Court Rules in Enhanced Athlete’s Favor

Dr. Tony Huge is a lawyer and founder of Enhanced Athlete a lifestyle, nutrition and personal health company. The company provides bodybuilding products  and performance enhancers to muscle builders. They help people meet fitness goals with regimes that include burning fat, building muscles and health products.


Enhanced Athlete is a global distributor and sells workout drink mixes and gear. They also offer individualized coaching with fitness coaches. Their products  include products such as Amino Lean a formulated drink that assists with building muscle and burning fat and increasing energy. The sell Xtend a mix that provides electrolytes that help with endurance and enhancing gym sessions and Casein a protein powder drink mix that is taken before bed and helps increase muscle mass.


Their coaching regime includes a program created by Tony Huge. They focus on burning fat and building muscle in a fast and efficient way that will give customers results. They offer a three-tier workout plan that includes the starter pack, summer shred, and enhanced pro. The starter pack includes a training and diet plan, unlimited bodybuilding product advice and a coach. The Summer shred plan offers a 90-day training program with a personalized coach and online availability. The enhanced pro plan includes a customized meal and diet regime and focuses on advanced muscle building and weekly phone calls.


Recently, Enhanced Athlete has been in a legal battle with Nutrition Distribution a company that also sells bodybuilding nutritional products . They have accused Enhanced Athlete of false advertising and is one of the many lawsuits filed by the company. They are claiming that their sales are being affected by many bodybuilding products  companies and have filed suit against over 70 companies.


Enhanced Athlete believes that Nutrition Distribution is trying to obtain money from these lawsuits in settlement agreements. The company has no proof that EA has done any damage to the sales of their product and has fought the case. Nutrition Distribution filed a preliminary injunction against Enhanced Athlete, but the case had no merit.


Even though, some courts have ordered plaintiffs to pay the accusing company of lost sales Enhanced Athlete has not. The court denied the Nutrition Distributions motion and ruled in EA’s favor. The court decided that Nutrition Distributions claim were too casual, and EA did not have a connection to their lost sales.

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