Bernado Chua – Becoming the Owner of Organo Gold

Hailing from the Philippines, Bernado Chua is a successful medical professional as well as a multilevel marketing manager who has garnered notoriety through passing on ancient family traditions to the international nutrition supplement market. Mr. Chua’s claim to the public eyes comes from the extensive research and development he conducted on various medicinal uses of his parents. The polypore mushroom grows on trees and wood across the world. It has been valued in China as well as other Asian countries for decades thanks to the medicinal properties it has. Bernardo Chua’s success in popularizing the use of the Ganoderma mushroom. This can be traced to assist people to live longer as well as healthier lives. Even though his aspiration of being a medical doctor wasn’t realized, Bernado Chua followed his love for herbal medicine as he assists others through his career.

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Bernado Chua graduated from the prestigious University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor’s degree in Science. He started his professional career as a manager in the family manufacturing plant. Chua’s family was involved in the production, management, and distribution of health supplements. He felt the pressure to follow in the footsteps of his siblings. After committing time to assist the family, he desired to venture out into a business. Bernardo Chua joined a tour and travel agency and worked as a manager. He helped the firm to expand its offices across Southeast Asia.

Chua’s success in expanding the travel agency and his extensive knowledge of herbal medicine placed him on the strategic position of the supplement industry. He would soon be asked to be the manager of direct selling at Gano Excel. The branch was the regional office of the brand in the Philippines. Being a self-made expert, Bernardo Chua was hired to promote Ganoderma-infused supplements. He helped the company to expand to Asia. As such, the firm also expanded to North America. Bernardo Chua was appointed to manage Gano Excel in Asia. In 2008, he founded Organo Gold, a multilevel marketing business that distributes health supplements through direct selling.

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