Cotemar’s Unique Services and Values

Cotemar is a Mexican company that was started in 1979.



Cotemar offers construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering services. The company also provides maintenance and rehabilitation of the oil processing centers and rigs of PEMEX offshore facilities. The jobs cover a broad scope that ranges from the assembly to the service lines commissioning. The above ranges of services are offered with the support of semi-submersible rigs, which are highly mobile. The rig’s mobility aids them to move from complex to complex. The rigs also have high load capacity cranes that make them suitable for the function. Moreover, Cotemar’s vessels have a dynamic positioning system that provides special services such as offshore maintenance. The vessels are operated via Satellite controlling motors that make them remain in fixed positions. Moreover, the dynamic positioning vessels are equipped with saturation diving systems that allow inspection procedures to be conducted.

Cotemar’s specialized vessels provide personnel and material transportation services on the Campeche Bay. The company also has refrigerated cargo vessels that transport nourishment and materials. Moreover, Cotemar offers catering and accommodation services on the rigs and vessels. The services range from laundry services, food preparation, to the cleaning of the common areas. The accommodation vessels hold cabins that host two to four people. They also have recreational areas such as gyms, basketball courts, TV rooms, and cinema halls. The total capacity of the rigs and vessels at Cotemar is 4000 people. The management ensures that the highest health standards are observed in the vessels.



  • Cotemar installs materials in their place at the right time
  • The company also observes safety and sustainability
  • It also contributes positively to its partners’ efficient business practices by reducing costs and increasing the work value
  • Cotemar also creates value in the production processes to deliver top quality work
  • Finally, Cotemar complies with the environmental regulations


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