*Oncotarget Explained:

Oncotarget is an informational resource journal which is available free of charge. Oncotarget publishes their journal on a weekly basis. Therefore, all material is current and updated. This medical journal provides information on issues concerning Oncology.Oncotarget was first made available in 2010 by Impact Journals. The idea came about by two Cancer researchers from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The journal is very reliable and it is indexed within the index Medicus.Various aspects of Oncology are included within the journal. In addition, information concerning medical research, cancer treatments as well as physician theories are openly discussed within these pages. Prior to publishing any new material, medical researchers are required to provide references as well as segments of their current research study for verification process. All Oncology related materials must be approved prior to publication. Jeffrey Beall is one of the Oncotarget staff members that has the authority to approve or reject new information prior to publication.

Recent articles that can be found on the Oncotarget web site include Salvage Therapies for Testicular Cancer relapse, Viral Inhibitions of PACT/ Induced RIG-1 Activation, Effective Models for Anti-metastatic Therapies and much more.Salvage Therapies for testicular Cancer relapse include current information concerning Testicular Cancer origin as well as survival rate statistics. In addition, an explanation on how Cisplatin based combination therapy may prove useful in patients with a re-occurrence of Testicular Cancer. Chemo-therapy as well as Salvage therapy for Cancer are discussed in great detail within this recently added journal.

Viral Inhibitions of PACT are discussed in a recently added medical supplement. PACT is a protein activator that can cause inhibition of cellular protein synthesis. The ability to inhibit PACT may hold promise in the future in treating certain Cancers effectively. More research is required however great possibilities do exist.Possibly one of the most effective ways in which to treat aggressive Cancers in the future is by using Anti-metastatic forms of therapy. When Cancer metastasizes it leads to death. Therefore, treating Cancers in their later stages with Anti-metastatic Therapy may effectively destroy cancer tumors as well as any remaining Cancer cells within the body. In layman’s terms, using this form of Cancer therapy may effectively lead to a cure. The article explains in greater detail what kind of research and testing still needs to be done.Essentially, Oncotarget provides a wealth of useful information especially for those within the medical profession. In addition, medical students and resident physicians can benefit greatly from the information provided by Oncotarget.