Bernardo Chua Has Brought Ganoderma Lucidium To The World With Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua made a very special trip to the capital of the Philippines to attend an awards ceremony taking place in Hamady Square. Along with two of the members of his team from Organo Gold he accepted the Dangal ng Bayan Award.

He was honored to receive two People’s Choice awards. This award began in 1981 in recognition of Filipino products of exceptional quality and vision.

The role Mr. Chua played as the founder of Organo Gold allowed for the accelerated growth of his business and honored his achievements as an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur. His businesses network has marketing companies throughout the world.

Organo Gold offers exceptional coffee products containing Ganoderma Lucidium. Holistic Chinese medicine has used this mushroom for generations due to the antioxidant qualities it provides.

In 2008 Mr. Chua began using his knowledge to market his product and the name Organo Gold became known all across the globe.

There is a space in the heart of the Pilipino people for Bernardo Chua because this is the country of his birth. The awards he received for achieving a network marketing company on a global scale and offering an amazing and organic health coffee were well deserved.

After Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold he remained the CEO for the company. His business was designed to cater to the active lifestyle of the modern consumer. He launched Organo Gold as a network-marketing company and it was soon an incredible success story.

He is the recipient of the Gold Medal from the Napoleon Hill Foundation and has turned the industry of multi-level marketing into a glorious success. He remains accessible to the public with both LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn more about Bernado Chua: and

When Organo Gold was founded in 2008 their headquarters were located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Organo Gold has since become a gourmet coffee company on the global marketplace. They offer teas, coffees, personal care products, and nutraceuticals containing organic Ganoderma.

The products are available with an Independent Distributor network and through a club for consumers called the Coffee Connoisseur Club located in Canada and the United States. Organo Gold is operating in 35 countries and is currently privately held.

Nathaniel Ru And Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is one of the founders and Chief Executive Officer of Sweetgreen, a salad chain based in Washington, D.C. Sweetgreen was founded in 2007 with an aim to cater for customers who are in need of a healthy lifestyle by providing fresh foods.

The company has expanded to different neighborhoods including NoMad.Its other founders are Jonathan Neman and Nick Jammet. They are graduates of Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business and met in one of the classes.

The idea of the business was inspired by the fact that Nathaniel together with his friends could not find a healthy place to take meals when in his senior year at the University. The firm has restaurants in New York, Washington, Boston, and Philadelphia and acquires the ingredients mostly from local farmers.

Nathaniel Ru states that before opening a store, there must be a strategy and takes it as a priority. He says that to be successful, entrepreneurs should put into consideration the way they hire and treat their employees, and also the communities surrounding the business. The suppliers should also be a review and developers.

Nathaniel Ru has a special connection with his partners with whom they met immediately after graduating. They live next door to each other up to date.

According to Nathaniel, their aim is to create a brand that feeds people better food. They have always used technology for all their transactions, both through a mobile app and their website. The management of the company has always made it clear that they are interested in connecting with their customers directly. Nathaniel Ru close down their offices at least five times in a year and take part in the operations of the stores.

The three founders believe that when it comes to management, especially for a big institution, a team is needed to manage the work flow and complete the tasks in time. However, for Nathaniel Ru and his partners, they managed everything, and it was hard to let go some of those responsibilities.

The business minds of the three businessmen run in their families, with all their parents had started their organizations. When asked about his favorite restaurant apart from Sweetgreen, Nathaniel preferred Johnny Monis’ Little Serow, which offers Thai food and is located in DC. Mr. Nathaniel Ru also admires Kevin Plank as a role model for the achievements that he has accomplished in transforming Under Armour into a great company that it is today. Nathaniel Ru says if he were twenty again, he would read more books.

The Importance of Prioritizing in Advertising and How Lori Senecal Comes Up With The Best Plans for Advertising

One of the most important aspects of advertising is having a well laid and thought out plan. Entrepreneurs who are a little disorganized in their approach are cheating themselves of the greatest possible success with their company. However, in order to come up with a good plan for advertising, it is important to find the most effective aspect of the plan and focus on that. For one thing, many advertising campaigns are going to involve multiple media. Therefore, it is important to find the one that is going to work the most before planning out the other media.

One of the best things to do is get assistance in advertising. One advertiser that is good about coming up with successful advertising campaigns is Lori Senecal. She is someone who has a lot of experience with advertising and is therefore able to provide people with the needed insight for success. She is very perceptive and looks at the market in order to find something that is going to bring desired results. Lori is definitely willing to help people to reach the users of mobile phones. Seeing that a large number of people access the internet through their mobile devices, it is important for people to make sure that their content is formatted for mobile devices. Visit Adweek to know more.

According to Blogwebpedia, there are many other aspects of advertising that Lori Senecal encourages others to use. For instance, among the aspects that can affect the success of an advertising campaign is the use of color schemes. With the right color scheme, the ad can attract attention and get the company’s image across. Another effective method for gaining customers is using humor. People are more likely to remember ads that make them laugh because it has given them a strong enough reaction to the ad. When it comes to advertising, Lori Senecal comes up with all of the best solutions.

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Eli Gershkovitch: The Gentleman with a Captivating Success Story

You might have heard of craft beer several times in Canada, and you may be wondering what exactly it means. However, there is no reason for worry since beer just means a non-mechanized way of brewing beer, that is, the traditional approach in the brewing process. The making of Canadian craft beer is innovative such that the customer is left with many options to choose from. In fact, currently in the craft beer market anybody will get something to consume. So far in history, this is the best time for the beer lovers since the options are innumerable. There are beers of different tastes or flavors and colors as well made from a defined combination of the ingredients.

The major brewing companies comprise of Black Oat, Central City Breweries, Hopefenstark Breweries, and Denson’s brewing companies. They excel in different flavors that suit the preferences of their clients. The most desired types of Canadian craft beers are Glutenberg Belgian, Double which a gluten free beer, the Saison Station 16, Red Racer Pale ale, Weissbier, Nutcracker among others. The commonly used ingredients are black oak, barley, wheat, cloves, and citrus. Different ingredients can be mixed in various proportions to change the flavor.


The Hero Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO and chairman of the Steamworks Brewery Company that manufactures its craft beer traditionally for sale. He is a cool and collected guy who exhibits strength under control unlike most the CEO of reputable organizations. In fact, one may mistake his composure for laxity and complacency. However, his social and casual demeanor has nothing to do with his leadership and management skills. Eli Gershkovitch is a firm believer in hard work, resilience, focus, and strategy for the growth of a company.


In another interview, he suggested that stagnant business that does not grow to meet the demand for their products will result in being faced out of business since the demand will come down to them and eventually diminish too low for sustainability. It is important to note that Eli Gershkovitch is a well-trained pilot, incredible lawyer and passionate entrepreneur (IMBd).

Glen Wakeman Launchpad Holdings CEO

Before starting Launchpad Holdings in 2015, Glen Wakeman was known for being a business revolutionary. Equipped with an MBA in Finance and a BS in Economics, it didn’t take him long to hold positions at GE Capital. as well as being the founder of Nova Four (Blogwebpedia). He has perfected and most known for a 5 step performance methodology that includes leadership and risk management, execution, governance, and human capital. The man has lived in six different countries while running some 30 regional business operations globally. He has helped start-ups and inspired small business owners to think “outside the box” and create ways to improve profits using the latest technology.

Glen Wakeman is a successful writer and investor that has helped him to advise executive level groups like Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. He takes a very pragmatic view of the task at hand, and a typical day for him begins with the previous day’s numbers and performance and cash sales. Armed with all the numbers from the day before, he quickly organizes meetings and sees trends and what the competition is doing. What makes Glen Wakeman a success is his curiosity. This allows him to solve problems by breaking down the root of the problem and finding a simple solution to it. He provides essential support for raising capital and is a leader in all areas of business development and growth.

The man simply does not stop. His work ethic has been proven to anyone that knows him and is enthusiastic to help either big corporations run smoother or small business owners refine their trade for maximum profits. This defines a business revolutionary, always looking beyond the scope of the normal, to forge a path of victory and success in business using new ideas and strategies, not old ones.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere is now successful in makeup business which is her passion.Her Lime Crime cosmetics are now gaining popularity.She has a line of eye shadows,nail polishes,lipsticks and more and they are all beautiful and lovely.Since 2004 her business has grown and she is now a good example to new Entrepreneurs with passion to start their businesses and succeed.
Starting a business begins with the Passion to own one and the proceeds to the actual business planning.Get a business plan to help be able to plan can be acquired from the Banks and loan issuers if a plan is properly planned.Before starting up a business remember that in the beginning it requires a lot of money,time and even determination.The effort put might at times not be rewarding but determination is important.Also consider startup,passions, financial assistance and market trends.Remember to also look for successful Entrepreneurs to have inspiration. Doe Deere is one of those business people who a lot about business has been learned from her. Learn more:

Lime Crime is certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by PETA&Leaping Bunny.its Mission is to revolutionalize makeup from how you shop it to how it makes you feel.Lime crime has become a favorite of many and is now a leader in the social and digital space.Lime crime delivers quality.It has totally changed the face of beauty attracting imitation from other brands.Their blue unicorn lipstick has now become a must have.Lime crime gives you room to express your desire in the makeup world.
Doe Deere has a personal motivated positive character of listening to her clients even to those who do not like her.She was born in Russia and brought up in New York city.She is the CEO Lime Crime Cosmetics.She wants to bring out to the World the self-expression and freedom brought by makeup.To her beauty is what one feels at that moment when freedom and self-expression is achieved.She supports other women Entrepreneurs to succeed in their businesses.Her Lime Crime idea originated during her sewing days and later launched Lime Crime in 2008.She ensures that all her departments run smoothly and give guidance.With her team they raise ideas and bring them to success.Before a product is sold,they first wear it and test it. Learn more:

Louis Chenevert, the Committed Company President

When current United Technologies CEO was asked what he wanted his legacy to be by an employee, the answer was that he wanted his legacy to be at UTC. The reason behind this was the belief that effective CEOs are stewards of the company. This means to make the commitment to invest in innovation and the people in the company. At UTC, this means keeping an eye on the long term, to always invest in technology and the employees. It also means realizing the decisions made now will affect future achievements.

One example of the cause and effect is the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan engine that was recently displayed on Capitol Hill. The engine was a 20-year investment in design and development of the jet engine costing $10 billion. The development of the engine reduces fuel burn by 16%, noise by 75% and emissions by 50%. This engine began being used in the past year and is used by 14 airlines and mounted in 72 planes.

The company has factories in at least six states and currently can meet the demands of current and future customers. The demand increases the need to invest in future talent. UTC is estimated to hire 25,000 people in the US with 5,000 new positions in the area of growth in innovation platforms. In part, it is due to the growth of the business but also the business of their suppliers since it will ensure keeping commitments to the company’s customers. During the past three years, the company has spent about $40 billion with U.S. suppliers.

Louis Chenevert served as the Chairman and CEO of United Technology Corporation. Earlier in his career, he served as president of Pratt & Whitney from 1999 to 2006. Mr. Chenevert also spent 14 years at General Motors as Production General Manager of GM. He serves as chairman of the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board, he is on the board of directors for Cargill and a member of Executive Committees of the Business Roundtable.

As a Quebec native, Mr. Chenevert earned a bachelor of commerce degree in production management from HEC Montreal an affiliate of the University of Montreal Business School.

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Daniel Mark Harrison: A Multi-Talented CEO, Entrepreneur, Author and More

Daniel Mark Harrison is an author and entrepreneur who is considered one of the top experts on information events, business, and millennial culture. He has been referenced as being a person to keep an eye on by some and innovative by many people too.

He then went on to study at Bi Norwegian Business School, studied at the University of Oxford, and went to Lancing College. Following his education, he relocated to Singapore, where he now lives there to this day as Chairman & CEO of DMH&CO.

Harrison is based in Asia and, besides being an entrepreneur, is also a thinker, technology evangelist, top notch professional negotiator, and writer. At the time, he is employed as a Managing Partner of an Asia-based investor consortium. This company is ongoing its approach to investing in large value high-growth deals that are specifically designed to enhance that region he is located in on the southeast of Asia. As if he wasn’t busy enough he is also a media proprietor. He has successfully started two publications that are extremely popular online within the past couple of years.

His most recent published work have come from his new site called MarxRand. Marxrand has broken numerous updates and stories that the mainstream media have refused to release to the public. He has had a wild success with this outlet as well.

He has employed his talents in journalism in other areas too. In 2015, he has published his first book titled “Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction In Today’s World” which is a tale that has included real journalism with a twist of fiction that touches on the fact of the new generation of millennials and their attitudes towards a variety of subjects. Subjects such as spiritual beliefs and their practices, psychological, sexual habits and their practice of spending in regards to their financial decisions.

To learn more information on Daniel Mark there is a lot of information available, including his website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, where he mixes his posts and tweets up with messages of encouragement, beneficial quotes, and updates on some of his business ventures.

Michael Lacey Tries to Make Things Better for People Wanting to Learn Math

Since Michael Lacey is so good at math, he feels that he should pass this information on to other people who struggle with it or who are unable to learn in the way that he has been able to do.

Michael Lacey is a math genius but he is also a fellow of math and he knows what he is doing so that he can help other people out.

Since he is currently a professor, he has tried to make things better for himself and for other people. As someone who teaches math, he knows that it is an important part of life and that it is something that he will be able to do no matter what is going on.

There is no end of learning when it comes to math and there is always something new that Michael Lacey will be able to learn about while he is doing research.

The current position that he holds allows him the chance to study math and teach math at the same time. As a professor, he can help people with the questions that they have and can help cultivate a love for math. As a professor, he is also able to use the research facilities that people have in different areas.

All of this allows him the chance to make the right decisions and to show people what he can do in different areas. He wants to make sure that he is always learning more about math and that he can try new things.

When Michael Lacey is not working to make algorithms and find new opportunities in math, he is trying to help his students. He has always tried to make sure that his students know what they are going to be able to get and what they can do with different situations.

It is something that has allowed him the chance to make things better and something that has given him the abilities that he needs to improve everything that he has done in the math world. He tries to make sure that he is always working to help people with these experiences.

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What Roberto Santiago Did to Make Manaira

When Roberto Santiago first opened Manaira Shopping Mall, he wanted to make sure that it was the best mall in Brazil. While the mall has had many different votes and has been able to win many different awards, it is something that Roberto Santiago is still working on and something that he wants to make better no matter what he has to do for the people who are a part of the mall. Roberto Santiago has always tried to make it a better mall and has been constantly working so that he can improve it. He hopes that it will continue to be one of the best shopping options that people have in Brazil and that everyone will be able to benefit from the things that the mall has while they are in different situations.


For Roberto Santiago to be able to help people with the mall, he has to make sure that he is making it as innovative as possible. One of the things that he did with the mall was created an event space. This is a space that people can use when they go to the mall so that they will be able to learn different things about Brazil. There have also been international artists who go to the event space and who are able to perform there thanks to the seating that is in the arena. All of this has allowed Roberto Santiago to continue succeeding and profiting from the mall.


One thing that Roberto Santiago wanted to do was make his mall exclusive. He has added exclusive designers to the mall so that people would have to come there if they wanted to shop with these designers. This was a great business idea and it helped Roberto Santiago to improve the mall. Now, he has exclusive relationships with many different labels and that has helped him to make the mall better. He knows the right way to handle the mall business and has done it for years with Manaira. It has helped him to make things better and has given him the chances that he needs to be successful in every way.


While other malls are slowly creeping up in competition with his mall, Roberto Santiago is still continuing to make things better for himself. He wants to show people that they can do different things and has recently created a hotel that is attached to the mall. Now, people who are going to shop at his mall can stay right there. They don’t have to worry about travel to and from the mall and they don’t have to try and find lodging that may not always be available when they are trying to stay near the mall.