Deaths, Donald Trump, And Wikipedia: The Importance Of Wiki Editors For Your Reputation

This past year has been fraught with celebrity deaths and a worldwide fascination with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and election. With this fascination and loss of major contributors to society, lessons can be learned for those looking to protect their online reputations.

Both “Donald Trump” and “Deaths in 2016” show up in Wikipedia’s list of most edited articles for the year. Given the loss of such universally recognizable celebrities as Prince, David Bowie, and Muhammad Ali, it’s no surprise that a page chronicling this year’s tragic losses tops the list. These were individuals who inspired generations to follow, and have rightfully earned their places as pop-culture icons around the world.

Donald Trump’s campaign became a phenomenon in its own way, captivating, mesmerizing, and horrifying citizens from all walks of life and in countries the world over. His page also offers a cautionary tale and shows why hiring a Wikipedia editor is in the best interest of anyone looking to protect the online reputation of their business.

Wikipedia has lost some of its initial luster. When it first started, it served as a valuable tool used by many students and the general public searching for accurate information on topics as diverse as Beverley Gray and Vincent Van Gogh, two of the other most edited articles of 2016. However, the platform allows anyone to edit a Wikipedia page, causing issues with accuracy for many. This is an especially pertinent topic given the rise of fake news in 2016, which has its own Wikipedia page and was subject to an influx of edits in December.

Individuals concerned that the online reputation of their business is in danger of being hijacked on Wikipedia have new options. Get Your Wiki is a new service that is becoming more popular to protect the online reputation of yourself or your company. Editors at Get Your Wiki work to eliminate inaccurate information and protect your online reputation.

This service offers businesses and high-profile individuals the chance to avoid potential damage brought on by internet trolls offering fake but sensational information on their Wikipedia page. While many won’t view a Wikipedia page as the top source for information due to its reputational issues, having negative information on an online source that is viewed at astronomical rates is harmful. Working with Wikipedia experts at specialized companies like Get Your Wiki offers businesses the ability to have real-time monitoring of their page and someone working to ensure the most accurate information is all that shows up.

Having an accurate Wikipedia page is crucial for any business facing malicious articles from fake news sites or individuals looking to harm the business. Many individuals who edit pages on Wikipedia do so with the intent to inform rather than defame. However, when people take to the page to lob false claims or inaccurate and harmful details, businesses have to be prepared to ensure corrections are made. This is a task that is tedious for many workers but is thankfully offered through services like Get Your Wiki.

Protecting you and your business’s online reputation is vital, and requires time and attention to detail. Outsourcing this part of your company’s public relations and communications plan can prevent potential disasters while also, hopefully, ensuring those pages don’t show up on this list in the years to come.