OSI Group McDonalds Partnership Being The Secret To The Firms Successes

OSI Group just like any startup had humble beginnings. The firm began operating as a small meat shop in Chicago. Its founder was a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowky. The small butcher shop after expanding and growing its client base was rebranded to Otto and Sons in the year 1928.

Otto and Sons business also boomed and needed some financing to expand the business, and that’s where the current Chairman and CEO of OSI Group Mr. Sheldon Lavin had the first encounter with the company. Otto and Sons approached the bank where Sheldon was working and requested for financing that he successfully helped them acquire.

OSI Group McDonalds breakthrough was in 1955 when Ray Kroc launched the first McDonald restaurant. Ray Croc needed a supplier of quality meat and since Otto and Sons had built a reputation of offering quality meat product the McDonald’s chose them but under one condition that Sheldon joins the company. Sheldon Lavin then joined the firm management and ever since then the company started growing in leaps and bounds. OSI Group McDonalds relationship has lasted for decades now. OSI Group McDonalds relationship is a symbiotic type of relationship where the two firms benefit from each other. The two firms have watched and helped each other grow over the years. OSI Group McDonalds relationship was strengthened by the invention of fresh food preservation method using liquid nitrogen freezing in the 1960s. This ensured the supply of large quantities of meat from OSI to the McDonald without any form of wastage. It is the food preservation method invention that made OSI Group McDonalds partnership become a success.

Today OSI Group boasts of being the leading supplier of processed meat products not only in the US but globally. The firm has expanded to more than 17 countries and has offered employment to thousands of people globally. OSI Group is headquartered in Chicago Illinois and is continually growing through local and international mergers and acquisitions. On the other hand, the McDonald has also grown to be a leading chain of fast foods restaurant worldwide and has also provided employment to thousands of people around the world.

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