Article Title: 4 Reasons Why Richard Liu Qiangdong Is The Father Of E-Commerce

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The perfect definition of Richard Liu Qiangdong as an executive that is his commitment to transparency, sustainability and more importantly people centered business spaces. According to different business journals in Asia, Liu contributions to the business world are unmatched both collectively and through He is also one of the few business professionals that have successfully expanded the Chinese market from a brick and mortar model to virtual space. The following is a comprehensive analysis of his journey.

First, his commitment to growth is unmatched. Richard Liu Qiangdong understands the importance of having a clear vision and more importantly  a vision that accommodates changes. When the infamous epidemic affected the consumer market in China, Liu saw it as a chance to change the business model. He understood that it was the perfect time to change his view and approach to business. Due to his commitment to changes, he remains the ideal illustration of versatility in this economy.

Second, he understands the greatness of working with a team. Although was his idea, he has successfully brought people on board especially professionals in marketing. His company, for example, has one of the best business executives, who apart from making the business thrive in this economy have assisted Richard Liu Qiangdong to get into other markets. He believes that through a strong team, expanding to other markets is not farfetched.

Thirdly, different pundits have referred to him as the father of e-commerce. The tag father of e-commerce fits him perfectly because of the following reasons. Richard Liu Qiangdong is the first professional to invest in a market, which was unknown, three decades ago. He has also used his knowledge and expertise to mentor other business entities in China. Two years ago, Liu gave businesses a chance to use space to reach to more clients and more importantly for growth.

Finally, his story is incomplete without mentioning his negotiating skills. Just like major companies, needed funding. In order to get the right funding, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked with different investors. Instead of acquiring commercial loans, Liu gave the investors a chance to own the company’s shares. This approach has worked for the company especially in ensuring that the company does not get into bad debts.

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