Ara Chackerian’s Contributions to the Society

Ara Chakerian is a mogul who has made an excellent reputation for himself in the world of business and philanthropy due to his love for humanity and desire to promote other people’s welfares. He is always willing to donate to different humanitarian groups especially those that are related to technology and health. Most of his time and resources are directed towards the community-based projects where he has spent most of his career time in the field of healthcare. He amased a gread deal of experience in the healthcare field as he has been in this field for some decades.


Chackerian have also shown deep interests in youth development and environmental causes. Due to his love and focus on the environment and health, he owns a teak farm in Nicaragua where he has planted teak trees, which are at times used for their medicinal purposes and commonly used for boa building due to their water resistance nature and durability. In this farm, he uses environmentally friendly farming practices to conserve the environment. The farm also helps in providing the residents with good jobs, which are well paying and has improved their lives. you can checkout their twitter account for more.


Ara Checkarian founded the BMC Diagnostics company in which he guided through its purchase by Health Diagnostics in the year 2007. He later founded Embion/ProviderLinks where he held various senior positions at PSS/World Medical.


In his eleven years tenure in the institution, Ara Checkarian managed to oversee employment of more than 400 people and the growing of revenue collected in the institutions to $150million as annual collections. For several years, Ara Checkarian has been an angel investor in healthcare companies at their early stages. He has also served as an executive chairman of the Pipeline Holdings up to May of 2017, but he still serves as the Director of the company. He is serving as a Director of Evolute Consolidated Holdings.  You can visit for more info.



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