Deaths, Donald Trump, And Wikipedia: The Importance Of Wiki Editors For Your Reputation

This past year has been fraught with celebrity deaths and a worldwide fascination with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and election. With this fascination and loss of major contributors to society, lessons can be learned for those looking to protect their online reputations.

Both “Donald Trump” and “Deaths in 2016” show up in Wikipedia’s list of most edited articles for the year. Given the loss of such universally recognizable celebrities as Prince, David Bowie, and Muhammad Ali, it’s no surprise that a page chronicling this year’s tragic losses tops the list. These were individuals who inspired generations to follow, and have rightfully earned their places as pop-culture icons around the world.

Donald Trump’s campaign became a phenomenon in its own way, captivating, mesmerizing, and horrifying citizens from all walks of life and in countries the world over. His page also offers a cautionary tale and shows why hiring a Wikipedia editor is in the best interest of anyone looking to protect the online reputation of their business.

Wikipedia has lost some of its initial luster. When it first started, it served as a valuable tool used by many students and the general public searching for accurate information on topics as diverse as Beverley Gray and Vincent Van Gogh, two of the other most edited articles of 2016. However, the platform allows anyone to edit a Wikipedia page, causing issues with accuracy for many. This is an especially pertinent topic given the rise of fake news in 2016, which has its own Wikipedia page and was subject to an influx of edits in December.

Individuals concerned that the online reputation of their business is in danger of being hijacked on Wikipedia have new options. Get Your Wiki is a new service that is becoming more popular to protect the online reputation of yourself or your company. Editors at Get Your Wiki work to eliminate inaccurate information and protect your online reputation.

This service offers businesses and high-profile individuals the chance to avoid potential damage brought on by internet trolls offering fake but sensational information on their Wikipedia page. While many won’t view a Wikipedia page as the top source for information due to its reputational issues, having negative information on an online source that is viewed at astronomical rates is harmful. Working with Wikipedia experts at specialized companies like Get Your Wiki offers businesses the ability to have real-time monitoring of their page and someone working to ensure the most accurate information is all that shows up.

Having an accurate Wikipedia page is crucial for any business facing malicious articles from fake news sites or individuals looking to harm the business. Many individuals who edit pages on Wikipedia do so with the intent to inform rather than defame. However, when people take to the page to lob false claims or inaccurate and harmful details, businesses have to be prepared to ensure corrections are made. This is a task that is tedious for many workers but is thankfully offered through services like Get Your Wiki.

Protecting you and your business’s online reputation is vital, and requires time and attention to detail. Outsourcing this part of your company’s public relations and communications plan can prevent potential disasters while also, hopefully, ensuring those pages don’t show up on this list in the years to come.

How Does Nationwide Title Clearing Serve Customers?

Nationwide Title Clearing is a full-service title company that completes research, requests and orders for customers. Every customer contacting the company for service must ensure they check the new website for information, and they may place their orders online at once. This article explains how Nationwide Title Clearing allows customers to learn the true nature of their home’s title without lifting a finger.


#1: How Are Titles Searched?


Title searches completed by Nationwide Title Clearing are conducted online and in-person by their staff. There are quite a few people who understand how to find the titles for certain buildings in their offices, and they check that a title is clear before a transaction. The title may be listed in another name, or the title may be listed under an owner who no longer holds a lien on the property. The title is cleared for the client, and paperwork is sent back to the client showing the work has been done.


#2: The Report On The Title


The report on the title comes with a copy of the document, and it shows the client how the title came to be. The may need to do their own research on the matter, and they will find it quite simple to uncover any hidden secrets about the buildings that have been left under the surface. The purpose of the title clearing report is allowing all parties in a sale to know the true nature of the building.


#3: The Service Speed


Nationwide Title Clearing works quickly to ensure every customer receives a report in a timely manner. They send out reports the moment they are completed, and they ask customers any questions they may have about the title. The process itself is quick, and the customers often come back to the firm in the future looking for additional information on titles and title products.


#4: Guaranteed Service


The service at Nationwide Title Clearing is guaranteed to uncover the title, who it is under and to clear it for a sale. Every building in America is under a title that must be brought to light before it is sold, and the staff in the office ensure every title is given its due before the house changes hands.


Nationwide Title Clearing ensures every client of a fine report, proper service and a speedy turnaround. The title itself may be found by a professional who clears it personally.

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3 Major Problems Small Investors Face

Brad Reifler is considered one of the brightest minds in the world of finance. For over 30 years he helped some of the wealthiest people in the world get even wealthier thanks to his many winning strategies.

Now however Brad Reifler has changed his focus and is doing all he can to help middle America get access to some of the same investment opportunities of the super wealthy.

Here are 3 major problems Brad Reifler believes every small investor faces:

#1 – Access

99% of Americans are considered non-accredited investors. According to, a non accredited investor is an individual who has a net worth of less than $1 million (including spouse) and who earned less than $200,000 annually ($300,000 with spouse) in the last two years.

That means most Americans fall into this category. And as a non-accredited investor you are limited to the types of investments you can participate in. Since you aren’t in the 1% you won’t get access to hedge funds, private equity, or other private funds. This is completely unfair to millions of hard working Americans.

#2 – Risk

Since you are considered a non accredited investor the limited investment options you will have access to will be correlated with the stock market. And as we all know, the stock market is very risky.

#3- Fees

The problem with Wall Street is they charge big time fees regardless of how your portfolio is performing. This means it doesn’t matter if you are making money or not, as long as they are managing your portfolio you will be required to pay large management fees. This of course is wrong on many different levels.

Small investors can’t afford these fees and are usually forced to try to manage their portfolios on their own. And while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the problem is most small investors aren’t educated in this area and end up losing all of their money and retiring broke.

To help combat these 3 major problems Brad Reifler launched Forefront Capital and is helping small investors all over the United States get their power back.

A Healthy World By Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a unique cancer journal publisher with well-known and distinguished scientists and publishes various article reports based on all aspect of Oncology. Oncotarget was established in early 2010 and its article reports allow the general public to cite the research on oncology. William G. Kaelin Jr. and Gregg L. Semenza are their main editors. It publishes journal reports on cancer tumors and provides a good platform for diverse oncology researchers. Since its establishment in 2010, Oncotarget has been published by Impact Journals as a new part of Journal podium and helps digital and traditional media channels by providing real-time tracking of article coverage.

The two affiliates of the editorial board of Oncotarget William G. Kaelin Jr. and Gregg L. Semenza were recently awarded for their discovery of the oxygen-sensing pathway during the Lasker awards at

Oncotarget has the vision to make their scientific results available at all educational levels on It has now linked different fields of biomedical science and is helping the applications of basic and clinical science to fight and cure diseases. Oncotarget believes in ‘’Life without diseases” which is an ultimate goal that guides all their employees and associates.

Oncotarget has the advantage of an open access which means that the paper is available for anyone in the world to view and can be downloaded anywhere. Oncotarget is an electronic journal and can publish papers to no limits in terms of size and numbers. It provides the fastest turnaround times of any medical journal in the world; that is why it is very rare for authors to wait for more than four weeks for a final verdict.

The journal focuses on the impact of management programs. It believes in the quality of life and continued improvement until an unknown satisfaction point on LinkedIn. The journal has majored in exploring the evidence behind new and existing therapies with acceptable outcomes. This has been confirmed by qualified medical practitioners all over the globe.

In cancer research, Oncotarget has published research papers based on endocrinology, pathology, age-related diseases, physiology, and immunology.

Oncotarget recently published an article addressing e-cigarettes and their bad effects on oral health. Using E-cigarettes can cause an array of oral health problems including gum disease, tooth loss, and mouth cancer. Oncotarget published this study to control oral health problems and also to make young people aware of the bad effects of e-cigarettes.

Want Free Cell Phone Service? FreedomPop Has You Covered

As consumers, we always like something free. But many times the thing that is being offered for free is not something that we really want. That has all changed with FreedomPop’s totally free cell phone plan.


The Los Angeles-based mobile provider has done what many thought was impossible. They offer consumers an absolutely free mobile plan. No FreedomPop review would be complete without diving into the pros and cons of this game-changing plan.


Is The FreedomPop Free Plan Right For You?

The FreedomPop totally free plan, also known as the Basic Plan, is not for everyone. The company has stated that this plan is perfect for those light users. It includes 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages, and 500MB of data.


If you are an experienced smartphone user, you may notice that 500MB of data is not that much. If you are one who watches lots of videos and streams music on your smartphone on a daily basis this plan may not be right for you. (The good news is that FreedomPop offers an affordable plan just for you.)


However, if you use your smartphone mostly for checking email and social media, this plan could be perfect. And it’s free. If you do find that you have gone over your data limit you can “top up” you data any time you like. You can add data $10 at a time to make sure you can surf the Net without interruption.


The $20 Per Month Plan

If you find that you need more data and talk time FreedonPop has you covered. The company offers a $20 per month plan that includes unlimited talk and text as well as 1GB of data. This is Freedompop’s most popular plan.


Comparable plans from other carriers will cost you twice as much, so this is a great deal. It is also important to know that all of FreedomPop’s plans do not require you to sign any type of contract. All plans are month to month and you can stop at any time.




Wessex Institute Is The Place For Post Graduates

Wessex Institute is a school that will appeal to all students considering post-graduate education. Wessex has an amazing campus in the U.K. All of their research laboratories are filled with the best and most modern technology on the market. Students from all over the world attend Wessex Institute for their post graduate education.

Wessex Institute is recognized all over the world as one of the best academic institutions in the world. Students graduating from Wessex will be able to find a great job in the field of research. These students will also have lifetime access to an online job board supplied by Wessex. This online job board is updated on a daily basis. Wessex has an entire department dedicated to helping students find a great job in the research field.

Graduating students will also receive alumni news on a weekly basis. This news will feature the accomplishments of past graduates, along with their contact information. This is a great way for graduates to connect with fellow students that have found success in the industry.

The same team of employees that handle the job board is the same team of employees that handle the internship program. This internship program is designed for students currently enrolled in the post graduate program. This team studies the interest of students. They then contact these students based on the internships that arise. Most of these internships take place near the campus, so students will not have far to go when leaving or going back to class. Just about every student was able to get a full-time job from the internship they were put on.

Those considering post graduate school can contact Wessex Institute today. Wessex has a customer service department that is available everyday. These representatives can give students all the information they need, and these representatives can start the application process for potential post graduate students. Students interested in this program can also schedule a specific time for a Wessex Institute student counselor to contact them. This will by no means be a sales call. These counselors are available to solely answer any questions a student may have about Wessex.

How To Expand On Your Business Endeavors For Success

Doe Deere is a successful business and technology expert, and has been named entrepreneur of the year by Lime Crime Galore magazine. Deere started out as a young professional, marketing and selling temporary tattoos, to her friends in Russia. Deere understood that her business began to prosper when she made novelty tattoos popular by wearing them. Doe began to understand the principles of business and her entrepreneurial spirit started at the tender age of thirteen. More importantly, Doe was proud to have a product that was popular among her friends and a major success, among her teenage peers.


Deere moved to New York City, by the age seventeen and quickly joined a local band. Deere has always had an unconventional way of thinking and music became her primary goals. However, music wasn’t her passion, but the soloist of the band was. She married the soloist and left the band for other adventures in the business industry. She also began to take classes in design school. Doe Deere says, she never forgot the importance of having her fans support her events and music efforts. This lended major experience to her marketing skills.


Lime Crime Is Born…


She was tired of the boring makeup options associated with her childhood fun, of her putting on her mom’s makeup and clothing. She was tired of the traditional neutral colors of the late 90’s. Ironically, shortly after her wedding she began to create her own makeup colors and based them with velvetine matte.  Today, Lime Crime consists of a popular line of eyeshadow and lipstick products that include cool colors like Radical Metallic and Blue Velvet.


Doe Deere insists that her cosmetics appeal to professionals and young women, that are unapologetic about their makeup. Her velvetine matte and superfoil cosmetics go on moist and mold to perfection on your eyelids and lips. You’ll receive long-lasting shades that are waterproof and won’t require multiple applications. Shop now and find your perfect shade. Deere also has YouTube tutorials from actual users that will help you mix, match, apply, and accessorize Lime Crime cosmetics. You’re invited to visit their official website for more details today.

Co-working Spaces, Very Peaceful And Productive


Given the changes that society is going through, a lot of people are gravitating towards co-working spaces. One of the reasons that co-working spaces are thriving is that it is very peaceful and relaxed. People do not have to conform to the rules of any other company. They just have to make sure that they are following some basic rules which include not harassing others. People that visit the place also do not have to worry about being late. They get to experience greater job security. For one thing, they create their own jobs and believe in what they are doing.


When people go to places like Workville, there is a smaller chance of dealing with a lot of pressure and frustrations. People are able to figure out some of the problems they are faced with. Workville allows people to explore their talents and put them to work in a unique NYC coworking space environment.  With Workville, people are given a lot of room to put their talents to use so that they can make profits off of what they are doing.

One very important thing these days is for people to make money doing the type of work that they enjoy. It doesn’t matter that much whether they know a lot about it in the beginning. For one thing, they are better able to learn when they are really interested in the subject matter. Therefore, shared office spaces are the places to go for alternative income. When people are given the space to explore their talents, then they will be better able to see where they could go. They will be truly successful and happy with what they do.


For Brad Reifler, Leadership is Second Nature

Brad Reifler is founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, a company he founded in 2009. He is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in America today. His leadership experience is as long as it is impressive. Before establishing Forefront Capital, Reifler was a founding partner, chairman and CEO of another firm: Pali Capital, a financial services company with a global network of clientele. Before founding Pali Capital, he worked at Refco, one of the biggest investment firms in America. Refco’s founder is Ray E. Friedman, Reifler’s grandfather. Before working at Refco, Brad Reifler had founded Reifler Trading Company in 1982. So successful was the company that it attracted the interest of Refco.

While he worked at Pali Capital, Brad guided the company to annual revenues of above 1 $Billion. The company which was founded in 1995, expanded rapidly to countries in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. By the time he resigned as CEO in 2008, the company had grown to one of the biggest in America.

The graduate of Bowdoin College has acquired immense knowledge in a career spanning more than three decades. As a result, he holds leadership positions in several firms and sits on several boards. Mr. Reifler is a Partner at CIFCO International Group, a well as Director of ITG Market Research Inc. Additionally; he serves as the director at ROOT Exchange and ITG Investment Research Inc. some of the boards, he sits in include European American Investment Bank, and Foresight Research Solutions. Other leadership roles he serves in include Director of Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp, and Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Important facts about the Sec Whistleblower Program

The SEC Whistleblower Program was started in the year 2010, and it served as a relief to the individuals who wanted to expose the wrongdoings in the financial services industry. The program has increased the number of whistleblowers in the country because of the protection it gives to these individuals. The program encourages more people to speak out by offering special packages as a token of appreciation for the work they do for SEC and the nation too.

Because of the introduction of the new laws and policies by the SEC Whistleblower Program when reporting fraud and any other cases in the financial services, more serious cases have been exposed, and punitive measures on the offenders have been taken. However, some individuals do not understand the process of reporting securities fraud to the authorities. Here are some of the important factors everyone should know.

Who is a whistleblower?
Many are also not aware of the individuals who are allowed to blow the whistle. The Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act enacted the roles and responsibilities of a whistleblower. Before, the roles of the whistleblower were limited, and a few individuals in the society could have their concerns considered. This is changed significantly in the recent past because crucial information about the perpetrators in the securities is available to many people. If the information is found to be factual, it can be forwarded to SEC, and the individual responsible is not exposed. There are no particular limitation about the people who qualify to report because there are no boundaries.

What type of violations are forwarded to the SEC?
Any type of violations concerning the securities law should be forwarded to SEC for considerations. Many individuals in the society associate the SEC with services dealing with the finance department, but the body decided to expand this mandate to cover other important areas in business such as public and private institutions.

Some of these include the misrepresentation and omission of important information, stealing from consumers, market prices manipulation, selling unregistered securities and even offering bribes. If the whistleblower provides factual information and the parties involved are proved to be on the wrong side, then they are given serious punishments.

SEC whistleblower lawyers are required to represent the whistleblowers in the cases, and they ensure that the clients are not known to the republic. Jordan Thomas is one of the SEC whistleblower attorneys, and he has done a lot to make sure that his clients get justice.