ClassDojo on the Importance of Mindfulness in Kids

As we give more attention to our daily distractions, simple tasks become harder to complete. This is a problem we’re passing down to our kids, and it’s affecting their schoolwork. For educational-tech company ClassDojo, the solution to this mass distraction is a little dose of mindfulness.

While 90% of teachers see benefits when incorporating mindfulness techniques into their classroom, only 10% of students are taking part, according to a survey done by ClassDojo. A “Mindful Moment” seeks to change that this May, when ClassDojo will use its platform to ask classes to take a short break for guided meditation using their instructional video. It’s the start of a series of mindfulness instruction, each about 15-minutes long, developed in partnership with Mar Brackett from Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and the Child Study Center.

ClassDojo CEO and co-founder Sam Chaudhary says the platform is something aimed at getting children in love with learning. That’s been successful by building online communities between parents and teachers who want to make the education experience work for their kids. For Chaudhary mindfulness is a key ingredient that teachers and parents need to make a lasting impression.

For Brackett, mindfulness helps build emotional intelligence, a key component to a proper education. Research shows that about 75% of high school students and 80% of teachers experience negative emotions that impact their ability to function in school. Mindfulness could impact those numbers significantly.

Thankfully, mindfulness is pretty straightforward, according to Brackett. By simply getting into the rhythm of practicing stillness, students can benefit both in and out of the classroom.

FAA Now Working with Dick DeVos

For the past two years, Dick DeVos has been working with the FAA’s Management Advisory Council. His work has helped with new ideas for airport renovations across the United States. One of the major issues pointed out by President Trump in his 2017 address was the lack of new technology in airports, such as in other countries. The FAA started the council to help with new policies, regulations, plans for growth, and budgets.


So how is Dick DeVos known in the aviation industry? His work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport placed Grand Rapids on the map. In the 1990s, people may not have known how difficult things were for all of Michigan, not just Detroit. DeVo’s hometown of Grand Rapids was going through similar economic breakdowns.


DeVos started working with local business leaders. They formed the committee known as Grand Action, which helped many businesses build up the central area of downtown Grand Rapids. Some of the buildings involved include DeVos Place Convention Center, DeVos Performance Hall, and Andel Arena. These areas now re-focused the area around downtown as a central place for entertainment and commerce.


The next phase of the plan involved the nearby airport. While the Grand Rapids airport had been around since the early 1900s, ticket sales had fallen dramatically, and by 1999, the airport re-launched in hopes of bring in new passengers. However, without a plan, the airport wasn’t able to course correct. It wasn’t until Dick DeVos joined with the CEO that they were able to bring in new flights and start bringing in business travelers.


The increase in ticket sales happened instantly. New passengers started booking flights to Orlando, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Denver. These new locations had double intent from DeVos who wanted to bring in business travelers to conference and convention destinations. Now that the airport was on board, Grand Rapids started to receive an influx of travelers and boomed in growth.


These plans created a huge demand for the airport, and now it’s gone through a $45 million renovation and been named one of the top airports in the United States. DeVos has been credited with putting the airport on the map and helping to build a more advanced business traveler center.


Devos will continue to work with the FAA through 2020 and help with other airport developments around the US.


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How Rocketship Education is Redefining Education in USA

Rocketship Education has one of the most active social media presence in the world of education. On Twitter, for example, Rocketship engages different people on different issues on education. Some of these issues include ways on capitalizing on technology in the education system. In the last eight years, the entity has been on Twitter; it has managed to build an audience of more 12,000 followers. Follow this link to interact wit Rocketship Education on the various social media handles

In addition to Rocketship Education using Twitter as an interaction space between different stakeholders in education, the organization also utilizes this space to educate people on different programs and more importantly, developments in the school systems since the schools are products of a collective approach to education.

Two years ago, NPR published an article about the school, which was largely untrue. The article made some untrue claims about the school system. For example, the article missed the reasons why Rocketship Education is a technology-centered education system. According to educational experts, adapting to technology has enabled the school system to make some huge progress in productivity.

The money saved from using technology goes to other important aspects of the school system. Apart from displaying that technology is compatible with effective education; different school systems have adopted the Rocketship Education model.

The article also made some errors on the participation of parents and other education stakeholders. Research on education for the past two decades has shown that children are more likely to graduate out of high school if their parents were part of their early education. This system, therefore, ensures that parents and guardians are part of their children progress by creating systems that bring together teachers and parents.

Through these systems, both parties make better education attainable and high graduation rate, not a farfetched reality. Through this partnership, parents can challenge leadership through structures and this according to education experts makes Rocketship Education the best run school system.

In addition to being one of the best-run education systems in the world, the system is also home to some of the best structures in talent nurturing. This approach to education and talent development makes it be the best all-round education system in the world.

Despite the criticism of the system, the group of charter schools have grown far and beyond as seen in this article.

A Look At GreenSky Credit And Its Chief Executive Officer David Zalik

GreenSky Credit has become one of the most valuable fintech companies in the World. The rise of GreenSky Credit has helped Chief Executive Officer David Zailk become a billionaire. Zalik has realized that contractors are important. Zalik also says that the company looks at homeowners who are struggling to make payments. GreenSky Credit’s target market are borrowers who have solid FICO scores, as the company offers unsecured loans through a quick approval process.

GreenSky Credit has a model that transfers a lot of the risk and allows both sides of the deal to receive benefits. Contractors market the loans to homeowners while also paying GreenSky a portion of the loan amount. GreenSky Credit is able to avoid being held liable for defaults. Zalik says that the company sits in the middle of billions of dollars every year in loans. With such a scalable model, GreenSky could potentially replace credit card financing in the future.

About David Zalik

David Zalik’s family moved around often, eventually settling in Israel, where Zalik was born. Zalik’s family moved to the United States when he was a small child. Zalik’s favorite subject as a child was math. Zalik continued his education at Auburn University. Zayn says that his interest in entrepreneurship came from wanting to impress older girls on campus. Zalik eventually left Auburn to focus on his computer-assembly company.

At the young age of 22, Zalik sold the company and became a multi-millionaire. Zalik began investing in commercial real estate. Zalik then helped create multiple companies, including Outweb and Rock Bridge Commercial Bank. Zalik’s experiences through starting different businesses and working in different industries lead to the creation of GreenSky Credit. Zalik wanted to help offer instant financing to consumers. Zalik credits Capital One’s Nigel Morris for his substantial investment to help GreenSky increase its brand.

How GreenSky Works

Zalik is proud of the GreenSky mobile app, which allows users to receive a credit decision instantly on their tablet or smartphone. The loan money is delivered to the contractor in the form of a credit card payment. Consumers are eligible to receive zero-interest financing for up to two years.

The Outstanding Career of Glen Wakeman is Business and Finance

Glen Wakeman is a revered entrepreneur who has accomplished a lot in finance and business in the past two decades. In 2005, he co-founded a SAAS firm that is called LaunchPad Holdings LLC and currently serves it as the CEO. Wakeman attended the University of Scranton where he was awarded a BS degree in economics and finance in 1981 and later enrolled at the University of Chicago for his MBA in finance. Glen Wakeman started his career by serving GE Capital. The entrepreneur was appreciated by GE’s board of directors as a growth leadership role model. He is the founder of Nova Four and took part in its management.

Wakeman’s lengthy career in business and finance has inspired many people. He has successfully transformed firms that have more than 17,000 employees and assets worth over $15 billion to grow in local and international corporate world. Glen has also specialized in offering advisory services to M&As, start-ups, divestitures, new market entry, and exponential growth. He has excellent strategies that enable him to perform well in governance, execution, risk management, leadership, and human capital.

As an author and investor, Glen Wakeman has had an opportunity to share his visions by making regular blog posts about the state of emerging markets, global financial issues, administration, and management, as well as strategy. He is a revered mentor who guides many C-level executives and acts as an advisor at Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.

Glen has written several blogs about global affairs, leaderships, business transformation, and emerging markets. His articles guide readers on angel financing, strategy, and capital raising. The entrepreneur’s advice has assisted startup companies such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees to be successful. He likes being involved in issues that deal with executive development, innovation, and growth. Wakeman has been a resident of six different countries and has also been made in charge of operations in 30 regions across the globe. His career as an executive has enabled him to gain international recognition.

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Wessex Institute Is The Place For Post Graduates

Wessex Institute is a school that will appeal to all students considering post-graduate education. Wessex has an amazing campus in the U.K. All of their research laboratories are filled with the best and most modern technology on the market. Students from all over the world attend Wessex Institute for their post graduate education.

Wessex Institute is recognized all over the world as one of the best academic institutions in the world. Students graduating from Wessex will be able to find a great job in the field of research. These students will also have lifetime access to an online job board supplied by Wessex. This online job board is updated on a daily basis. Wessex has an entire department dedicated to helping students find a great job in the research field.

Graduating students will also receive alumni news on a weekly basis. This news will feature the accomplishments of past graduates, along with their contact information. This is a great way for graduates to connect with fellow students that have found success in the industry.

The same team of employees that handle the job board is the same team of employees that handle the internship program. This internship program is designed for students currently enrolled in the post graduate program. This team studies the interest of students. They then contact these students based on the internships that arise. Most of these internships take place near the campus, so students will not have far to go when leaving or going back to class. Just about every student was able to get a full-time job from the internship they were put on.

Those considering post graduate school can contact Wessex Institute today. Wessex has a customer service department that is available everyday. These representatives can give students all the information they need, and these representatives can start the application process for potential post graduate students. Students interested in this program can also schedule a specific time for a Wessex Institute student counselor to contact them. This will by no means be a sales call. These counselors are available to solely answer any questions a student may have about Wessex.