Boraie Development Partners with Shaquille O’Neal to Develop Newark and New Jersey

Boraie Development is a company that specializes in Property management, Real Estate Marketing, and Real Estate Development. They are experts at working with contractors, visionary architects and financial institutions that usually pay attention to deadlines.

Boraie’s new development is The Aspire. This is a rental tower that is located in New Brunswick. The Aspire consists of designer 2-bedroom units, one bedroom and studios total of 268 apartments. The Aspires combines convenience and trendy aspects in the apartments to attract the growing population of young people in the city. The apartments are located near a functional train station. The environment around Aspire consists of good night-life spots, entertainment and dining places, a University and two hospitals.

Boraie Development is also working with Shaquille O’Neal on joint venture development projects in Newark. Shaquille is a former basketball star at the National Basketball Association. He grew up in Newark in the 1970s with his family. As a child, Shaquille was asked by his family to keep off the local movie theatre and Boys and Girls club.

One of the projects Shaquille and Boraie are working on in Newark is the renovation of a longstanding theatre. The theatre was successfully renovated in 2012 at a cost of $7Million and is now known as CityPlex12 Newark. Other developments are in the New Jersey and Newark states’ stressed areas. Here they are working towards market-rate units of housing and commercial development. The partnership between Boraie and Shaquille O’Neal is gaining public recognition. This is after Shaquille lend money to a local developer who is well connected and politically experienced.

Boraie Development in partnership with Shaquille is looking towards modernizing the New Jerseys’ downtowns and are doing this one great development at a time. They recently launched a $60M rental tower that is meant to be the first one in this downtown for close to fifty years.

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