ClassDojo on the Importance of Mindfulness in Kids

As we give more attention to our daily distractions, simple tasks become harder to complete. This is a problem we’re passing down to our kids, and it’s affecting their schoolwork. For educational-tech company ClassDojo, the solution to this mass distraction is a little dose of mindfulness.

While 90% of teachers see benefits when incorporating mindfulness techniques into their classroom, only 10% of students are taking part, according to a survey done by ClassDojo. A “Mindful Moment” seeks to change that this May, when ClassDojo will use its platform to ask classes to take a short break for guided meditation using their instructional video. It’s the start of a series of mindfulness instruction, each about 15-minutes long, developed in partnership with Mar Brackett from Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and the Child Study Center.

ClassDojo CEO and co-founder Sam Chaudhary says the platform is something aimed at getting children in love with learning. That’s been successful by building online communities between parents and teachers who want to make the education experience work for their kids. For Chaudhary mindfulness is a key ingredient that teachers and parents need to make a lasting impression.

For Brackett, mindfulness helps build emotional intelligence, a key component to a proper education. Research shows that about 75% of high school students and 80% of teachers experience negative emotions that impact their ability to function in school. Mindfulness could impact those numbers significantly.

Thankfully, mindfulness is pretty straightforward, according to Brackett. By simply getting into the rhythm of practicing stillness, students can benefit both in and out of the classroom.

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