Louis Chenevert’s Professional Prowess

Louis Chenevert has been credited with huge success in his profession. He is a visionary leader who has been feted in different fields. Born in 1958 he has served in different capacities at the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Before being appointed Chief Executive Officer, he was the President at Pratt & Whitney where he had worked for six years. In his capacity as CEO of UTC, he made notable contributions to the success of the company. When he resigned from his post in what was seen as a hurried move, he shocked investors, the board, and analysts. Although his reasons for departure were not elaborate, speculations as to why ran through like wildfire.

Heart of Steel 

During the economic recession in 2008, Chenevert was the CEO; he is credited with managing to keep a manufacturing company afloat at a time when companies were closing down and laying off employees. While companies that once thrived in the manufacturing industry gradually wasted away to oblivion others such as UTC managed to thrive into a conglomerate. The success story of UTC cannot be complete without mentioning the role that the Canadian businessman played in seeing it through hard economic times. He is also credited with steering the company towards the aerospace direction with innovation and still remaining at its birthplace.

Perfect Balance 

During his tenure at UTC, Chenevert invested his independent thinking capabilities to achieve the perfect balance in aerospace and building markets achieving the perfect balance and success in both. For is success creating the perfect business strategy, he is regarded by most of his peers and business leaders as a think tank. He managed to create a sustainable high product creation process that remains the standard practice at UTC even after his departure. He is also known to be a strong negotiator in boardroom contracts which have managed him to land big contracts. Even in the consolidation of several departments and subsequent diversification into new lines of revenue creation he never saw the need to lay off employees which was the standard practice for most companies who tempted to do what he did.

Eli Gershkovitch: The Gentleman with a Captivating Success Story

You might have heard of craft beer several times in Canada, and you may be wondering what exactly it means. However, there is no reason for worry since beer just means a non-mechanized way of brewing beer, that is, the traditional approach in the brewing process. The making of Canadian craft beer is innovative such that the customer is left with many options to choose from. In fact, currently in the craft beer market anybody will get something to consume. So far in history, this is the best time for the beer lovers since the options are innumerable. There are beers of different tastes or flavors and colors as well made from a defined combination of the ingredients.

The major brewing companies comprise of Black Oat, Central City Breweries, Hopefenstark Breweries, and Denson’s brewing companies. They excel in different flavors that suit the preferences of their clients. The most desired types of Canadian craft beers are Glutenberg Belgian, Double which a gluten free beer, the Saison Station 16, Red Racer Pale ale, Weissbier, Nutcracker among others. The commonly used ingredients are black oak, barley, wheat, cloves, and citrus. Different ingredients can be mixed in various proportions to change the flavor.


The Hero Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO and chairman of the Steamworks Brewery Company that manufactures its craft beer traditionally for sale. He is a cool and collected guy who exhibits strength under control unlike most the CEO of reputable organizations. In fact, one may mistake his composure for laxity and complacency. However, his social and casual demeanor has nothing to do with his leadership and management skills. Eli Gershkovitch is a firm believer in hard work, resilience, focus, and strategy for the growth of a company.


In another interview, he suggested that stagnant business that does not grow to meet the demand for their products will result in being faced out of business since the demand will come down to them and eventually diminish too low for sustainability. It is important to note that Eli Gershkovitch is a well-trained pilot, incredible lawyer and passionate entrepreneur (IMBd).