Successful Business Woman, Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla, founder of P3 Executive Consulting and Vice President of Business Strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is a distinguished executive consultant from Pittsburgh. She began her illustrious career at Joseph Horne Company. Joining American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, after nearly 8 years of service with the Joseph Horne Company, she quickly distinguished herself as an executive talent and became both the President and Chief Merchandising Officer for American Eagle. She left American Eagle in 2009, expanding her talents as a private consultant in retail and finance. Two years later, her experience landed her the position of Chief Executive Officer for Wet Seal Inc. Leaving Wet Seal Inc., she is where she is today.

Susan claims her amazing success in business likely stems from the fact she grew up with two older brothers, and a football coach for a father. She is not fazed working alongside men. She proved that at American Eagle, which was owned and operated primarily by men. Because she was not fazed, she disregarded any prejudices or impressions of disadvantage in the work place. This made her coworkers and herself comfortable, leaving a place for her acquired talents to shine at key moments. Read more about Susan McGalla:

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