and even taking the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. This relaxed atmosphere might seem unconventional because many women leave the store without buying anything, or so it appears.


How is Fabletics making $250 million in sales without the customers paying in the store?


To better understand how Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is raking in so much money, we again look at those same women who left the retail store without making a purchase. While they were trying on the active-wear in the store, each item was being added to the membership profile page online. When these women visit the Fabletics website, they see all the items that they wore and that fit them perfectly. Without having to guess which pieces of workout apparel fit, these customers start adding pieces to their cart based on colors, styles, or new arrivals. These customers tend to spend even more than they would have at the retail setting.


Included with the convenience of ordering online, the Fabletics membership includes access to a personal shopping assistant. lower pricing, and free shipping for any online order. This is more of a shopping experience than it is buying women’s apparel. Amazon doesn’t have the resources in place to compete through this type platform, so Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is steadily building a loyal customer base of women who are not only buying more, they are buying often. This company could eventually get to the top spot is the sales numbers continue to grow year to year like they have been.