Sussex Healthcare: the Titan Nursing and Residential Care Provider

Sussex Healthcare operates on the Southern coast of England and is the leading provider of nursing and residential care in the region. For more than 10 years, Sussex has been committed to providing optimum care to the adults that may be in need of specialized care including the elderly people. Sussex elementary philosophy is to offer physical, social, emotional and spiritual care that the people under their care need.

Sussex has two joint principals Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani who have worked together, bringing their diverse abilities and background to ensure that Sussex thrives. Shiraz Boghani has a wealth of experience in managing hotels and Shafik Sachedina has medical experience being a dental surgeon. This combination for over two decades has turned Sussex Healthcare into a dynamic and successful adult care organization. Sussex Healthcare’s very first amenity was established in 1985. Presently, there are over 20 amenities that are operated under Sussex Healthcare’s canopy which include art of fitness, daycare and other full-care residences. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

Sussex Healthcare majors in operating live-in facilities for the elderly who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia and also young people with neurological disorders. Sussex handles amenities that accommodate individuals with both demanding care needs as well as those with needs that are less demanding. The caregiving staff and support team is skilled and well trained in taking care of the clients that seek aid from Sussex. Continuous training and never-ending education are among the attributes of Sussex Healthcare management.

Sussex Healthcare provides services that are founded on the belief that everyone in their care is entitled to incessant access to leisure, social and recreational activities. Sussex believes that their clients need more than physical health. The lives led in Sussex facilities should be fulfilling and worth living. Therefore, in all their amenities, they have programs that are meant to encourage the occupants to stay active. These include leisure activities that are individualized, those that cater to the occupant’s interests. Most importantly is also that Sussex residential amenities have skilled chefs and staff who ensure that meals provided cater to the dietary needs of every individual.

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