Kim Dao and Eric Go Anime Shopping and Eating at The Maid Cafe

Kim Dao and her boyfriend Eric went shopping at a place called Don Quixote in Akihabara. There were all kind of things to see. There were stuffed animals the form of anime characters including Pikachu. The store was selling cellphone cases with anime designs. There were keyrings with anime characters dangling from them. Kim Dao wanted to get her boyfriend what looked like a rubber turkey. There was also an anime exhibit of pictures. There were plenty of different kinds of anime jigsaw puzzles with 1000 pieces. Eric bought an anime jigsaw puzzle and a kit kat bar. A Pikachu 3-D jigsaw puzzle caught Kim Dao’s eye.


Kim Dao discovered they had more than anime. She was thinking of buying a ceramic handled knife for her apartment because she didn’t have any. The store sold skin care products including face masks.


Inside a large barrel was play money wrapped in cellophane. They had costume wigs so people could have hair like their favorite anime character. There were also poo hats and a golden turd.


After shopping, Kim Dao and Eric went to an Italian restaurant called Pizzeria Mar Napoli, and she wanted to share a pizza with him. She liked prosciutto, pizza with shaved Italian ham. There was a buffet with sausage links and patties. There was a meatball dish called Arancini with parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top. Kim Dao noticed an asparagus, mushroom, and egg platter. They got their prosciutto pizza with ham slices, spinach leaves, and sliced cherry tomato.

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