DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani – The Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Hussain Sajwani is an infamous real estate businessman from the UAE. He was born in 1952 in Dubai, and has an entrepreneurial foundation. Sajwani’s father was also an entrepreneur and had a business of watches. He is the chairman and the proprietor of the notable property giant, DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani has an advantaged educational foundation with an advanced qualification in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington. He began his proficient career at GASCO as a Contracts Manager in 1981. Two years later, he was working in his own food serving organization called GLS. As of August 2018, the tycoon has total assets of around 4.1 billion USD.

Hussain Sajwani set up DAMAC Properties in 2002, which turned out to be a breakthrough in his life. According to Sajwani, DAMAC model was based on three pillars; no debts, escrow accounts and cash reserves. DAMAC has conveyed more than 21,700 homes and the numbers keep on expanding. An additional development of 40,000 units, mainly inns and estates has been managed entirely by DAMAC Hotels and Resorts. This is a commercial part of the DAMAC Group giving services in Hoteling area. DAMAC Group comprises of around 2,200 representatives. Presently, it is taking a shot at prominent projects in key urban areas around the world today.

Hussain Sajwani has built up a fascinating association with the US President Donald Trump throughout the most recent years. The two tycoons just reinforced their relationship by establishing the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai. The task has produced a couple of billion dollars simply by deals. The two power-houses keep on extending their ventures together today. Both Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump extend their familiar relationship to their families and children.

Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Group effectively add to the generous cause. As of late, Sajwani backed AED 2 million to organize the apparel of underprivileged kids around the globe. It was aimed at covering more than fifty thousand children. He has additionally made shining aids to Red Cross and Dubai Cares formerly. Hussain Sajwani remains a lively philanthropist for the cause of charity. Get in touch with Sajwani on Instagram.

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The Advances in Digital Finances Holds Big Opportunities for Companies Like PSI Pay

Traditional currencies came with a lot of challenges as exchanges grew frequent as well as unreliable. Back in the day, counterfeit money was rampant because of challenges arising from disparate currencies transfers. The modern banking model came into existence due to the need to address these issues.


How do modern banks function? Well, they function under the “risk management” business framework. While banks safeguard the money of its customers, they also give them interest on their money. The money sitting in the banks are issued out as loans with interest rates favorable to the banks.


Currencies can be organized into three different categories based on different intrinsic value. First, commodity money which is composed of goods and services and precious metals as well as stones such as gold and diamonds. Secondly, representative money is in form of bank notes and they verify ownership of commodities that are in the banks for safekeeping. Fiat money is an interesting category which makes up the most commonly used form of money. It falls under the mandate of the government to agree on ‘tender in trade’. The creators on fiat money decree value with total, exclusive authority.


The banking industry has been hit hard in the recent past by financial crises. In the 2008 financial crises, the U.S. federal government, as well as the European Union, came into the rescue of financial institutions which were on the verge of collapsing. Nowadays, investment banks are careful in their dealings by ensuring ethical practices in a way that can be likened to a normal subscription service such as Netflix subscription service.


Crowdfunding, as well as a cryptocurrency, are emerging models that have sparked a lot of discussions among financial experts. GoFundMe and Kickstarter are some of the Crowdfunding platforms that have come up that eliminates the need of third parties. Crowdfunding enables a person to build on an idea he or she believes in without the fear of suffering damages or loss in case of an unfunded project. Through this platform, an investor can freely customize his or her investment.


Away from crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies are the most interesting emerging trend. While it brings a lot of applications and benefits, it has its share of challenges. The amount of energy required to transact using cryptocurrencies is numerous. Bitcoin is one of the many cryptocurrencies that has managed to overcome many of the challenges and is based on the blockchain technology. Bitcoin transactions are well secured from hacking and network outages by the distributed ledger model.


Because of the open-source nature of the software used to create cryptocurrencies, anyone can create a new cryptocurrency. They are more like fiat money in that they draw its value from an agreement among traders.


PSI Pay has harnessed the power of digital finance to offer digital payment services to individuals and companies across the world. It has now brought contactless payments to the market. It recently became Western Union online wallet agent.





The OSI Group and McDonalds Collaboration That is Slowly Taking Over the global food industry

OSI Group, a popular meat processing company, and McDonald’s, a renowned fast food chain, have come a long way from just small corner shops to the giants they are today. Perhaps the common history between the two firms is what cemented the OSI Group McDonalds business relations. All in all, the OSI Group McDonalds collaboration started way back in 1955 when Ray Kroc had opened a McDonalds Restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. During this time, OSI Group (previously Otto &Sons) was a supplier of ground beef to the fast-food chain.

The OSI Group McDonalds relationship strengthened over the years as Ray Kroc bought out Richard and Maurice McDonalds, the founders of McDonald’s. When Ray made that move, OSI was tasked with the obligation of supplying the ever-growing McDonalds restaurants with meat products. What put a long-lasting seal on the OSI Group McDonalds partnership was the innovative way of food processing using liquid nitrogen that OSI Group was using. This then meant that there were opportunities for cost reduction and product expansion for companies. More about of OSI Group Mc Donalds at Forbes

Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI group is a global leader and trendsetter in the meat processing industry. In essence, OSI Group provides processed meat products like beef patties, bacon, and pizza to food service industries. Some of these food service industries are fast food chains like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway and Pizza Hut. Since its inception, the firm has grown immensely, now operates in over 15 countries across the globe through its numerous facilities. Due to the hard work the team at OSI puts, in 2016, the British Safety Council presented the Globe of Honor Award to OSI.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, McDonald’s is a fast food chain that was started by Maurice and Richard McDonalds. The McDonald brothers started the firm as a restaurant in California, United States of America. In 1955 an entrepreneur known as Ray Kroc joined the company. He made significant changes to help the firm reach the next level. Later on, Ray bought the company from the McDonald brothers and came up with McDonald Corporation. Today, according to revenue, McDonald’s is regarded as the largest restaurant chain with over 30000 outlets spread over 100 nations.

Visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/17665897-david-mcdonald


Fortress Investment Group: A Force in The Capital and Investment Market

Fortress Investment Group, an epitome of decades of professional excellence. The company has been running, growing and developing since its inception in 1998. It was first founded as a private equity firm by three brilliant minds namely; Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. All three co-founders brought in immense efforts, knowledge, and expertise has had previous working experiences from notable institutions such as Lehman Brothers, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Blackrock Financial Management. The investment group made headlines as the first private equity firm to go public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007 barely a decade after its launch.

Currently, Fortress Investment Group is an international investment management company that has over 1750 investors in its portfolio directing over $43 billion of assets from across the globe. Its headquarters are located in New York creating employment for more than 900 workers. Rob Kauffman retired in 2012 paving the way for Peter Briger to come in as the third co-principal for the reputable company.

Fortress Investment Group has gradually grown into a market leader in the capital and investments sector primarily focusing on capital markets, operations management, company mergers and acquisitions, and asset-based investments. It is divided into three categories with each co-principal attaining leadership responsibilities in every division. The first section, currently led by Peter Briger was launched in 2002, is the credit division. It centers its efforts on distressed and illiquid credit investments and undervalued assets.

Led by Wes Edens, the second division encompasses on Private Equity that follows through cash flow generation from investments set in North America, Western Europe, and the Caribbean. Some of these investments include Brookdale Senior Living, New Fortress Energy, Aircastle, Floride East Coast Railway, and Holiday Retirement. The last section, Permanent Capital Vehicle section oversees on investment in the transportation, infrastructure sectors, real estate, and local media assets.

In 2017, after a tremendous run in acquisitions and asset growth, Softbank Group Corporation won the race in purchasing Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. Briger, Nardone, and Edens continued to stay and run the group as co-principals. The investment group will continue to be a force in the industry with its outstanding culture and strong leadership. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group\

Full link : https://www.inc.com/profile/fortress-investment-group

Jason Hope: The Future Of The Internet Of Things

The modern society has changed in so many ways. Technology is now the order of the day. There has been so much progress in technology, and most of the departments in the world have positively changed the lives of people. The internet was introduced several years ago, and it brought a revolution that is impossible to ignore. Most of the activities taking place in the market revolve around technology and gadgets. People can now access information instantly without having to travel from one place to the other.

Internet of things is one of the new advancements in the recent times. Jason Hope, an expert in technology matters has been watching the activities in this department closely, and he has been offering people the knowledge they require to understand this form of technology.

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According to Jason Hope, this new advancement in technology helps people to connect and operate gadgets even when they are in a different location. Jason Hope believes that if the market will embrace the technology, the future will be bright and even better. Some of the devices that are used for this connectivity include smart homes, cellular phones, vehicles, large home appliances, tables and many other items that are very popular in the market at the moment. Jason has advised his followers to take their time and understand this technology. The future will be difficult and even complicated if people do not accept developments. Companies who will not introduce this technology in their operations risk getting losses and tough competition from the others who have been practicing it for a long time.

Jason Hope is a popular American philanthropist and entrepreneur who has invested so well in the modern technology. Based in Arizona, the businessman has done so much to educate people concerning technology and also motivate them to embrace the market even when things are falling out of place. Jason has invested a significant amount of his wealth in ensuring that consumers get anti-aging pills that have been giving them sleepless nights. Although aging is not avoidable, Jason Hope believes that some of the diseases that are brought by age can be combated when the world has access to better treatment options.

Jose Auriemo Neto is the is the Man Behind the Growth and Development of JHSF Real Estate Industry

JHSF is a prominent real estate industry name in Brazil. Despite the big name, this company has a very humble beginning. This company was launched in 1972 by Fabio and Joseph Robert who were brothers in conjunction with other two partners. This company has managed to become very competitive within a few decades and is consistently setting new higher standards for its opponent companies. This achievement has been made due to the hard work by the partners and employees.

JHSF Company is highly recognized for its inventiveness in conjunction with modern real estate solutions. It was the first company to lay green buildings in Brazil. JHSF established a luxurious residential building in 2011 and called it Vitra. This building has environmentally friendly ultimate features that none of any other real estate company had managed to adapt. This company is also recognized for having new opportunities in the as well as encouraging the new challenges in the real estate market. This company also indulge in Hotel in 2014 with Hotel Fasano as its first main project. Later on, JHFS developed many other hotels and restaurants all across the country. The company is gradually focusing on expounding its geographical portfolio in conjunction with entering the international market of Miami, Punta Del Estate, and New York City.

This achievement is as a result of its current dedicate and committed Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman Joseph Auriemo Neto. Jose Auriemo was the CEO of the company since 2003. His insight and tremendous experience in the industry has been of credible help to JHSF Company. It’s through Jose Auriemo critical qualities that the company has managed to grow to this high rank. Despite the development of luxury hotels to the portfolio of the company, it has also ventured into various other enterprises such as the shopping malls at Manaus and Salvador. Due to the high demand for modern malls, JHSF Company has been engaged in the establishment of other similar projects in Sao Paulo.

All credit goes to Jose Auriemo for his dedication and hard work. JHSF has become one of the greatest real estate firm in Brazil.

Organo Gold: Adding Ancient Wisdom to Modern Coffee Culture

Coffee is second only to water in terms of worldwide consumption. According to the National Coffee Association, over 125 million bags of coffee were produced from 2009 to 2010. It’s a favorite for a quick boost of energy, but even decaf drinkers enjoy this dark, roasted beverage. Organo Gold has utilized this trend to bring a healthy twist to the coffee culture, bringing mindful ingredients to the coffee consumer.The undying thirst for coffee has led to the explosion of coffee culture. From local java joints to corporate coffee empires, there has been no shortage of opportunity.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua saw a chance to infuse this popular drink with nature’s wonder ingredients to give a fresh take on our favorite morning beverage, and he started Organo Gold.Organo Gold is directed by a Scientific Advisory Board, led by Dr. Irma Prado, the chief medical consultant. Prado is the founder of the Xianzhilou Biology Research Center in China, which partners with Organo Gold to certify the coffee components of the company’s products.The products begin with gourmet beans which are blended with ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom with anti-viral and antioxidant properties.

It’s not just for coffee, either. Organo Gold offers a wide range of green teas, nutritional shakes, supplements and grape seed oil.The company is not merely about serving products to consumers. They have programs in place which invite customers to become independent distributors and join the coffee revolution. Who knows, there may be passive or even active income at the bottom of that afternoon pick-me-up which could lead to a life of financial independence.

Trading with Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is different from other lenders. They are one of the first companies to offer stock based lending options. This allows people that are looking to get into business to get the funds that they need. Equities First Holdings conducts business all over the world. They have offices in the United States, Africa, and across Europe and Asia. These loans are secured by publicly traded stocks. Equities First Holdings has been the leader in stock based loans for years and they are helping their clients get the funds that they need in order to complete their business transactions.

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U.S. Money Reserve Launches Fantastic Beasts Coin

U.S. Reserve’s Legendary Precious Metals launched 999 silver black proof coin. The exclusive coin celebrates “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” Harry Potter franchise.

The Cook Islands Fantastic Beasts coin is made up of 1 ounce of silver, incorporated in a high relief format. The coin features the seal of the Magical Congress of the United States.

Coin enthusiasts as well as Harry Potter fans have until October 31st to shop the coin during October sale.

In a statement, U.S. Money Reserve’s Chief Numismatist, John Rothans, said that the Cook Islands Fantastic Beasts coin is appealing to Harry Potter fans and coin collectors.

J.K. Rowling is bringing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to fans. The pioneer film features Newt Scamander in the 1920s traveling to New York with a bag full of magical creatures.

In New York, he is helped by Jacob to bring back the creatures that escaped. A mesmerizing adventure follows, an adventure that could see wizards as well as muggles get into trouble.

With 1 ounce of 0.999 fine silver with a black proof finish, it captures the magical worlds properly. BH Meyer, based in Germany, struck the coin and used smart-minting technology to develop high relief on it.

One side of the coin features Ian Rank-Broadley sculpture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as well as “5 Dollars” legal tender value of Cook Islands.

The other side displays the Magical Congress of the United States (MACUSA) seal. It pays tribute to the body that is mandated to govern the United States of America’s population.

Legendary Precious Metals

Legendary Precious Metals is a U.S. Reserve initiative meant to serve customers who like collecting commemorative coins while appreciating commitment to legal-tender coinage provided by the U.S. precious metal products distributor, America’s Gold Authority.

It pays homage to Gold and Silver Coin Series which contains legitimate Stan Lee signature. For more information about Legendary Precious Metals, you can visit its website.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 with a sole purpose to distribute both United States government-issued and foreign government-issued precious metal products such as gold and platinum products.

Large population of the United States depend on America’s Gold Authority to diverse their assets in form of precious metals such as gold coins.

The Austin-based company prides itself of a competent team that always looks for products for customers at every level. It commits itself to build a long-lasting relationship with customers.

Wes Eden’s Recent Venture in the Sports Industry in England

Wes Edens Recent Venture in the Sports Industry in England

Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens; two savvy businessmen recognized to the world as billionaires recently made headlines when they partnered to purchase the controlling stakes in the English soccer club called Aston Villa. These two are set to become the co-chairmen in the club together with the former Chinese chairman who had bought a majority of the club back in the year 2006. This comes as good news to the club which has been struggling financially to stay afloat and to stay in the league. Nassef and Wes are excited to change the course of the club. The two have made their plans to make major changes in the management and the team in the club in order to return the club to its former days of victory public. This may be a new venture for Nassef but not for Edens who has been in the sports industry for quite some time now.

Wes Edens’ Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks is a basketball, team that plays in the NBA and is situated in the Wisconsin area. Wes Edens and his long-time partner, Marc Lasry partnered in the year 2014 to purchase the club for the amount of 550 million dollars. The terms of the purchase included an agreement that the club would not be moved from Wisconsin. Since then, the club has been doing remarkably. It is currently reported to be worth more than 1 billion dollars.

Wesley Edens as a businessman

Wes Edens is more than a sports enthusiast. He has been actively involved in the finance industry for several years. He started out as a partner and manager at the Lehman Brothers as well as a managing director in the year 1993 the later joined Blackrock where he served similar roles before he left to launch Fortress Investment Group with two other partners in the year 1998. Since then he has been an active part of the management at Fortress Investment Group even after the sale of the company to SoftBank in December 2017. He recently launched the Brightline project under Fortress Investment where he is still a co-chairman and principal.

Full link : https://www.marketscreener.com/business-leaders/Wesley-Robert-Edens-05HFN1-E/biography/