Agera Energy Keeps Expanding Their Business

When Agera Energy started in business back in the early 2000’s, they provided electric and natural gas service to many customers in the country. They were able to increase their client base by keeping their prices low while providing excellent customer service. The company feels that the customer is their business and they want them to be completely satisfied. With that in mind, they are always looking for new ways that they can reduce the cost of electric and natural gas to their clients. Tough negotiating with their suppliers is just one of the ways they are able to keep prices low. But, the company is also committed to bringing renewable energy to their customers. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Agera Energy has several programs available that are alternatives to the traditional electric service that is provided. They believe that solar energy is just one option that is available and are working on making this available to their clients. They are currently able to supply energy by using wind turbines that produce electric. This method of creating electric energy is one of the lowest available at the current time. It is now in use in many states across the nation and Agera Energy is planning on increasing this in the coming years. The production of natural gas is another commitment that they have and are working to find alternatives to this.


They have recently hired a new Chief Financial Officer, Mark Linzenbold who is experienced in all facets of the financial industry. Agera Energy believes that Mark will be looking at new alternatives that can reduce energy costs for both the company and their customers. Mark has been working closely with several of the companies charitable organizations that are working on these types of projects. He feels that in the future the current use of electricity will increase and how we get it should be compliant with the green movement that is happening in the country.

You can find out about Agera Energy at their website where you can see what their current projects are. They list the cost of electric and natural gas each day. Read more about Agera Energy at

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