Unroll Me the Email Inbox Cleaner

Unroll Me helps those people with a huge number of emails and subscriptions. It is an app that helps in bringing order to you inboxes through the unsubscribing from all the unnecessary emails and only collects up only the important ones into one daily digest. Jojo Hedaya the CEO, and the team members released this app first on iOS and then to Android. In one article, he claims that it is the best way to remove the mess from everybody’s inbox.

This service is a Webby-winning because it makes work easier for everyone and helps one not to miss the important emails. The most adoring value of Unroll Me is that it saves up lots of time in that the time that could be used looking up for some specific mail will be shorter hence giving more time to attend to other important matters.

 To benefit from Unroll Me services, you need to have a smartphone or a personal computer. It is done simply by connecting to your email account then by use of Unroll. Me features the unwanted emails are unsubscribed from and then the remaining is rolled-up into one daily digest. To unsubscribe, swipe left to keep it in the inbox, swipe right and to roll-up, swipe up. According to this app, the average mail user has over 62 subscriptions and the good thing is that it can manage both the listing of all the subscriptions and the reading of the entire Rollup.

Unroll. Me is not a replacement of the email but it is trying to be a solution to inbox clutter. It is a free app that makes use of the data from the user. It uses 22 active technologies including iPhone, SSL, Mobile Compatible, Viewport Meta, among others for its website. Its technological products and services are the likes of Google Analytics, G Suit, Word Press etc. Unroll. Me is genuinely one way to clean up your inbox and save and put your emails into order in accordance with your priority. You are welcome with an as easy step as one click and get a summary of your daily subscriptions.