Skillful Innovation and Medical Intervention for Rare Illnesses Fought for by CEO Jeff Aronin

Often times we are faced with decisions that are extremely critical and we have to make a choice immediately. Otherwise face consequences on indecision. These situations can be either for a loved one or someone that we are responsible for their well being. Jeff Aronin was a person who took the less painful approach for a patient. Jeff instead decided to try a medication than consider using a possibly dangerous surgery on a child that was severely struggling with seizures. Doing so actually helped the child drastically improve their condition solely with the medicine. When scenario was resolved it then propelled Jeff to want to start his own pharmaceutical company.


Many times it seems these companies are looking for the next big pharmaceutical or biotech drug that will make lots of money. Instead of focusing on diseases that are already treatable, tweaking them in ways to give a slight edge over competitors, Jeff went a different course. Jeff chose to focus on smaller diseases, more rare diseases than the usual people face. He wanted to give opportunity and a voice to patients with diseases that were medically unmet. Using his bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and MBA from DePaul University he worked hard and became the CEO of what was later to be a near 1 billion dollar purchase of Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Even though the company was purchased, it’s still kept CEO Jeff to keep the in work of the company at its best. Jeff was the kept as its CEO, as he was the original author of the companies success to begin with.


Another company that Jeff invested in was Paragon Biosciences, which is a company that has very similar desires and focus. Tons of companies want to invest with Jeff because of his extremely strong track record. He is known not just for investing, but also for his work in the community. His work in the city of Chicago where he helps fund research for overlooked conditions and diseases. Jeff continues to build the communities hospitals and clinics in this city as well as work doing similar internationally.