Article Title: AI Accelerator; A Dawn To AI Tecchnology

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A chinas largest retailer, JD.COM, is pushing the bounds of using real-world application of AI technology to a whole new level by enabling new AI startups. The program was launched last August and given its first demo in March. JDs AI accelerator will serve as a major incubator to emerging AI startups offering them a platform to develop. The first batch of AI start which covers a variety of industries with some being already incorporated and implemented in everyday use at Jingdong. An example of this is the AI-driven legal consultancy innovative chat box for traders requiring legal advice and services. This was developed by a partnership between FaGOUGOU who provide AI-powered consultancy services and Jingdong Legal team. It provides quick legal answers to questions about investment, financing, corporate management etc to merchants, partners and SMEs. This new technology product is playing an important part in overcoming China’s recent shortage of experienced lawyers.

Another startup is the Chinese app 9KaCha that gives consultancy to wine lovers helping them buy their favorite wine. This app allows users to upload a photo and the AI capable of recognizing hundreds of thousands of different wines then analyses and provides them with recommendations. Users can also upload the wine label and directly purchase it or receive other recommendations about other wines. This has helped Jingdong tap into the ever-growing market of fine wine lovers according to Zhifeng Dong who is the co-founder of 9KCha.

The AI accelerator program will provide the next generation of AI startups with vast resources such as training, mentorship in research and development, financing, legal, marketing and technical support helping them get off the ground successfully. They will also majorly benefit from Jingdiong different application scenarios in various businesses quickly helping them put the scenarios into the real world in large scale.

More than 80% of the initial 16 startups have succeeded since launching their new technologies through JDs businesses. The accelerator program is providing new perspectives on ways to leverage technological resources according to Bowen Zhou the head of Jingdong AI platform and its Vice president. JD.COM has announced its 17 new startups second batch such as Zen Videos, a leading online video platform.

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