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What does it take to make a great firm? If you were to ask Mike Nierenberg, he might say that it is the people that is present within the firm and their particular smarts. Most professionals would agree with the potential answer that Mike Nierenberg may say. Mike Nierenberg was able to show throughout his career that one had to continue to move and make a difference. They could not simply rest on their past history and hope to be of potential value, they had to continue to jump on to the court and make a significant difference in the best way they knew.

If they didn’t know they had to learn and ask questions quickly, they had to spend countless hours studying the nuances and the various details to become an expert in their field.

Mike Nierenberg knows this, he has demonstrated the need to conduct the right activities over the course of one’s career to really drive the ship and go places.

But how did Mike Nierenberg make the right choices? Who did he work with first? The answer to the former question is rather tough, the answer to the latter is a bit more simple. Mike Nierenberg worked for Lehman Brothers at the very start of his career. This financial firm was a great choice because it was one that has been around for a long time.

Let us see how Lehman Brothers were able to progress from one level to the next and eventually be a part of Mike Nierenberg and his history.

The Rise of Lehman Brothers

The seeds of Lehman Brothers were planted in 184, the company witnessed significant growth and several changes that would form it into the company it became in contemporary society.

After establishing a base in New York City, Emanuel Lehman went on to join several emerging exchanges such as the Coffee Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange.

Emanuel Lehman had proven himself and had become a competent person in his field, as such, he was able to partake in the emergence of a variety of exchanges that would play a significant role in shaping the future of money.

Mike Nierenberg was able to use the Lehman Brothers platform to contribute and advance his career.

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