The Story of David McDonald and the OSI Group

David McDonald is quite an individual. He is truly a person that proves that how you begin is not how you have to end. He is currently the COO of a major meat processing company named OSI Industries and that is not an easy feat. From small time to big time, here is an overview of this amazing man. David McDonald was born in 1964 and raised on a farm in Northeast Iowa. He attended Iowa State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. He was awarded the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award when graduating from college. 1987 was when Mr. McDonald joined OSI Industries, a multi-national food processing company, where he began his career as a Project Manager.

His responsibility was to expand OSI internationally with the main focus being Latin America and Asia. The growth of David McDonald was outstanding while being with OSI. After increasing his responsibilities within the company, he is currently the Chief Operating Officier and he also holds a seat on the board there. Mr. McDonald also held a seat on the Board of Directors of Marfrig Alimentos S/A in Brazil which is a very large protein company in multiple countries. In January 2015, Mr. McDonald became the first Chairman of the North American Meat Institute.

Although he has found much success away from his born state, He is still committed to the Iowa State community. He plays an active role in the University’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. He is an amazing supporter of the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund and has also played a lead role in establishing internship opportunities for ISU students at the OSI Group. In 2004, David McDonald won the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award for his activism with the alumni association. In 1991, David McDonald married and he has a total of six children to this day which whom he spends a lot of time with and their activities. Mr. McDonald is also a very active member in church and his community. He once served as a member of the St. Michael School Board and he is a participant in the St. Michael Parish.

Freedom Checks the Only Beacon of Hope for Many Investors

Freedom checks are usually issued by companies that are known as Master Limited Partnerships. These companies usually major in the energy industry where they engage in activities such as production, refining and transporting oil and gas. They invest in the exploration of new oil and gas wells, extraction of the oil and transport them through variously established oil pipelines. In order for a company to qualify to be a Master Limited Company, they must pay a minimum of 90% of the revenue it gets from its ventures to the shareholders. Currently, there are more than 500 Master Limited Companies that are making these monthly payments to the shareholders.

These Quarterly payments from the Master Limited Companies are the same as the share dividends. Nonetheless, because they are treated as a return on capital instead of income, the investors are exempted from paying taxes on these freedom checks. Again, if you decide to dispose of your MLP investment, the profit you will get from the sale will only be subjected to lower capital gains tax instead of the higher personal income tax. This offers additional income tax benefits to the investors. Another benefit of Master Limited Partnerships is that their shares are very easy to buy. Like the traditional way of buying the normal shares, one can receive his or her freedom checks either through the mail or have it deposited into his or her brokerage account.

Therefore, investments in Master Limited Partnerships can help one generate substantial incomes. For example, Matt Badiali has gained so much wealth for himself and his followers. The government of the United States allowed the MLPs to avoid taxes as a way of maintaining its independence by producing more energy. Consequently, he supported the development of a law that would eventually benefit investors in the energy industry. Despite the fact that one needs larger investments so that one can receive a substantial amount of income, Americans were encouraged to start buying the shares with as low as $50 in spare cash. Therefore, investors can take advantage of Freedom checks as they offer a high rate of return making their money to grow over time. Learn More.

Financial Analyst Sandy Chin Gives Investors Advice On How To Deal With A Stagnant Stock Market

Recently, the US stock market took a hit that has many investors worried about the future. Many analysts believe that the recent global events have impacted the US stock market.


However, other analysts believe that the recent drop on the US stock market is a result of activities happening on every level of investment. Many investors believe that an economic slowdown may occur soon. Investment apps and algorithms have adjusted their programming. Everyone is searching for answers. Some people believe that age is a factor.


Looking Back


The most significant crash of The US stock market occurred in 1929. The impact of the stock market crash in 1929 lasted for close to 20 years. It takes time for the economy to get back to normal after a serious crash.


The Black Monday crash in 1987 is significant because stock markets crashed all over the World. Analysts believe that this happened due to the slow economic growth in the US at the time. Oil prices started to increase, which contributed to the slow growth period, along with London’s Great Storm of 1987 and Iran destroying multiple US supertankers.


Sandy Chin’s Advice


Stock market drops are troubling, however, most of them are temporary. It’s important that investors make good decisions while they wait for the stock market to turn around. With that being said, here are some tips from financial analyst Sandy Chin to help investors stay calm during a stock market drop.


Research Your Stock History


Researching stocks allows investors to gain a better idea about what may happen with the entire market over the next few months. Sandy Chin advises investors to do research on any stock before investing in it. This will help investors figure out if the investment is a good idea, as well as when to purchase shares in the future.


Look For New Stocks


Chin believes that investors can diversify their portfolio by investing in new stocks. While investing in new stocks can be risky, the new investments could potentially lead to lucrative financial rewards. Chin advises entrepreneurs to study the market so that they can learn more information about the competition.


Gather Input


Sandy Chin advises investors to seek multiple opinions about each investment. Keep in mind that investment experts have extensive knowledge of different aspects of the stock market. Seeking multiple opinions on different investments will help investors become more well rounded, which should enhance their investment strategies.


Why Sheldon Lavin Stands Out from Other Executives at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin’s success story is one that both budding and established entrepreneurs need to use as inspiration. Since he was young, Lavin always had hopes about owning and running a business. He set himself to pursuing an academic course in accounting and finance to have the edge over business management. Lavin was also innovative throughout his school life.

Lavin’s professional career took a good turn after he helped in financing Otto & Sons to becoming OSI Industries. Otto & Sons was a meat processing venture based in West Chicago and owned by the Kolschowsky family. Lavin managed to gain ownership of OSI Industries as he continued getting involved with the company’s business operations. He was also ambitious about transforming OSI into a world-renowned food processing business.

Today, OSI Group is the owner of over 80 food processing facilities based in 17 countries. The company’s product portfolio includes protein products, baked goods, vegetable items, and sauces. According to Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group operates as an entrepreneurial venture. The firm has certain budgetary limits, levels of responsibility, strategies to implement and rules to follow.

Lavin’s Vision for OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin looks forward to offering aid to the local communities through OSI Group continuously. He’s also hopeful that OSI’s growth and expansion will continue. Lavin and his team are passionate about enabling the company to maintain its position as a leading food supplier. Lavin is hopeful that OSI’s business goals and the mission will be attainable even after he retires.

Lavin’s Career Background

Lavin is the current CEO and chair of OSI Group. He also heads OSI International Foods as the president. His CEO role at OSI allows him to stay active in the company’s operations while prioritizing on quality and efficiency. His other roles include director at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and General Trustee at Rush University Medical Center.

Sheldon Lavin helped transform Otto & Sons into a global brand, OSI Group. He also led the company into expanding to the global food market and opening several food processing plants globally. In 2016, he bagged the Global Visionary Award presented by the Vision World Academy of India. Lavin was also the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 for his efforts to revolutionize the Chicago business environment.

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Damac Owner Husain Sajwani Continues Planning for New Buildings Amidst Falling Share Prices

In the third quarter for the year, Damac properties revenue slumped, an economic tumble that saw the multinational company shares take a hit. This, according to Husain Sajwani, has no bearing on the company’s future or its current plans. It explains why the Damac owner continues planning new plans and executing existing ones both in Dubai and such other regions as Europe where the Damac owner hopes to help his luxury real estate company establish a solid foothold. But why is the entrepreneur unshaken by the recent economic downturn?

Eye on longer-term company goals

According to the recent earnings call by Hussain Sjawani’s Damac properties, the profits took a nosedive dragging with them the share price. This would see the billionaire real estate industry player’s net worth reduce by over 25 percent, settling at $3.6 billion. This resulted from increased political and economic tensions in its major markets like the Brexit in Europe and U.S-China trade war in the United States.

The hostile markets currently available here, as well as the uncertainty on their end, however, didn’t stop Hussain Sajwani from launching new projects and completing existing ones. For instance, his company has currently embarked kicked off ambitious developments in Europe and is currently eying entry into the Chinese markets. The realtor argues that he refuses to be swayed by the current market conditions but maintains focus on the long-term goals.

Welcomed market shifts

The Damac owner further mentions that he has been in the real estate industry for close to four decades. He has faced even worse market conditions like the recent financial crisis that rocked the real estate market in 2008. Hussain, therefore, holds the opinion that the recent changes witnessed in the market are normal dynamics are normal and expected.

More about Hussain Sajwani

Hussain is the founder and current Chief Executive officer of one of the most successful luxury real estate companies in the world, Damac Properties. He is also a major player in the global hospitality industry. Here, he supplies meals to the different U.S military bases in the Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon and UAE and also invests heavily in hotels and restaurants both in the Middles East and Africa.

Jacob Gottlieb Creating new Wave of Change through Altium Capital

 The healthcare investment industry is slowly but surely transforming into an ultra-modern sector, with many innovations taking shape day by day. Jacob Gottlieb forms part of entrepreneurs facilitating change in the industry. He continually offers support to enterprises that provide responsive advanced health and medical treatment.

Jacob Gotlieb’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Jacob Gottlieb’s entrepreneurial acumen has informed his investments and ventures all geared towards improving healthcare service delivery. Recently, he added Altium Capital to his repertoire of revolutionary ventures. Altium has invested in Oramed Pharmaceuticals which already has a breakthrough innovation attached to its name. The firm has successfully developed an alternative oral treatment for diabetic patients who conventionally receive treatment through injections. Altium has also invested in Oragenics and Amarin.

Jacob Gottlieb is focused on broadening investments in the healthcare industry. He has a vision of enabling the growth of companies in the healthcare industry with a significant focus on those that are promising in their potential to deliver considerable historical advances in the health and medical sector.

Gotlieb has had a successful career in investment having founded Visium Asset Management and been a founder member of Balyasny Asset Management, all of which achieved considerable milestones. Worked for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC, and as an investment portfolio manager at Merlin in New York City.

Jacob Gotlieb also has a passion for philanthropic activities supporting several charitable organization and educational foundations in New York. Through fundraisings and donations, Gotlieb has helped organizations like the Robin Hood Foundation, The Windward School, New Yorkers for Children, and the East Harlem Tutorial Program.

True to say, Gotlieb is a hero in his quarters, influencing advancements in the healthcare and industry, assisting upcoming companies through continued investments and helping the less fortunate in the society through donations. Besides,his philanthropic activities have enacted much in the society.

The Newer Alternative Investment by Gareth Henry

Over the years there has been an increase in the number of ways that people use to increase their return on investment and at an unbelievable rate. The stock market has been at the receiving end of most of these backdoor methods of investment. According to Gareth Henry, though these techniques are legal, without expertise and adequate information, these methods can cause huge losses on one’s investment. The following are a number of investment techniques that investors need to understand before they can start investing through them.

Risk Parity. Follow Gareth Henry on

That’s is a form of investment that relies on the volatility of the asset. It does not rely on the prize of the stock but its volatility for example equities, inflation risk assets and fixed income. The details on the investment are adjustable over the period that it’s on the portfolio. As the volatility of the asset reduces, it’s weight on the portfolio increases.

Program Trading.

This is the use of computer programs to monitor the stock market. Though they can not be ascertained fully, there were claims that, through huge investments and expertise, program trading yielded rapid and large profits. The only proof of its effectiveness is the huge number of replications. Gareth Henry points out that capital is drawn to point of excess profit, making program trading a reliable investment platform.


CTAs stands for Commodity training advisors. A CTA is basically a financial adviser whose only focus is on commodity investment. Previously, commodity trading advisors were limited to commodity trading but they have now moved to all and any asset class that can be traded. Gareth Henry indicted that CTAs are for large volume investments that are limited to a short period of time ranging from a few days to a week.

Gareth Henry studied actuarial mathematics in the universe of Edinburgh, Scotland. After graduating in 2000, he started his career in investment when working for Schroders in London. He later joined the Fortress Investment Group where he is the current Global Marketing team Managing Director. In the same position, Gareth Henry oversees the wealth, insurance relations and pension funds of the company.

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Stream Energy: A Pioneer Approach to Giving Back

Stream Energy is a company that is based in Dallas, Texas that is slowly changing the nationwide perspective of Texas as regards generosity. The company was one of the first to respond when floods brought on by Hurricane Harvey destroyed property and human lives were lost. According to an article on Patch, the company made use of money made in their business endeavors to help people that were in a trouble because of the floods.

The company has been involved in philanthropic activities throughout the state of Texas and across the country. Giving back is part of what Stream Energy is about and the philanthropic division was recently launched and is called Stream Cares. There is a trend in Dallas for corporations to make giving back an integral part of their businesses a lot more than money to help those in need.

The model that Stream Energy has come up with by having a special division for philanthropy is a new idea but one that has major advantages. It helps the company engage in charitable activities and also respect with clients and possible clients. From the perspective of a company, executive philanthropy is a great way for a company to reduce the impact of scandals, layoffs or when profits are down.

This is why corporate given is highly publicized and corporations in America are so generous. A good example is 2016 when corporations in the united states donated up to $19 billion to charities within the country and abroad. Stream Energy encourages its associate to live within their communities, they have a simplistic business model where associates earn commision doing direct energy sales.

They are involved in charities that help the homeless and support Hope Supply Company on their water park events by providing meals and entry fees for the children. Stream Energy also works with Operation Once in a Lifetime to help war veterans and their families along with American Girl Doll Experience.

About Stream Energy

Stream is a direct sales company that was established in 2005. It supplies electricity in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York as well Texas where is one of the top most trusted electricity providers.

Upwork  Creating a To-Do List is Essential for Any Professional

The professionals who do not want to do a salaried job can now dream of being a freelancer and achieve success easily these days if they are disciplined and honest with their work. Upwork is a platform that ensures that deserving freelancers can get a constant flow of work. However, to be successful as a freelancer, it is necessary that you are able to stay focused on your work and is able to win the trust of your clients. One of the best ways to stay organized and focused on your work as a freelancer is to build a habit of maintaining a to-do list.

Without a to-do list, it would be difficult for you to keep track of all the work that is pending and whose deadline is nearing. There are many mobile applications as well that you can download to keep your to-do list handy with yourself on your phone all the time. Freelancers have to make sure that they complete and send their work to the clients on time always and to keep track of deadline, it is necessary that you are able to keep a to-do list. The good thing about having a to-do list is that it would not let you miss out on any deadline. You should always write your to-do list at the night so that you can start working immediately after waking up the next day without wasting time organizing your day.

When you have a to-do list right in front of you, you know how to manage your time and be organized. You have an outline that offers you a complete preview of what you need to do next. You need to make sure that you create the to-do list at only one place so that you know where to look when you get confused.

OSI industries: The Leader in Supplying Quality Foods

In the United States, one of the well-known companies that diver quality food products are the OSI Group. The company sells several food products such as pizzas, beef, and vegetables. Ever since its inception, the company has been delivering quality products all over the world. By providing quality products, the company has experienced tremendous growth. It is now the largest company in the United States and the whole world when it comes to delivering food products. It has expanded its operations and currently operates in 17 countries.

Its global expansion into Europe has seen the company reach more customers. Furthermore, it acquired some companies to help with its expansion plan. Through the acquisition, OSI Group can provide its products to different parts of the world. The company increased its customer base by buying Tyson food plant.

The food processing plant has a 200,000 square foot, which was being operated by Tyson Foods. The facility will provide the needed infrastructure to enhance its growth. Through the facility, OSI Group will be able to meet its growing customer needs. At the time of purchase, the two companies did not disclose the terms of the acquisition. It was also not clear the products that were to be processed. Tyson foods used the plant for its food business. Tyson foods were set to close the facility, but since OSI Group had an available production facility, the facility would come in handy.

One of the people who has seen OSI Group grow is the company’s president. He started working in the firm as a project manager, but through his hardworking, he made his way to the top position. David McDonald has been in the company for over 30 years now. He ensures that everything flows smoothly and that customers always get quality products. McDonald shares the vision of McDonald to meet the customer expectation. The company’s high-quality standards are what has contributed to customers keep coming back. Furthermore, the company also ensures that it gets customer trust. According to McDonald, the company will continue to be innovative and listen to its customer needs.