Malcolm Casselle the Entrepenuer of the Digital World

The top ranking bitcoin vendor on the planet is OPSkins, but they also are the international leaders of in-game goods and tradeable content. OPSkins have an international audience of customers who often make micropayment purchases. The people over at OPSkins are working with the CIO of the company Malcolm Casselle to release a new market for trading virtual goods which is named Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX for short.

Malcolm Casselle is a businessman who is the leader of Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX for short. Malcolm is also the Chief of Operations for OPSkins or CIO for short. Before his business venture with WAX, Malcolm Casselle was a Chief Technology Officer at Tribune Publishing, which is now known as Tronc, Inc. Prior to this role, Malcolm Casselle occupied the role of general manager and major vice president of SeaChange International in the digital media department.

Malcolm Casselle has also guided several startups throughout the digital industry, including Xfire, Mediapass, and Tencent which was a group venture between Groupon and China. Malcolm Casselle has achieved a bachelor’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he has also acquired his master’s from Stanford University. Both of these educational ventures are in the field of Computer science. Malcolm is also very experienced with languages as he speaks both Mandarin and Japanese.

Malcolm Casselle was the co-founder of NetNoir and served as the CTO of the company. NetNoir was one of the earliest media production projects that revolved around Afrocentric culture. NetNoir was also accepted to AOL’s Greenhouse Program. Malcolm occupied the role of consultant and senior vice president from 1998 to 2002 at a company called Pacific Century CyberWorks, which provides telco service and is located in Hong Kong.

Malcolm Casselle was promoted to the CEO of Xfire in April 2012, which is a social media platform for gamers. Malcolm has also led as CEO of a company called MediaPass, which focused on an online clarification to create wealth from digital content you would have to subscribe too. Malcolm led this role from January 2013, and in the same year, Malcolm helped co-found Timeline Labs which is a software company that focuses on social media tracking and Malcolm occupied the CEO position of this company. The company was later purchased by SeaChange International during December 2014.

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End Citizens United Backing Chris Pappas In New Hamshire

Running for the 1st Congressional District seat for New Hampshire is Democrat Chris Pappas. His campaign received a significant boost recently when the national ticket PAC End Citizens United endorsed him. The group is keen on Pappas because of his strong stance on campaign finance reform. Like End Citizens United, Chris Pappas wants to get big money, Super PAC and dark money out of politics once and for all.

Pappas is proud that all money raised for his campaign amounts to donations from ordinary people who have contributed $100 or less. That includes support from at least 80 New Hampshire cities. In fact, two-thirds of all the money Pappas has raised is from in-state sources. Big money flowing into small states like New Hampshire has become an increasing problem, according to ECU officials. It’s all about mysterious outside groups coming in to buy local candidates so that they shape the way Washington D.C. works and votes for the entire nation. Visit their page on Facebook.

Pappas has deep roots in New Hampshire. He was born in Manchester. His great-great grandfather immigrated to New Hampshire from Greece in the early 1900s. Chris Pappas is a Harvard graduate and served two terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He previously served as Treasurer for Hillsborough County.

Pappas represents the kind of candidate End Citizens United has been identifying in races across the country ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. The group wants to flip the U.S. House from Republican control to Democrat control. Most importantly, however, is for the candidate to share the End Citizens United goal of overturning the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court ruling known as Citizens United. It was that decision which opened the floodgates for Big Money interests to wreak havoc on the U.S. election system.

Pappas is running against Republican Eddie Edwards, the former chief of police for the city of South Hampton. Unlike Pappas, Edwards has shown little interest in turning away huge cash donations, many from out-of-state sources.

End Citizens United has raised $35 million in its effort to elect candidates across the country who support campaign finance reform. Average donation to the group is just $14 each.

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OSI Industries Exemplary Leadership Has Earned The Company Accolades

OSI Industries has achieved tremendous growth, one that can be summed up into the over 20,000 employees that it manages in over 65 facilities scattered in 17 countries across the globe. Ranked as the 58th largest privately owned company having a net worth of about $6.1 billion, the company’s tremendous achievement to the present day can be traced back to the 1950s during which it was still relatively new to the food supply chain.

Through tremendous technological breakthroughs and introduction of new revolutionary food processing methods, OSI Industries has been able to improve and revamp food production as well as storage, and transportation. The technological transformation that the company underwent was met with management and leadership transformations of equal proportions. This has seen two prominently able managers at the company’s helm including Sheldon Lavin as the company’s chairman and chief executive officer and David McDonald as the company’s president and chief operating officer.

Under the leadership of the two, OSI Industries has been able to sustainably operate in the market while meeting the expectations of current customers as well as creating new ones by exploiting new markets. Innovation is at the core of the company’s expansion model as it runs culinary innovation centers in the US and the Asia-Pacific as a strategy of developing new food products that are geared towards meeting and surpassing customer expectations.

To blend the company further with the global dynamic constraints, the company recently enforced environmental sustainability that is aimed at transforming OSI Industries into an environmentally aware and cautious company. The sustainability model has put the company at a position of aligning its day-to-day operations with the best practices of conservation of natural resources including forests and water while reducing the emission of toxic greenhouse gases.

The company’s exemplary leadership and operations within the market have not gone unnoticed as the company has and numerous accolades. The most recent and notable of these accolades is the 2016 California Green Business Certification that went to OSI Riverside, a Californian vegetable and salsa production company allied to OSI Industries. The certification recognized the company’s emphasis on safe and conservative utilization of natural resources. Earlier in 2016, the company also won the British Safety Council Globe of Honor Award that went to OSI Food Solutions UK in recognition of the exemplary management that is cautious of environmental risks. These and many more awards that the company has earned over the years are a testament to the company’s commitment to maintaining a much-needed safe and modest utilization of resources to produce high quality, healthy, and safe food products.


Zeco Auriemo and JHSF Have Made Their Mark in Brazilian Real Estate

Not only is he a chairman, but Zeco Aurmiemo is also an outstanding Chief Executive Officer at the Brazilian real estate giant known as JHSF. In addition to its role in the development of luxury properties, JHSF has also gained some recognition for its efforts in marketing. Mr. Auriemo has done a great job of maintaining the organization’s reputation, and it is his experience and leadership skills that allow the company to keep making progress.

With the excellence leadership of Mr. Zeco Auriemo, JHSF has been able to make some exceptional gains with regards to its market value, and other real estate companies around Brazil are having trouble competing with its success. The Cidade Jardim is one of the best examples of what JHSF is capable of, and this shopping mall is famous all over Brazil.

Although JHSF is based in Brazil, there have also been efforts to expand the brand’s reach in some other countries as well. The United States and Uruguay are two countries in which Zeco Auriemo has ventured into the real estate market. The Brazil Foundation has been helped immensely thanks to the efforts of Mr. Auriemo, and he, thus far, has been able to raise nearly $2 million in funding for the organization.

JHSF has seen consistent growth as a company each year thanks to the stellar leadership that it has received from Zeco Auriemo. It is Mr. Zeco Auriemo’s with that JHSF continues to grow in the future and becomes a force to be reckoned with in the Brazilian real estate sector. JHSF has traded publicly since 2007, and Mr. Auriemo continues to monitor the company’s progress and deal with any issues that come up during the business’s operations.


Ted Bauman Talks Asset Protection And Finance With Readers

Ted Bauman has quickly found success as a writer and editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. He already has 2 newsletters through the company and continues to gain more readers. He began his career in the South African non-profit sector before moving back to the United States. His experience gave him a unique perspective concerning the economy and various organizations and governments were approaching him for advice.

While Ted Bauman enjoyed his work in the non-profit sector, he finds writing to be far more satisfying. He enjoys being able to help everyday people achieve their goals financially instead of helping big organizations. He still looks forward to writing every day and doesn’t see this changing any time in the near future. He is still working to expand his number of readers and followers in addition to his already considerable audience.

Staying up to date with the latest stock market trends and news is important to Ted Bauman. He invests a lot of time into making sure he stays informed for his readers in order to give them the information that they need. One of the ways that he stays up to date is by using the best software to watch the market that is available. One of his most recent software updates made it easier for him to build portfolios.

Many of his readers have been asking more questions about the global economy. While it may not be his something he prefers, he will continue to address the interests and concern of his followers. He is completely dedicated to his readers and keeping them up to date with developments that could affect their investments. By giving them practical examples, his readers are able to understand his newsletters that tackle topics like finance and asset protection.

It’s important to have a good sense of time management. Ted Bauman insists that proper time management lends a great deal to why he has been a success. Sometimes, it is still hard for him to manage his time properly, but for the most part, he still maintains a schedule that works around when he is most productive. Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

Whitney Wolfe is Taking Bumble into the Beauty Industry in 2019

Bumble is an online dating platform that is known for romantic connections, making friends and finding everlasting love. Did you know that this site is also a place where you can start a business, have a film produced and join the feminist movement? CEO Whitney Wolfe designed Bumble to be more than just a place for dating and hanging out with friends. Bumble is an organization that advances the feminist agenda and it offers services and products to that end.

Whitney Wolfe is in the process of creating a skin care serum that she plans on releasing through Bumble in 2019. This serum will not help to enhance a woman’s features; it will also help to balance her emotional well being. Whitney understands that modern women need emotional support. Especially since tbey live in a world where misogyny is so rampart. More about of Whitney Wolfe at FastCompany

Whitney’s entrance into the cosmetic field is something that dating sites would not do. This is one reason why Bumble is so successful. The site is more than a portal for hook ups. This site is being branded as part of a movement in the 21st century.

Feminism is on the rise and Bumble is helping to lead the way. Whitney Wolfe knows that one of the best ways to reach more people is through diversity. When a business diversifies itself, it can have a greater reach and it will also have more exposure. Believe it or not, everyone who encounters the Bumble brand will not think of it as a dating site. Some people will see Bumble in another way. This is one thing that Whitney is trying to accomplish by branching off in different directions.

The beauty field is challenging and many name brand businesses are already making a huge impact. Bumble is expected to reach new heights and expand into new territory in the coming year. Whitney Wolfe is preparing herself for the release of Bumble’s skin care line. If it is a huge success, then this will be the beginning of a whole new future for the Bumble enterprise.



Brains, Blazers, and Neurocore

The Portland Trail Blazers have a new training strategy this season. The NBA Team has partnered up with Neurocore, a company that focuses on brain training. After a game or practice, players head straight to a special room where they watch DVD’s for thirty minutes, with a Neurocore Pro device placed on their heads. Through the use of low frequency waves, the device detects electrical activity in the brain. As long as players remain focused on what they are watching, the DVD plays, but if attention wanders or if too many thoughts intrude, the DVD stops playing, and players must refocus. It is important to complete this training right after the intense physical activity on the court, because the low frequency waves promote the deepest recovery.

The goal of having this period of intense focus is to improve the health and recovery of each athlete. More than two thousand reinforcements can be made to the brain in a thirty minute session, which allows high levels of recovery. Tim Royer, Neurocore’s founder, believes the brain training ultimately leads to peak performance on the basketball court. Pro athletes have demanding schedules which take a toll on their body systems. The sessions optimize brain function, as well as the performance of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and endocrine systems. Royer says the ability of the brain “to be in the zone is the next level in sports.” The director of health and performance for the Blazers, Dr. Chris Stackpole, believes the brain training will also lead to more quality rest between games, and Neurocore agrees by promising more restorative sleep following sessions.

NBA teams have always understood the importance of muscle memory, and players spend hours practicing moves on the court so they become automatic. Now, this technique has just extended to time off the court, and brains are going through training so that focus and relaxation can become as automatic as other practiced behaviors. Being able to have an element of control over the brain and being capable of entering a focused state at will, allows the Blazers to perform at their best during a game, then rest and recharge following the game.

How To Deal With A Cyber Crisis

Cybersecurity involves many things. It typically includes the protection of digital data that includes personal or financial information and transactions. Cybersecurity means protecting authentication, privacy, and integrity of data. The need for cybersecurity is in high demand. The world of technology affects us all and protecting what is on the internet is key to the advancement of the internet and technology.


William Saito is a technology expert who has learned the many ways to handle a company during a cybersecurity crisis. One of the main things he says that can help people deal with a cyber attack is to not blame anyone. Technology has made it extremely easy for many people to be affected by a cybersecurity attack. Many people can be involved and it may not be clear who is to be blamed. He warns that we should be aware or normalcy bias. Normalcy bias is how we become unaware of the potential crisis that could happen. In today’s society, technology comes so naturally to us we sometimes overlook how easily a cyber attack could happen. He believes that we should keep an eye out for cyber disasters before they occur. We should take care of our information and data online the same way we would take care of anything else in our lives.


William Saito has dedicated his entire life to working in technology and cybersecurity. He got his first internship when he was ten years old. While in college he launched a software company. It revolutionized Japanese software. His company was responsible for creating authentication tools with its partner Sony. He eventually sold his software company to Microsoft.


The businessman spends his days now working with the next generation of company founders and technology giants. In an interview, William Saito mentioned: “Having worked with young start-ups has always been enormously gratifying.” He has been able to help so many young business people by reviewing ten thousand business plans. He knows his enjoyment and passion for working with others is what makes him different in the technology sector. In the same interview, he mentioned: “I’m kind of an anomaly in the tech and computer world in that I actually like people, I like working with them, I like talking to them.”


Ara Chackerian’s Contributions to the Society

Ara Chakerian is a mogul who has made an excellent reputation for himself in the world of business and philanthropy due to his love for humanity and desire to promote other people’s welfares. He is always willing to donate to different humanitarian groups especially those that are related to technology and health. Most of his time and resources are directed towards the community-based projects where he has spent most of his career time in the field of healthcare. He amased a gread deal of experience in the healthcare field as he has been in this field for some decades.


Chackerian have also shown deep interests in youth development and environmental causes. Due to his love and focus on the environment and health, he owns a teak farm in Nicaragua where he has planted teak trees, which are at times used for their medicinal purposes and commonly used for boa building due to their water resistance nature and durability. In this farm, he uses environmentally friendly farming practices to conserve the environment. The farm also helps in providing the residents with good jobs, which are well paying and has improved their lives. you can checkout their twitter account for more.


Ara Checkarian founded the BMC Diagnostics company in which he guided through its purchase by Health Diagnostics in the year 2007. He later founded Embion/ProviderLinks where he held various senior positions at PSS/World Medical.


In his eleven years tenure in the institution, Ara Checkarian managed to oversee employment of more than 400 people and the growing of revenue collected in the institutions to $150million as annual collections. For several years, Ara Checkarian has been an angel investor in healthcare companies at their early stages. He has also served as an executive chairman of the Pipeline Holdings up to May of 2017, but he still serves as the Director of the company. He is serving as a Director of Evolute Consolidated Holdings.  You can visit for more info.



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