Innovative Product Review at NewsWatch TV

There are about three billion computer users around the globe, using the ordinary keyboard and mouse which make working on the computer painful and difficult. However, with the introduction of the RollerMouse Red, which was broadcasted on NewsWatch, users with small to average hands will now find it more relaxing to work even in cramp places. RollerMouse Red also comes with the RollerMouse Red plus that provides support for the palms; and the ArmSupport Red that helps reduce strain on the body’s upper torso.

The RollerMouse Red has a built-in tracking technology called 7SENSES, which adjusts to the user’s pace as it maintains the rollerbar in the center. The 7SENSES includes 6 peripheral and one laser sensors within the rollerbar. With a larger rollerbar and a virtualized left click; the RollerMouse Red lessens the strain on the fingertips and wrist making work more comfortable.

NewsWatch TV Reviews is a weekly 30-minute show on the television that is aired to 200 plus markets in the U.S. on ION Network and AMC. Over 1000 episodes have been shown since NewsWatch TV started in 1989. The program features a wide assortment of subjects that includes new product campaigns, public awareness campaigns, tourism and travel, fashion, medical and health breakthrough, and consumer electronics

Last year, celebrities have also appeared on NewsWatch. Said celebrities are: Carrie Underwood, Ted Danson, Brooklyn Decker, Phil Mickelson, Dr. Oz, Julianne Moore, Diane Lane and others. Companies like NASCAR, Legos, LG, Toyota, Ford, Discovery Channel, the American Heart Association, Goodyear, Suave, Sports Authority, Dewars Whiskey, D-Link, etc.

NewsWatch has its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia and was established in 1989. It is a private entity that employs 11 to 50 personnel and staff. It is in the media industry and specializes in News Video Releases, National Television, Satellite Media Tours, Entertainment, Broadcast Media, and Media Tours.

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