The Work of Rick Shinto Prior to InnovaCare Health

The top leader at InnovaCare Health is the CEO and President Rick Shinto. What did he do prior to coming on board with InnovaCare Health?


Rick Shinto has years of experience, so his time spent working with an integrated healthcare company speaks volumes about what his experience was prior to coming on board with this company. Having worked for more than 25 years in healthcare, Rick Shinto has both clinical and operational experience. His early career was spent working as a pulmonologist. Additionally, he has worked in managed card, as well as worked with various innovative therapies and means of managing healthcare overall.


The key for Rick Shinto is working with physician-led models in managed care, indicating that the relationship between patient and physician is a key identifier in what works best. This began with his time on board with Aveta Inc., starting in 2008. It was in 2012 that the company was sold, but prior to this he was working with NAMM California. Prior to his time with NAMM, he was working with Medical Pathways Management, working as the COO and CMO for the company.


Rick Shinto has worked with various types of managed care plans, including Medicaid and Medicare. While working through and understanding what is needed in the medical side of things, he has also learned over time what is needed in regards to finances and the role it plays in assisting patients in making the best decision possible.


InnovaCare Health is also hemmed in with fantastic leadership across the board. Those who are assisting Rick Shinto also come from a long background of successful managed care. Penelope Kokkinides, the right-hand assistant for Rick Shinto has had a long career in healthcare as well, and has worked with Rick previously at other companies. You can check out



InnovaCare Health is focused on managed care in various aspects, but the primary focus of the company is Medicare Advantage Plans. These plans are idea for providing supplementation to those who already have just a basic plan from Medicare. The supplemental plans offer additional benefits like hospital care, as well as coverage for various types of therapies and for prescription coverage. The company has a branch that they run specifically for Puerto Rico, helping those who were impacted by Hurricane Maria. For more details visit




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