Jos Auriemo Neto: Rewriting the Investment Narrative in Brazil through JHSF

José Auriemo Neto is synonymous with his unmatched approach to business and more importantly — in the vast property market. Although he understands the property market in totality, he has interests in the high-end property market. He believes that this market space is hugely under-invested and if well utilized, JHSF will benefit more. He is also one of the best understanding of partnerships. José Auriemo Neto is among the few business executives that have sighed more business deals than any other business experts have — in the last decade. Most of his business deals have been between him — while representing JHSF — and fashion companies.

According to him, creating a collaborative environment has enabled the Brazilian fashion industry to grow and more importantly, generate more employment opportunities for young people in South America. Second, collaborating with major fashion companies in the world has enabled his company to attract more investors in Brazil. Due to his attempt to bringing more investors to Brazil, he is one of the most respected business professional. José Auriemo Neto has one of the best understanding of his market. First, he is fortunate to have a long history with the company. Although his father founded the company, he started as a junior in this company. According to him, the company helped him to rediscover his capabilities in leadership and more importantly — his abilities in the property market.

Neto is also glad that his growth in the company has been organic. In a recent interview with a Brazilian news outlet, he pointed out the growth — as a manager and as part of the company — has enabled him to view the industry from another perspective. Finally, José Auriemo Neto understands what the company needs to be successful in this competitive market. One of the areas he believes that JHSF needs to invest resources is in research. As a member of the management team, he has been vocal on the importance of research in this niche. Thanks to his advocacy, the company is one of the few entities in Brazil that have a budget for research. He is a firm believer that understanding what the potential clients want — is an important resource when making important decisions.

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