What Has Made Robert Ivy One Of The Unassailable Architects Globally

He has been on the forefront of making architecture readily available and accessible to every member of the Mississippi society hence gaining recognition all over the place. Robert Ivy has been a chief campaigner, an author and a great commentator when it comes to architecture all over the world. He is currently the EVP and CEO of American Institute of Architects (AIA) who has been praised for his great ambassadorship in this field.

Recently this architect got one of the most prestigious awards known as Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the (MIAL) Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. He happens to be the very first architect in history to receive this Polk Award. The award is usually given to those people who have achieved exceedingly around Mississippi. He joins the list of singers, writers, actors, and artists. The list has people like Shelby Foote, Leontyne Price, Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman and Walter Anderson.

According to Carl Elefante, AIA President, Robert Ivy is a great representative and ambassador of their profession. The whole community of AIA feels delighted to have this great icon in their midst. He has received recognition before, which include recognition from Alpha Rho Chi as the Master Architect. He joined the level of Mies Van der Rohe, I.M. Pei and also Richard Buckminster Fuller who had been recognized previous by Alpha Rho Chi. Besides he was award by the UoFJSoA with Dean’s Medal.

Robert Ivy got the “Lifetime Achievement Award” on 2nd June 2018 alongside Andrew Cary Young who is a great stained-glass designer and artist at Pearl River Glass Studio. Before joining AIA as the CEO, Ivy served at Architectural Record as the Editor-in-Chief. During his serving there, he received several awards like National Magazine Award and made Architectural Record gain a global recognition. As a matter of fact, he was at the center of making Media’s design and constructs their operational bases in China and the Middle East. In China, he came up with Mandarin which is the version of the Architectural Record.

The leadership of Robert Ivy at American Institute of Architects has been one of the greatest assets in the institute where it has recorded the highest number of members since its establishment 160 years ago. Additionally, the number of employees and various job opportunities has been opened. According to the MIAL president, Nancy LaForge, this architect has made the general public aware of what really architecture entails. He studied at The University of the South at Sewanee for BA in English and later Tulane University for his Masters in Architecture. He has also served in the U.S. Navy as an officer.

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Robert Ivy Is The First Architect To Bag The Award Of Noel Polk Lifetime

After working in the industry of architecture for decades, Robert Ivy is now reaping the benefits of his input. The chief executive officer (CEO) of American Institute of Architects is scheduled to receive the award of Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. This award will be conferred by the Institute of Arts Letter in Mississippi. Surprisingly, the award is for the first time being issued to an architect. In the past, it has only been issued to artists like Morgan Freeman in 2007, Shelby Foote in 2004 and Walter Anderson in 1989.

The Award
The award is further linked to artists and patrons who have spent their years working in creative arts, performing and supporting art in extraordinary ways. In a press release, the management stated that Ivy and Andrew Cary Young of Pearl River Glass Studio will be presented with this honorary award in early June.

Appreciating Architects
According to the president of MIAL Nancy LaForge, Robert Ivy has over the past years made architecture more accessible as a writer, author, commentator and team leader; he now deserves to take the leading spot through the acclaimed list of honorees. Further into the award presentation, the architect stated that he was elated to be honored on a personal level as that reflected his professionalism and dedication to revolutionize the industry through architectural advocacies.

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More into Ivy’s Career
Robert Ivy has vast experience in architecture. At first, he was the chief editor for McGraw-Hill’s board. Under his leadership, the Architectural Record earned vast recognition as a widely disseminating journal for architecture in the world. Other than that, it garnered many awards including the Magazine Award for Excellence General Excellence. Additionally, Ivy led the company’s design as well as construction media.

Describing Fay Jones
Fay Jones is Ivy’s authoritative journal and was launched in 2001 according to linked.com. The journal is now heading to the release of its third edition and showcases tremendous work from one of the smartest gurus in the American architectural fraternity, Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright. From its design, production and the scholarship standards, it is clear that Robert Ivy has vast architectural knowledge in the department of architecture.

As the CEO of AIA, Ivy has tremendously grown the universal footprint of the organization. Currently, this footprint is experiencing the highest level of membership thanks to Robert Ivy who has carefully crafted his art to pursue and implement viable policies for the institute. Because of his input at AIA, many architects have benefitted from AIA.

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