OSI Group’s Century of Global Evolution

All throughout history, there are countless stories of individuals going from the bottom and working their way to the top. There is always a commodity that needs to be filled in every time period. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group. Otto Kolschowsky is a individual who stood at a crossroads in the early 20th century. He could have sat on his hands, but his desire for a better tomorrow pushed him forward. This decision would pay off in earnest in the years to come. Gazatte Day recently wrote an article about the past to present evolution of OSI Group.

OSI Group is a modern day global food corporation who runs over 65 facilities in 17 different countries. They employ thousands of individuals, in addition to bringing food to remote or usual locations. This business all began a century ago on the streets of Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky was a member of the ever growing german immigrant population in the city of the Chicago. The pride of the american dream was in full force, and he wanted to see where they would take him. This was the birth of a new butcher shop on the Chicago street corner. Otto Kolschowsky saw a modestly successful business grow before his eyes. However, age catches up to everyone at some point.

After nearly a decade of service, he was forced to handover the business over to his children. The business was renamed to Otto & Sons to match the new owners. They took the business through the harshness of the domestic economy, and international affairs. Once the world emerged into the 1950s, a plethora of new business ventures opened their doors. A new fast food chain on the verge of revolutionizing the industry, and sought the sole help of Otto & Sons to be their meat supplier. This partnership and the new technology of the time would push OSI Group into new business horizons.

OSI Group has been molded into a unique 21st century company. They lead the way in food distribution in parts of the world. The global economy has never been more interconnected than it is in the present.

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