Article Title: Partners With Central Group To Launch Its First Ever Platform In Thailand

Article Text:, the biggest retailer and e-commerce company in China, is partnering with its counterpart in Thailand to bring a powerful shopping platform for Thai customers. Thailand’s biggest retail conglomerate, Central Group, partnered with to form the e-commerce platform “JD CENTRAL” in order to serve the big population of Thailand and bring up the retail potential of the country. With this partnership, JD’s footprint in South East Asia will be established even more.

The testing officially started last July when JD CENTRAL offered direct sales and marketplace models. The testing was a success and the sale has exceeded the previous expectations. After JD CENTRAL’s launch last September, the products that are its offering has also grown to fit the consumer demands. These products include electronics, digital products, fashion, books, music appliances, and FMCG or fast-moving consumer goods which includes toiletries, beverages, processed food and more.

According to the results, 80% of the shoppers are accessing the platform using their mobile phones. Mobile accessories and other related products are also one of the biggest sales recorded. Chinese products from China’s leading tech brands such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Lenovo, and Huawei has been popular in JD CENTRAL platform. Overall, the platform has been a success so far in the country.

In addition to its rollout success, and Central Group are already planning to level up the service of JD CENTRAL. Known for their blazing fast shipping and efficient logistics, can deliver your order in the same day it was ordered regardless of location. This is also planned to be implemented in JD CENTRAL for its Thai consumers. Bangkok is the first one to be benefited by JD’s bleeding edge logistics system. Same-day delivery will soon be implemented in the city and will bring more customer satisfaction for Thai platform users.

JD CENTRAL CEO Vincent Yang stated that the partnership between JD and Central Group will enable the best customer service when it comes to world-class e-commerce experience. This partnership also highlights and guarantee the 100% authenticity of the products that will be available for platform users. JD CENTRAL is expected to be working closely with a leading Chinese apparel online retailer, Vipshop.

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Article Title: Change Is The Future

Article Text:

Featured on the comprehensive list for Fortune 500 companies, is rightfully the third largest internet retail that conducts dealings both locally and internationally. The profitable commerce has done considerably well voluntarily providing a secure and stable environment for leading suppliers and connecting them with customers.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong has satisfactorily performed a necessary business of attentively examining the retail market for possible deficiencies. After much analysis of these specific deficiencies, searches for possible solutions, whether locally or globally. Eagerly seeking the straightforward answers needed, by collaborating with a variety of leading experts in a board-spectrum of markets.

Since its conception, has reliably delivered essential goods and premium services to over a billion of consumers, located across the global market. Throughout its remarkable success, naturally makes it a key point to carefully place the consumers needs first. Ensuring that not only quality but consumer-business trust remains transparent and consistent.

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Oren Frank’s Mission to Provide Mental Health Care to All

Oren Frank is the CEO and Co-Founder of the company Talkspace. Talkspace is currently the leading online and mobile company that provides therapy to many different patients throughout the world. Talkspace has been able to help over a million patients with therapy and many of these patients did not have access to this type of help before the company existed. Frank founded the company with his wife Roni in 2012 not long after they had discovered the benefits of couples therapy to save their own marriage. The company was created to allow everyone to have access to mental health care. Oren Frank previously worked mainly in the fields of advertising and marketing before starting Talkspace.

Frank’s typical day begins with at least seven hours of sleep. He believes healthy sleeping habits can have a positive impact on being productive. He enjoys reading from multiple sources daily to keep his mind sharp. In addition, he also walks a lot, does a lot of listening, and talks a lot with other people each day.

Frank explains that while it is easy to formulate an idea, it is much harder when it comes to implementing it. It is important to look more deeply at the ideas in order to encourage the formation of new ideas. He explains that focus and discipline are things needed in order to execute ideas in the real world and that is why many companies end up failing.

Frank is excited by the progress being made to become a society led by women. He believes there are many areas which men have failed horribly so the obvious option is to let women take the lead in society. He definitely believes they are the more advanced members of the human race.

Frank believes it is important to have moderation when working a job. He believes having time to yourself to enjoy things such as vacations is very important. He also states that he believes it is important to take some time every day to stop what you are doing at your job and try to focus your mind on what’s important. Oren Frank believes that staying focused is the most important thing when it comes to growing a business. He also admits mistakes will happen and it is important to make and learn from them as early as possible when starting a business.

Frank believes social media can be destructive to the people of the world. He states that they can be used as platforms for hate as well as surveillance machines. He believes that they need to be regulated.

Some great business advice Frank gives is to use algorithms to predict and expose corruption, as the learning models are greatly improving. He also advises turning off all notifications on your phone while working. Another thing which he suggests is reading “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, who is the only psychologist to win the Nobel Prize for Economics.

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Article Title: AI Accelerator; A Dawn To AI Tecchnology

Article Text:

A chinas largest retailer, JD.COM, is pushing the bounds of using real-world application of AI technology to a whole new level by enabling new AI startups. The program was launched last August and given its first demo in March. JDs AI accelerator will serve as a major incubator to emerging AI startups offering them a platform to develop. The first batch of AI start which covers a variety of industries with some being already incorporated and implemented in everyday use at Jingdong. An example of this is the AI-driven legal consultancy innovative chat box for traders requiring legal advice and services. This was developed by a partnership between FaGOUGOU who provide AI-powered consultancy services and Jingdong Legal team. It provides quick legal answers to questions about investment, financing, corporate management etc to merchants, partners and SMEs. This new technology product is playing an important part in overcoming China’s recent shortage of experienced lawyers.

Another startup is the Chinese app 9KaCha that gives consultancy to wine lovers helping them buy their favorite wine. This app allows users to upload a photo and the AI capable of recognizing hundreds of thousands of different wines then analyses and provides them with recommendations. Users can also upload the wine label and directly purchase it or receive other recommendations about other wines. This has helped Jingdong tap into the ever-growing market of fine wine lovers according to Zhifeng Dong who is the co-founder of 9KCha.

The AI accelerator program will provide the next generation of AI startups with vast resources such as training, mentorship in research and development, financing, legal, marketing and technical support helping them get off the ground successfully. They will also majorly benefit from Jingdiong different application scenarios in various businesses quickly helping them put the scenarios into the real world in large scale.

More than 80% of the initial 16 startups have succeeded since launching their new technologies through JDs businesses. The accelerator program is providing new perspectives on ways to leverage technological resources according to Bowen Zhou the head of Jingdong AI platform and its Vice president. JD.COM has announced its 17 new startups second batch such as Zen Videos, a leading online video platform.

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Know How To Make Your Business Grow From Edwin Miranda

Everybody is aware of the changing marketing strategy globally. There is an excellent need for advancement to move with changes in the world to get a niche and remain relevant in the market. As demand increases, marketing agencies firms also are growing. Although, many of these agencies do not offers what they promise leaving clients in the dilemma of knowing the genuine and legitimate agencies to venture. However, some of the vital factors such as the agency past performances are important in assessing the performance of the agency in question.

KOI IXS is a top marketing agency that is fully serviced with over 28 technologies and is centered on performance delivery. The firm was founded in 1994, and with more than twenty years of successful services, it has gained enough experience with changing world guaranteeing prosperity to its clients. It also hires a passionate and talented team of designers, creators, and strategist securing future performance of the firm. Passion is the center role in the KOI IXS`s mission making every venture they partake to be a success.

Edwin Miranda is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of this leading marketing agency, KOI IXS. Miranda says the agency was an idea he had while he was 21 that made him work tirelessly to bring it to reality. Edwin Miranda is an alumnus of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico where he graduated with a Bachelor`s degree in Business Administration and marketing.

The marketing agencies nowadays have many working parts for a single person to handle and effectively manage all. To master all it would be beyond ambitious; if not impossible. For efficient management, Miranda advises growing business to make use of teamwork. He adds that by identifying trustworthy members and joining forces to work together plays a significant role in raising your business performances.

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Jingdong Has Big Plans For Drone Expansion

While is always looking for new ways to apply technology to their leading retail business, one of the areas that is receiving a lot of focus is logistics. Their drone delivery service is doing great in China, especially in more rural areas, and there are plans to bring it to Indonesia and even Japan in the near future. So far, the Jingdong drones already have 400,000 minutes of flight time and counting since their program officially launched almost 3 years ago in 2016.

With the help of Rakuten, has some big plans for unmanned delivery options in Japan. While Rakuten has only been using drones for delivery since 2018, their experience in the country will be valuable for Jingdong as they implement their new program in the country. Along with drone delivery, they are also looking into implementing autonomous delivery robots in Japan to offer even more options for fast shipping for purchases from their website and app.

In Indonesia, Jingdong has already made a test delivery and residents are excited about the possibilities. Due to the fact that the country is made up of several islands, delivery can get complicated when attempting to do it on the ground. By using drone technology, is able to bypass the issues caused by trying to deliver purchases through the bridges that connect the islands.

Not only are the Jingdong drones good for delivering in cities and islands, but they are also perfect for more remote regions such as mountains and in situations that are emergencies. During emergencies, many roadways are impassable while the airways are clear. Not only are these unmanned options great for e-commerce, but they are also great for delivering humanitarian aid when and where it is needed in a manner that is cost-effective and fast. is one of the largest retailers in the world and the largest in China. They use cutting-edge technology that provides a customer experience that is well above what most people are used to when it comes to online shopping and beyond. They have expanded past online shopping and now offer in-store options as well.

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Ease Teething Discomfort Using Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets

Teething is a part of a growing toddler’s life. However, this is also a part full of discomfort and pain. The discomfort and pain of teething happen because of the soreness and swelling of the gums before the first tooth comes. Symptoms usually include a hard time sleeping, crying, drooling, mood changes, irritability, and more. Although symptoms vary in each child, there are cases that inhibits all or some of these symptoms and can even stress the child. Read this article for more information on teething problems in babies

Some of the symptoms need a specific type of medications. Babies are very sensitive in medicine and can only take a certain amount of drugs that are suitable for their age. In order to ease the teething discomfort, a lot of mothers recommend the usage of Hyland’s teething tablets for their teething babies and toddlers.

Why Use Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets?

The first reason is that Hyland’s teething tablets target all the symptoms of teething. The baby or toddler will not need multiple medicines in order to ease a lot of symptoms. It uses natural-active ingredients and dissolves instantly in the mouth. These tablets are made with no artificial flavors, dyes, or Parabens.

Hyland’s teething tablets contain active ingredients are Calcarea Phosphorica for teething, Arnica Montana for pain, Chamomilla for irritability, Coffea Cruda for sleeplessness, and Ferrum for discomfort and swelling. The treatment promotes homeopathy, which has been practiced for more than 200 years.


Homeopathy is a natural healing system that has fewer side effects and is gentler than most medication. It was founded in Germany, but the idea has been in used in a lot of cultures in as early as 400 B.C. The body’s natural self-healing capability is triggered, which then relieves symptoms. Homeopathy is also used in allergies, migraines, bruises, toothaches, nausea, colds, and coughs.

Hyland’s Inc. is one of the companies that promote natural healing through Homeopathy in the use of their products. The company has been running for more than a century and has been trusted by generations of moms in curing minor ailments. In addition, Hyland’s is also recognized for its oral pain relief products by the Drug Store News Excellence Awards.

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Unroll Me the Email Inbox Cleaner

Unroll Me helps those people with a huge number of emails and subscriptions. It is an app that helps in bringing order to you inboxes through the unsubscribing from all the unnecessary emails and only collects up only the important ones into one daily digest. Jojo Hedaya the CEO, and the team members released this app first on iOS and then to Android. In one article, he claims that it is the best way to remove the mess from everybody’s inbox.

This service is a Webby-winning because it makes work easier for everyone and helps one not to miss the important emails. The most adoring value of Unroll Me is that it saves up lots of time in that the time that could be used looking up for some specific mail will be shorter hence giving more time to attend to other important matters.

 To benefit from Unroll Me services, you need to have a smartphone or a personal computer. It is done simply by connecting to your email account then by use of Unroll. Me features the unwanted emails are unsubscribed from and then the remaining is rolled-up into one daily digest. To unsubscribe, swipe left to keep it in the inbox, swipe right and to roll-up, swipe up. According to this app, the average mail user has over 62 subscriptions and the good thing is that it can manage both the listing of all the subscriptions and the reading of the entire Rollup.

Unroll. Me is not a replacement of the email but it is trying to be a solution to inbox clutter. It is a free app that makes use of the data from the user. It uses 22 active technologies including iPhone, SSL, Mobile Compatible, Viewport Meta, among others for its website. Its technological products and services are the likes of Google Analytics, G Suit, Word Press etc. Unroll. Me is genuinely one way to clean up your inbox and save and put your emails into order in accordance with your priority. You are welcome with an as easy step as one click and get a summary of your daily subscriptions.

Agera Financial Is Focused On Doing What Is Right For Its Customers

Agera Financial provides customized plans to the businesses that use its services. It allows everyone to get what they need from it, and it is available in all 50 of the United States. Agera Financial has served nearly 2 million customers, and it provides them with both electricity and natural gas. It was founded in 2014 and shares customer testimonials on its Youtube channel. It is a transparent company and one that cares about the way that it interacts with its customers and meeting their needs well.

Agera Financial allows everyone to make a simple decision when it comes to their energy service because it is a financially smart choice. Agera Financial provides customers with the kind of care that they deserve in regard to their electricity and natural gas, and yet it gives it to them for a good price. And, the company cares about being efficient in all that it does, and those who are concerned about the environment can feel good about choosing its services. Agera Financial is on a mission to make energy buying simpler, and it is accomplishing that through its focus on customers and the homes and businesses where they need the energy to go.

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Fortress Investment Group Will Remain Independent Despite Acquisition By SoftBank

There is a new and exciting development at Fortress Investment Group. This leading investment company in the United States has been acquired by a Japanese investment firm known as SoftBank. SoftBank is one of the leading investment firms in the world and has shown continuous growth over the past four decades. Since its formation in 1981, it has grown from one level to another in a short time. With the acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group, they have made an unprecedented move that will see the market share rise significantly. SoftBank seems to be working on its next phase of development which is to become the largest investment firm in the world. This acquisition deal cost $3.3 billion. Despite this hefty price, the Fortress Investment Group will maintain its daily operations. In the agreement, SoftBank pledged to keep off the management of the Fortress group in the management of its assets. Currently, Fortress has assets worth over $40 billion under its management.

The acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank is good news to both organizations. Fortress group will enjoy its own space and determine its growth path without influence from SoftBank. On the other side, SoftBank will benefit from the proven judgment and effectiveness of the Fortress group. Over the years, the Fortress group has proved that it is a company that can manage its operations with no outside influence. SoftBank hopes that Fortress Investment Group will pursue its unique goals and bring success to both organizations. For a company that has over 40 billion dollars under its management, there is no doubt that it is an organization that can maintain its position in the market effectively.

SoftBank was founded in 1981 by Masayoshi Son as a wholesaler of PC software. In 1996, the company acquired a controlling stake in Yahoo, and since then its growth has changed completely. Today, SoftBank has invested in more than 400 tech companies from different parts of the world. Its main focus is on tech startups that are coming up with disruptive technologies for the future. However, the deal between them and Fortress Investment Group is seen as a departure from the conventional mode of investment.

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