Igor Cornelsen in the Business World

He is a Brazilian citizen. He was born in October 1947. Igor Colnelsen is a graduate of the Federal University of Parana where he first enrolled as an engineering student. He was a bright student and that is the main reason why he was allowed to join the institution. At the end of two years, he decided to start attending classes on economics in the same institution. After his graduation in 1970, he got a job in an investment bank, just like many other engineers at that time. He was hired due to his calculation skills. After a short time, he became well known in the finance industry and later started working as an investment banker. He was ranked as first in his class and that earned him a position in the board of directors in an investment firm known as Multibanco. After two years, he was promoted to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the bank.

Igor Cornelsen left Multibanco after an acquisition by the Bank of America. For a few years, he was working on personal projects. He later found an opportunity to work with another investment firm, Unibanco. It was one of the most popular companies at the time. After many years of experience working with investment firms, Igor Cornelsen decided to start his own. He wakes up early in the morning to start his daily activities. According to him, watching international news has helped him to come up with new business ideas. During the day, he is always involved in analyzing the markets to find new and better ways to manage his investments. He believes that consultations with friends and colleagues have helped him to make informed business decisions. The businessman spends a lot of time on Reuters to analyze information on his next investment.

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