Career journey of David McDonald

Being the president of OSI Group, David McDonald still emerges to be one of the executives that have served in the company for a long time. He started low at the firm, and he put effort towards ensuring that the company operates under ethical policies to eliminate failure and bring forth great achievements. He is known for his contributions towards ensuring that the company focuses on the value of both its customers and products. The products of the firm are of high quality, and as a result, the firm continues to make huge sales over the years. Customer service is also a focus of the latter, and a vast number of them have expressed their contentment with them.

David McDonald is also keen when it comes to maintaining the culture of the company. He believes that every employee of the firm is liable for any issue that may be linked to it. As a result, he takes the initiative of gathering his new employees to teach and guide them on the rules guiding the companies operations. Additionally, he also ensures that he informs them of the objectives of the firm to make sure that they all know the target they ought to achieve. His ability to use friendly language and great words of wisdom while addressing his juniors has encouraged a vast number of them besides forming healthy relationships with them. Many people have paid him a lot of respect, and they term him as a leader who inspires them. The ability of David McDonald to handle serious issues that emerge in the firm has also inspired many people, who believe in his ability to lead them and guide them toward ethical behavior. He strives to bring perfection in the firm, and as a result, he also strives to serve as an example to other employees. He has continuously striven to bring positivism in the company to ensure that every employee carries out their duties as expected without them focusing on the negative issues that impact their lives. David McDonald seeks to continue building his career by learning from others and encouraging his team to work harder for the growth of the firm.


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