Paul Herdsman Talks About His Hobbies and How They Help Him As COO of NICE Global

Paul Herdsman is a seasoned entrepreneur and the co-founder and COO of NICE Global. NICE Global helps other businesses outsource customer service departments by providing them with an affordable “near-shore” customer service department. NICE Global places their client’s customer service departments in Jamaica, where the employees speak English and it has close proximity to the US. This means that the process for businesses remains streamlined. They also offer top-tier training, pay, and benefits for their employees. As the COO, Herdsman runs the daily aspects of operations, he helps form strategic partnerships and helps the company with long-term growth planning. He sat down with to talk about his hobbies and the impact they have on him as COO of NICE Global.

Paul Herdsman’s two favorite hobbies are fishing and golfing. Living in South Florida he has plenty of opportunities for both hobbies. He began fishing when he was five or six years old after he received a fishing rod for Christmas. He began golfing after he graduated high school when he tried it for the first time. He quickly became hooked on the sport and has long since become a passion and an obsession.

Despite his busy schedule of being a COO, Paul Herdsman still manages to find time to fish and golf at least once a week. Though South Florida has plenty of top-tier golf courses, when he can he enjoys traveling to golf at other renowned courses. He enjoys golfing on what he calls his “bucket list courses” these include Pebble Beach Golf Links, The Old Course at St. Andrews, The Straits Course at Whistling Straits, Old Head Golf Links, Carnoustie Golf Links and several others around the world.

If he had unlimited free time he would fish and golf three to four days a week. He would also plan golfing trips to Ireland and Scotland as well as plan fishing trips to the Dominican Republic during marlin season and Mexico during sailfish season.

He enjoys doing these hobbies because they help him relieve stress and decompose after a busy work week. This impacts him as COO because it helps him feel refreshed when he returns to work and helps him be more productive.

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To Elevate Your Position Learn from Mike Nierenberg

What does it take to make a great firm? If you were to ask Mike Nierenberg, he might say that it is the people that is present within the firm and their particular smarts. Most professionals would agree with the potential answer that Mike Nierenberg may say. Mike Nierenberg was able to show throughout his career that one had to continue to move and make a difference. They could not simply rest on their past history and hope to be of potential value, they had to continue to jump on to the court and make a significant difference in the best way they knew.

If they didn’t know they had to learn and ask questions quickly, they had to spend countless hours studying the nuances and the various details to become an expert in their field.

Mike Nierenberg knows this, he has demonstrated the need to conduct the right activities over the course of one’s career to really drive the ship and go places.

But how did Mike Nierenberg make the right choices? Who did he work with first? The answer to the former question is rather tough, the answer to the latter is a bit more simple. Mike Nierenberg worked for Lehman Brothers at the very start of his career. This financial firm was a great choice because it was one that has been around for a long time.

Let us see how Lehman Brothers were able to progress from one level to the next and eventually be a part of Mike Nierenberg and his history.

The Rise of Lehman Brothers

The seeds of Lehman Brothers were planted in 184, the company witnessed significant growth and several changes that would form it into the company it became in contemporary society.

After establishing a base in New York City, Emanuel Lehman went on to join several emerging exchanges such as the Coffee Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange.

Emanuel Lehman had proven himself and had become a competent person in his field, as such, he was able to partake in the emergence of a variety of exchanges that would play a significant role in shaping the future of money.

Mike Nierenberg was able to use the Lehman Brothers platform to contribute and advance his career.

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OSI Group McDonalds Partnership Being The Secret To The Firms Successes

OSI Group just like any startup had humble beginnings. The firm began operating as a small meat shop in Chicago. Its founder was a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowky. The small butcher shop after expanding and growing its client base was rebranded to Otto and Sons in the year 1928.

Otto and Sons business also boomed and needed some financing to expand the business, and that’s where the current Chairman and CEO of OSI Group Mr. Sheldon Lavin had the first encounter with the company. Otto and Sons approached the bank where Sheldon was working and requested for financing that he successfully helped them acquire.

OSI Group McDonalds breakthrough was in 1955 when Ray Kroc launched the first McDonald restaurant. Ray Croc needed a supplier of quality meat and since Otto and Sons had built a reputation of offering quality meat product the McDonald’s chose them but under one condition that Sheldon joins the company. Sheldon Lavin then joined the firm management and ever since then the company started growing in leaps and bounds. OSI Group McDonalds relationship has lasted for decades now. OSI Group McDonalds relationship is a symbiotic type of relationship where the two firms benefit from each other. The two firms have watched and helped each other grow over the years. OSI Group McDonalds relationship was strengthened by the invention of fresh food preservation method using liquid nitrogen freezing in the 1960s. This ensured the supply of large quantities of meat from OSI to the McDonald without any form of wastage. It is the food preservation method invention that made OSI Group McDonalds partnership become a success.

Today OSI Group boasts of being the leading supplier of processed meat products not only in the US but globally. The firm has expanded to more than 17 countries and has offered employment to thousands of people globally. OSI Group is headquartered in Chicago Illinois and is continually growing through local and international mergers and acquisitions. On the other hand, the McDonald has also grown to be a leading chain of fast foods restaurant worldwide and has also provided employment to thousands of people around the world.

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Zeco Auriemo and JHSF Have Made Their Mark in Brazilian Real Estate

Not only is he a chairman, but Zeco Aurmiemo is also an outstanding Chief Executive Officer at the Brazilian real estate giant known as JHSF. In addition to its role in the development of luxury properties, JHSF has also gained some recognition for its efforts in marketing. Mr. Auriemo has done a great job of maintaining the organization’s reputation, and it is his experience and leadership skills that allow the company to keep making progress.

With the excellence leadership of Mr. Zeco Auriemo, JHSF has been able to make some exceptional gains with regards to its market value, and other real estate companies around Brazil are having trouble competing with its success. The Cidade Jardim is one of the best examples of what JHSF is capable of, and this shopping mall is famous all over Brazil.

Although JHSF is based in Brazil, there have also been efforts to expand the brand’s reach in some other countries as well. The United States and Uruguay are two countries in which Zeco Auriemo has ventured into the real estate market. The Brazil Foundation has been helped immensely thanks to the efforts of Mr. Auriemo, and he, thus far, has been able to raise nearly $2 million in funding for the organization.

JHSF has seen consistent growth as a company each year thanks to the stellar leadership that it has received from Zeco Auriemo. It is Mr. Zeco Auriemo’s with that JHSF continues to grow in the future and becomes a force to be reckoned with in the Brazilian real estate sector. JHSF has traded publicly since 2007, and Mr. Auriemo continues to monitor the company’s progress and deal with any issues that come up during the business’s operations.