Interview with consultant and entrepreneur Gustavo Martinez conducted an interview with Gustavo Martinez, who is a knowledgable entrepreneur and has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for many years.

Through his leadership, he has helped many companies to their rise and creation of prominent advertisements, which includes being the CEO for a prominent marketing firm called J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, being the president of McCann Worldgroup and Olgilvy and Mather, along with working for Henkel and Price Waterhouse. It is clear that the entrepreneur has had valuable experience throughout the business industry.

Gustavo Martinez starts off the interview mentioning the striking similarity between consulting and advertising. However, when it comes to marketing the entrepreneur strongly believes that creativity goes a long way, whereas in business there need to be strict and hardworking employees to get the jobs done.

When it comes to marketing, he gives examples of successful marketers adhering to their own schedules and rules, not working in an office like setting, but acting as their own boss or consultant, whether it is recent college graduates or experienced members; the formula is usually the same.

Gustavo Martinez spends his time currently helping out other businesses and startups as a majority of them fail within just 3 years. One of the projects he is currently working on includes UV Business Acceleration and helping out other startups.

Gustavo Martinez admits that he stays to a strict everyday program that consists of waking up at 7 a.m., eating breakfast with his family, going through emails, reading up on news relating to business, and lastly working at the office till 9 pm at the latest. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamesh

He states that creativity is the central part to letting ideas form and prosper, but he lists many other elements such as allowing people to express themselves with their opinions, finding solutions to issues, keeping people inspired at work, hiring the right individuals, and giving employees credit when it is due.

He believes there is also a lot of potential with the internet and what people can think about through it when it comes to marketing products especially. Gustavo Martinez reflects that listening to others, letting people know they are essential to the company, and being generous have all gone a long way to his success as a leader.

He would have told his younger self though to be more patient and to always learn from others. The entrepreneur shares an interesting and informative perspective that people should donate to charities but do it without receiving any kind of credit, either with a monument built in the name of the donator and not attaching their name to anything.

He recommends other aspiring entrepreneurs to listen to others and to network with them too.

Gustavo Martinez shares a last thought on how his business was able to thrive and he explains that hiring both the right kind of people and good advertising have been the two difference makers.

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