Matthew Fleeger and Sadie Keller’s Philanthropic Work

Matthew Fleeger has teamed up with eleven-year-old Sadie Keller who advocates for children battling childhood cancer together with their families. Sadie is a fifth grader that was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic Leukaemia at the tender age of 7. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia is an aggressive form of cancer that attacks the blood and bone marrow. She went through a battery of chemotherapy regimen and battled many infections and blood transfusions together with some secondary effects in a span of three years. These hurdles prevented her from attending school. She safely completed treatments in May 2017.

Sadie began creating informational videos in which she gave other kids honest details on her experience with cancer and helped prepare them for what to expect during the treatment period. Initially, Sadie hid the videos from her family but they eventually found out and encouraged her to share her videos on youtube. The videos went viral and became a hit. The main reason that Sadie’s family supported the videos was to attend to the need for increased funding for research work on pediatric cancer. The campaign was however underfunded. Sadie’s work as a lobbyist has supported her foundation to thrive by creating and maintain a strong support system that includes corporate donors and dedicated individuals.

Matthew Fleeger of Gulf coast Western LLC. Hosted Sadie’s sleigh toy drive that gathered $14000 in addition to $25000 donated soon after. This funding exceeded the target of $13,000 set by Sadie. Sadie became more inspired to maintain her work and reach more children in need and formed hence the Keller Foundation in 2015. The organization collected toys from all over the USA and gifted children fighting cancer during the Christmas season with the help of Michael Fleeger.

Sadie also worked on grassroots social media campaigns that produced a documentary film titled The Truth 365 which was awarded an Emmy award. The documentary features children afflicted with all forms of childhood cancer. Sadie is also an outspoken advocate for families with children battling cancer. Sadie remains a symbol of hope for all children and families of patients of pediatric cancer.

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