How Rocketship Education is Redefining Education in USA

Rocketship Education has one of the most active social media presence in the world of education. On Twitter, for example, Rocketship engages different people on different issues on education. Some of these issues include ways on capitalizing on technology in the education system. In the last eight years, the entity has been on Twitter; it has managed to build an audience of more 12,000 followers. Follow this link to interact wit Rocketship Education on the various social media handles

In addition to Rocketship Education using Twitter as an interaction space between different stakeholders in education, the organization also utilizes this space to educate people on different programs and more importantly, developments in the school systems since the schools are products of a collective approach to education.

Two years ago, NPR published an article about the school, which was largely untrue. The article made some untrue claims about the school system. For example, the article missed the reasons why Rocketship Education is a technology-centered education system. According to educational experts, adapting to technology has enabled the school system to make some huge progress in productivity.

The money saved from using technology goes to other important aspects of the school system. Apart from displaying that technology is compatible with effective education; different school systems have adopted the Rocketship Education model.

The article also made some errors on the participation of parents and other education stakeholders. Research on education for the past two decades has shown that children are more likely to graduate out of high school if their parents were part of their early education. This system, therefore, ensures that parents and guardians are part of their children progress by creating systems that bring together teachers and parents.

Through these systems, both parties make better education attainable and high graduation rate, not a farfetched reality. Through this partnership, parents can challenge leadership through structures and this according to education experts makes Rocketship Education the best run school system.

In addition to being one of the best-run education systems in the world, the system is also home to some of the best structures in talent nurturing. This approach to education and talent development makes it be the best all-round education system in the world.

Despite the criticism of the system, the group of charter schools have grown far and beyond as seen in this article.

Rocketship Education Gets Results Every Time

Rocketship Education has made its mark in the field of elementary education. The early grades are where students can make the most progress more quickly and which will impact their later studies and change their lives.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit public charter school network that locates in underprivileged and lower economic areas. In many of these areas, there is a severe lack of a tax base so there is very little in the way of quality schools that can sustain themselves. Consequently, there is a huge educational gap created that in many cases is never closed, as it becomes too difficult for students to catch up.

Rocketship Education has changed all of that with their fun and innovative approach to education for children. Students look forward to going to school because it is fun and challenging. The results certainly speak for themselves as Rocketship students are ready for graduation a full year ahead of their public school counterparts. Studies have also shown that test scores are well above public school scores for Rocketship students who have moved on to middle school.

One of the keys to success with Rocketship is the partnerships that are created between communities, parents, instructors, and the students. Of particular significance is the parental partnership because when a parent really gets involved, great things begin to happen. A parent can do as little as being interested and focused on their child’s school experience, or they can take on a more active role and be in a leadership capacity. The bottom line is that the students are more aware and focused when their parents are.

Each day a student is immersed in a fun and creative atmosphere that uses the latest technology to present course material and follow-up lessons. Rocketship utilizes general classroom sessions for an overall view of subject matter, and the students are broken into smaller groups for more in-depth study as well as personalized tutoring.

Each student finds that it is fun to go to school in this manner and they discover that they can really learn math, science, social studies, reading and other subjects very well. Rocketship has changed the lives of many students as the results have shown since 2006 when Rocketship Education began.

Rocketship Education Has Blasted Off

Ten Years ago, Rocketship Charter school was born. Started in a church in San Jose, California, this new type of school has learned a thing or two about serving its community and impacting lives in the ten years its been around.

The first thing the school would like parents and students to know is that personalized learning starts at home. They believe that every student has specialized needs and interests and that it is important to meet those needs. By building good relationships with families, Rocketship has been able to gain a better understanding of each child. The school also believes that to change the school system, they must make more demand for elementary charter schools.

Rocketship schools were created in part to let parents exercise their right to send their child to a good public school. That’s why parents are held to such high honors in the Rocketship schools- they need to be able to advocate for their child’s education.

Another belief is that real inclusion benefits everyone- the ones being included and the ones including. That’s why Rocketship values diversity– diversity creates inclusion. Diversity is important to the school, but what is more important is making sure that every child has a quality school near them, even if that sometimes means sacrificing diversity.

The term “actions speak louder than words” is one that the Rocketship founder finds important. He made sure to send his children to Rocketship, because he wanted people to know that if he sent his kids there, it was a good school. Part of the reason the Rocketship founder believes his schools are so good is the flex learning model. The flex model is based on goal setting and encouraging feedback.

Rocketship schools are public charter schools in California. It’s mission is to provide high quality schooling for all children, and give them the chance to discover through personalized learning.

The first school was launched in San Jose, California in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. Schools have now spread to Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington DC.