Fortress Investment Group: A Missed Opportunity to Investors with Capacity

Fortress Investment Group has wealth whose expansion has been very rapid over the years. The organization, which is currently the largest regarding customer base and the wealth controlled is said to have accepted a takeover bid from a Japanese Investor by the name Soft Bank. Although financial pundits and other market analysts had not predicted this, it is the lost opportunity that other investor with the capacity to buy the entity that is raising eyebrows.

There is no investor out there with capacity who would have turned down the opportunity to own Fortress Investment Group due to various reasons. One of the reasons as to why Fortress Group would have been the best bet for investors is its significant asset base that spans from infrastructure assets real estate, and shares in various organizations in the United States and abroad.

The leadership of the company remains to be one of the best in the industry due to the decisions it has made over the long span when the firm has been in operation. Boosting of the best and most experienced strategists and financial analysis, Fortress Investment Group stands to be a world beater in matters concerning wealth management. Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randal Nardone are some of the technocrats that any organization would have wanted to have in their backroom staff. The three experts have been in the industry for a more extended period after working with other fund managers, and they understand what happens in the market.

Despite boasting of a large number of customers and asset base, Fortress Investment Group remains to be one of the most advanced organizations in the asset management industry after adopting technology in all its activities. The firm uses sophisticated methods to serve its customers and also to conduct financial forecasts that help the entity to remain afloat despite the uncertainty in the industry.

The one event that made Fortress Investment Group the world’s investment leader was the one that took place in 2007; going public. This was received with a lot of criticism by the investors and other industry players. They thought that the management of the organization, led by Peter Briger, had led the company into committing economic suicide. However, the manner in which the events turned out was astonishing. The company’s growth had doubled within the few months that followed, and hence the all the other investment management firms of its kind and magnitude had to copy the move.


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Stephen M. Hicks Champions Philanthropy and Community

Today, Southridge Capital is one of the foremost authorities regarding financial solutions. Founded in 1996 by Chief Executive Officer and principal, Stephen M. Hicks, Southridge Capital has since assisted over 250 businesses around the world, and, to date, has invested more than $1.8 billion. They also assist business seeking growth, to navigate the intricate portals of becoming a publicly traded company. For more than 30 years, Stephen M. Hicks has been actively involved in the world of investment, and as an entrepreneur, continues to take Southridge into new territory.

According to prnewswire, Stephen M. Hicks graduated from King’s College, garnering a degree in Business Administration, and he would further his education by attending New York City’s, Fordham University, earning his MBA. While working for a small hedge fund in New York City, Mr. Hicks was informed that the principal would be returning to his home in Australia. This presented a unique opportunity for him, and, with the approval of the principal, he began his own fund while still working in his original capacity. As the head of Southridge Capital, it is essential that Mr. Hicks maximize his time, and he credits his ability to do so, as a key factor to his continued success. Always one to stay abreast of upcoming financial trends, he has become increasingly excited about the prospects surrounding cryptocurrency, as well as the budding market for marijuana. When asked about a business idea that he would be willing to give away, Mr. Hicks suggested a podcast that focuses on cryptocurrency, as it could produce a massive audience and client-base.

Stephen M. Hicks and the team at Southridge Capital, are also heavily involved in philanthropy, believing it to be a necessary duty to the community. Faith-based charities, as well as not-for-profit organizations, make up the vast majority of their philanthropic endeavors. Mr. Hicks and his wife, Mary, recently collaborated in launching the charity, Daystar Foundation. Daystar Foundation has worked in conjunction with Southridge Capital in providing financial assistance to a variety of reputable institutions, including the Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association, and the Walnut Community Hill Church. You can checkout their facebook page for more details.





William Saito Shares Success Tips in Tech

William Saito is an accomplished entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert. He was a Japanese political and strategic advisor. Saito got interested in engineering at a young age and got himself an internship at age 10. Since then, he has been a member of the tech industry.


At college, William Saito started his own software oriented company. He worked so hard that he saw it become the well-known I/O Software. I/O Software played a major role in the software industry of Japan. It contributed to the industry growth and led to the birth of authentication technologies such as fingerprint recognition. In 1998, he was recognized as Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.


Recently, he shared his thoughts on how the financial difficulties have affected up-coming entrepreneurs. William Saito in an interview acknowledged that there can be many obstacles for start-ups in Japan. However, he said that many successful companies today are ones which were started during a time of crisis. He holds the view that now is the right time for a company to grow.


According to William Saito, companies are exposed to real-life issues during a time of financial turmoil that they should learn to deal with. Therefore, funds are not as accessible as a company would like it to be. A company must learn how to survive in the circumstances and when the time comes for them to grow, they can sustain any financial turmoil in the market.

William Saito believes that the biggest change in perception regarding Western and Asian cultures is a risk. He says that while western culture has the ability to bounce back from failures as quickly as possible, Asian culture doesn’t bounce back as fast as they should. This is because, in his view, Western cultures perceive failure as a stepping stone to something greater and also a learning opportunity.


The success story of William Saito is built around passion. His passion for programming and tech saw him go for an internship at age of 10 and later, launch a software company and become a CEO while in college. He was the CEO of I/O Software while in college and did not talk about it to other students.


Saito focused his energy and efforts in making I/O Software more successful while in college. After graduating from college, he put his innovative skills into practice. His innovative skills and determination saw him partner with Sony to produce the biometric data collection software.

Peter Briger: Breif Biographical Information as well as Support for a College

Brief Introduction

Peter Briger serves as Fortress Investment Group’s Co-Chairman and principal for Fortress. In March 2002 he began to be a member of Fortresses Management Committee. Since November 2006 he’s been a member of its board. On top of that, in August 2009 he was chosen to be Co-Chairman. At Fortress he has responsibility for both the business of Real Estate and Credit.

For his education, Peter Briger went to Princeton University and obtained a B.A. He also, went to the Wharton School of Business located at the University of Pennsylvania. Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs for a total of fifteen years. When he worked there that included being a member on different committees. Some examples were Japan Executive, Compliance, Asian Management, as well as Global Control. The work he did centered in the purchase of Fortress by a banking conglomerate of Japan. It was essentially debt vehicles and real estates. That history played a vital role in the investment of Fortress by a banking conglomerate from Japan. He also has membership of a register of global business professionals by the name of “Forbes 400.

Support for Princeton

There was a gift three alumni from Princeton, including Peter Briger along with Gordon Ritter. There was also one who didn’t want his name revealed. They formed program of pilot funding assisting entrepreneurs who are University alumni including their companies of startup. The Alumni Entrepreneurship Advisory Fund or AEF of the counsel that was put down by Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee or PEAC. This is in helping realize sight it has for Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way. This sight forms on different strengths giving education of liberal arts and intensifies influence of the core education mission for Princeton. Peter Briger agrees it’s the right moment for this type of ingenuity. He also shows gratitude to the University for its keen reply to the fund. The faculty along with senior staff accepted the idea. They also said this to the three alumni who gave the proposal. That was “a fully fleshed out program and made it a first-class reality”.

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Help Immigrants in Many Ways

Since they started helping people, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey knew they had to do things that would give back to the community. They also knew they had the right tools to give everyone the things they needed. It was their goal to come up with new ideas to help immigrants and give back to the different situations they were in.

The men felt good about the work they did and they knew that immigrants got a chance to be successful because of the way they did things. It was their goal to give them the chance to feel good about themselves while also being successful in their own lives. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase

The men didn’t work on their own careers because they wanted to do what they could to help immigrants. They also knew things would change for the better if they had a community atmosphere to give more attention to the issues people faced. They had a lot of ideas for the future and felt confident they could give others the same opportunities they had on their own. While they did what they could to show people the right options, they felt they had the ability to do more than just that. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

When they started talking about all the issues going on in the world around them, people started to notice. Even the people against them noticed what they were doing and wanted to put a stop to it. The men felt they had to do something and they pushed forward to make their online publication more popular.

They wanted to do everything they could to help others so they didn’t have to worry about the things that would happen to them. It was their idea to show immigrants they had rights they didn’t know about before so they put that into place.

When Joe Arpaio saw them talking about him on their site, he had them arrested. He didn’t like the men and did what he could to try and discourage them from helping. He also felt things would get better if he could bring problems to them.

It was going to continue getting better before it was fixed and Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey felt that was a necessary part of their careers. After the arrest, things started getting better and they knew it was because they fought back. They knew their rights and they used them to help themselves.

The RealReal

The San Francisco based company is a leading online luxury brand that started in the year 2011 by the founder Julie Wainwright (CEO). Having a net worth of $1.5 trillion dollars. It deals with designer goods that include clothes, jewelry, handbags, and furniture. Unique in its own sector it deals in second- hand items from various brands. Among them: Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Prada. However, the company does not involve itself in buying the goods rather they make commission once they have sold the items whereby the may earn up to 70 percent of the total. True to its brand and image it inspects all its items of sale to ensuring their authenticity and sustainability to meet the satisfaction of their customers.

The company recently organized a funding. Whereby various of partners raised an amount of money to expand the companies venture into the business, having raised a total of $288 million in equity capital the company’s plan was to focus on new markets, accelerate its investments as well as support their ever-growing supply of luxury goods whereby establishing new e-commerce centers. Having a long way they’ve come they have re-envisioned the whole experience of shopping luxury good and becoming a leader in the economy of luxury goods.

The leading giant company redefined the whole experience of shopping and market serene on how customers were able to acquire the luxury goods having a continuous move to a sustaining e-commerce, backed by the ever rising demand of second-hand good purchases. The company would seem to sustain the market with an ever-shifting trend thus always having a benefit to the company as well as bringing excited partners to the venture to bring more innovation to even more consumers. This would diversify a whole new modern way to approach untapped opportunities.

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