Paul Herdsman Talks About His Hobbies and How They Help Him As COO of NICE Global

Paul Herdsman is a seasoned entrepreneur and the co-founder and COO of NICE Global. NICE Global helps other businesses outsource customer service departments by providing them with an affordable “near-shore” customer service department. NICE Global places their client’s customer service departments in Jamaica, where the employees speak English and it has close proximity to the US. This means that the process for businesses remains streamlined. They also offer top-tier training, pay, and benefits for their employees. As the COO, Herdsman runs the daily aspects of operations, he helps form strategic partnerships and helps the company with long-term growth planning. He sat down with to talk about his hobbies and the impact they have on him as COO of NICE Global.

Paul Herdsman’s two favorite hobbies are fishing and golfing. Living in South Florida he has plenty of opportunities for both hobbies. He began fishing when he was five or six years old after he received a fishing rod for Christmas. He began golfing after he graduated high school when he tried it for the first time. He quickly became hooked on the sport and has long since become a passion and an obsession.

Despite his busy schedule of being a COO, Paul Herdsman still manages to find time to fish and golf at least once a week. Though South Florida has plenty of top-tier golf courses, when he can he enjoys traveling to golf at other renowned courses. He enjoys golfing on what he calls his “bucket list courses” these include Pebble Beach Golf Links, The Old Course at St. Andrews, The Straits Course at Whistling Straits, Old Head Golf Links, Carnoustie Golf Links and several others around the world.

If he had unlimited free time he would fish and golf three to four days a week. He would also plan golfing trips to Ireland and Scotland as well as plan fishing trips to the Dominican Republic during marlin season and Mexico during sailfish season.

He enjoys doing these hobbies because they help him relieve stress and decompose after a busy work week. This impacts him as COO because it helps him feel refreshed when he returns to work and helps him be more productive.

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