Dr. Johanan Rand vs. America’s Weight Issue

Women, when we get older we get fatter. It’s just the simple truth. The metabolism slows down while the appetite seems to speed up. Maybe it’s our lifestyle, or maybe it’s our hormones. Either way, the simple fact is, we start to get fatter as we get older. So what do we do about it?


Well, Dr. Johanan Rand and his team over at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers think that they have the answer. For years the doctors have been experimenting with various diets and health routines in order to combat the weight gain epidemic that Americans are facing. Then, a few years ago, the team started to administer a new type of diet. To their surprise, the results were far greater than they expected.


This isn’t any normal diet. Dr. Johanan Rand and his team created the HCG diet. The HCG diet works a little differently than your typical “eat this, not that” diet. HCG is a hormone that women produce when pregnant. HCG is responsible for a wide variety of things such as nourishing and nurturing the fetus during development as well as preventing muscle loss during the crazy weight changes that occur during pregnancy. It’s the latter that started to interest Rand and his team.


Dr. Johanan Rand has tried to administer many diets, but a problem had always been appetite and muscle deterioration due to weight gain. By administering HCG, Rand’s team is able to prevent women from losing muscle during weight loss and gain as well as keep them satiated despite the low-calorie count that the diet includes.


The diet also includes after-diet plans, support, and all of the usual things you would expect from a doctor prescribed diet. The difference is the hormones. Whether or not this diet will hit the mainstream remains to be seen. Hormone therapy is tricky and is best left up to experts. For now, the diet will have to live on in the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, but perhaps one day it will be available in doctors office across the United States. I for one, hope so.