Jana Messerschmidt’s Bold Investment Vision

The lack of diversity in tech is an almost-daily source of news in Silicon Valley and beyond. Jana Messerchmidt has some jana lightspeed ideas for how to disrupt that storyline. She is an investment partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Previously she worked at Twitter and Netflix.

She is listed on Crunchbase, LinkedIn, AngelList, and Bloomberg, and posts regularly on Medium about her Jana Lightspeed vision for Lightspeed Venture Partners (LVP). For example, in December 2018 she announced on Medium that she was joining LVP. She has significant investment experience from co-founding #ANGELS, a group of female entrepreneurs who invest in early-stage companies with big ideas. Jana Messerschmidt has personally invested in over 50 companies. She wrote in her December 2018 Medium article that her investment choices stem from her own personal interests. She’s seen opportunities in transportation, healthcare, fashion, and retail, to name a few. For example, she’s invested in Cameo, a super-cool site that lets you book famous people to give you or your friends and family a video shoutout. She’s also backed eero, a technology company that improves WiFi connectivity.

At LVP, Jana Messerschmidt is on their consumer investing team. She chose to join the company based on its team-focused investment model and strong mentorship program. Although Jana has been in the industry for years, she still understands the importance of having a mentor (or several mentors) at every stage of your career; people who can offer guidance and feedback on your ideas.

Jana Messerschmidt has stated her belief that investing is an incredible opportunity. It allows investors to back the values that matter most to them. It allows them to ask important questions and help shape companies at every stage of their growth. Her bold investment vision is to support the voices that aren’t always heard in investing rounds.


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