OSI Industries prepares for future’s increased food demand

OSI Industries is a prominent food production company. It is currently supplying food products to 17 different countries and has employed over 20,000 workers. This is a company that is proud to be associated with high performance and great customer service. All products that are developed by this company are designed in such a way that they meet the tastes and preferences of the consumers. It is not possible for a consumer to lack one product that they can relate with from this company. Currently, the company has a team of product development managers who ensure that the products portfolio of this company is in line with the needs of the consumers.

OSI Industries is a company with a long history. It was formed in 1912 by a German immigrant who settled in Chicago and started a meat shop. This business small business turned out to be one of the most successful businesses of our time. Currently, it is estimated to be worth over $6 billion according to the 2016 report by Forbes.

OSI Industries has been trying to match up the demand of products coming from the consumers. As more people around the world embrace processed foods, it is becoming important for food production companies to meet the demand. To ensure that the company is ready even for future changes in consumption, already there measures that it is taking to prepare itself for the future. In Toledo, Spain, OSI Industries has expanded its food processing plant so that it can double the production of chicken products.

In the past, chicken consumption in this region has been growing by 6 percent, but in the past three years, the annual growth rate has increased to 8 percent. This is an indicator that chicken products are on high demand in this region and the company needs to facilitate the availability of these products. To meet the huge demand that is expected to hit the market, OSI has doubled the production of its chicken products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually.

The expansion measures that have been taken will ensure that the company will be ready to address any changes that may be recorded in the coming years. Preparedness is one way of winning consumers, and on this one, OSI Industries has won fair and square.

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