Lincolnshire Management Sold Amports To InstarAGF

Lincolnshire Management has sold Amports Inc. to the investment platform InstarAGF Asset Management Inc. The premier automotive services company was acquired by Lincolnshire back on 2014. Amports’ 100% equity interest was given to InstarAGF. Before its acquisition by InstarAGF, Lincolnshire Management has been working with Amports to increase areas covered around Amports’ core locations.

Tom Callahan, the Managing Director and co-head of Amports from Lincolnshire Management, stated that Amports is one of the most important links in the global transportation supply chain serving the largest OEM or original equipment manufacturers in the world. Lincolnshire Management has been able to improve Amports’ processing volume by 20% and its acreage by 40%. According to Philip Kim, the Managing Director of Amports, Lincoln Management helped them make a presence in the most important segments of North America.

As per InstarAGF President and Executive Office Gregory J. Smith, their purchase of Amport is essential for global OEMs. Amports has a good record in delivering customized services to OEMs for half a century already. InstarAGF was advised by ING Financial Markets LLC, McCarthy Tetrault LLP, and Morrison Foerster LLP for this purchase. UBS Investment Bank and Kirkland & Ellis LLP is the one who advised Amports to give the deal a nod.

Amports President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Taylor are happy to welcome InstarAGF to their family. They are looking forward to working with InstarAGF for building quality, safe, operational excellence and satisfaction from new and old customers.

Lincoln Management, a private equity firm situated in Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, is a private equity firm that invests in acquisitions of private companies. It was founded in 1986 and is now managing over $1.7 billion private equity funds. The firm is reported to have made 70+ acquisitions over the last three decades.

InstarAGF Asset Management Inc. is an alternative asset management firm that operates mainly in North America. It is a joint venture between Instar Group Inc. and AGF Management Limited.

Amports is an automotive port logistics and processing company operating at Jacksonville, Florida since 1995. It is located in the United States and Mexico on coastal zones, which is proven to be strategical.

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