Beauty Craze with Glenn Schlossberg

Glenn Schlossberg, CEO of Jump Design Group, grew up in the fashion industry. His father was a dressmaker and as the years went on, Schlossberg realized a problem. The population was growing and there was a shift in families leading to higher demand and volume of clothing. Schlossberg knew that change was needed, so he created Jump Design Group.

Glenn Schlossberg was immersed in fashion even more when he went to New York and studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. With the combination of his home, his studies, and being in one of the world’s fashion capitals, it gave him he idea for Jump Design Group. What makes Jump different from others is that it takes the latest trends from the runways and aims to deliver them to shelves in a month or less. This allows larger name brands to quickly push out fashion trends to consumers and keep up with trends among fashion.

With the changing of times, more women are entering the workforce and demand for higher quality clothing increased. There has always been a focus on women’s fashion in the fashion industry, and Schlossberg was quick to see this trend and go with it. Working with the manufacturing companies, Schlossberg and his teams at Jump, showcased his work all over the world allowing them to find fashion trends that met their needs.

Fashion is currently still a high demand and high risk industry, reveals Glenn Schlossberg understand this and depends on the younger generations. The fashion world is seeing a change with the millennial generation. They not only want clothes that look great and fit their needs, but are also eco-friendly. Schlossberg and Jump Design group is looking for ways to meet that need.

One way is supporting other young entrepreneurs and in Schlossberg’s spare time, he can be found volunteering with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Schlossberg believes that with the right mentor and motivation, anyone can achieve their dreams of running their own business. Sharing his experience and knowledge is one way that Schlossberg hopes to help other entrepreneurs.

Glenn Schlossberg’s New Direction for Fashion

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